What Are The Differences Among Marketing, Branding and Advertising?


Businesses usually use marketing, advertising or branding to encourage and convince people for buying their products and services. However, many businesses even individuals use wrongly the three terminologies since their meanings are so confusing because of their close connections with each other. Knowing the distinctions among them can help any business to grow considerably as marketing, advertising and branding help to raise the reputation of the company’s brand, product and services by keeping the buyer aware.

Occasionally, these three terms bring confusion about the best word to use among the three words due to their inter-connectivity and the final outcome. For instance, advertising of a product may increase potential buyers’ awareness of the specific brand whereas the trustworthiness of a brand or product justifies the total cost of advertising spent on it. All three elements work as an interconnected component toward increasing sales and boost the reputation of the company.


Marketing is a regular planning, implementation and control of a combine business activities and tasks aimed to bring both buyers and sellers together for the mutually beneficial exchange of products and services. It includes complete conceptualization of a brand or product right from research to designing to promoting to sale. You can promote your brand, products and services by using various advanced marketing tools such as digital marketing, through business events, SEO, Social Media, etc, Besides, you can also use traditional marketing tools like print media, television, door to door marketing to promote your company and its products. Generally, companies are carrying out various marketing tasks by adjusting 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion). They also keep their eyes and ears open regarding the activities happenings in the wide or external environment, in order to compete in the market successfully.


Advertising is a component of the marketing process which is conveying the message through assortment of mediums to promote the product and services to its existing and potential customers. It is expensive as you have to just spend money just for telling people about your company name, what type of products and services you sell or any major information about your company. The prime goal of doing advertising is to convince both existing and new customers to buy your company’s products and services. For example, businesses buy ad spaces in blogs, magazines or on billboards and then set their ads into the spaces they paid for. In online advertising, you use banner ads, Google ads, yahoo ads, banner and poster ads or many other ads networks. These online tools are essential because they help in generating targeted web traffic as a result improved sales. Advertising typically indirectly and forcefully involves placing the word out regarding a product through media, including newspapers, television, radio, posters and banners.


Anything such as name, tag line, logo, symbol, design, brand message, etc, that helps get existing buyers to stay faithful to your company, product and services is a brand. For example, Chevrolet is a brand, Kodak is a brand, Ford is a brand, etc.  A brand helps in encouraging people to buy products, but does not say “Buy Me” directly. However, a brand says “This is what I am” For This Reason I Exist” if you like me, buy me and recommend me to your friends and family.


Easiest way to differentiate marketing, advertising and branding is suppose marketing is a cake and if you cut the cake, then advertising and branding are the pieces of that cake. Other pieces of the cake are product designing, Public Relation, media planning, market research of the product, product pricing, etc.

Top 3 Tips Strategies For Building Strong Brand Online

    • Always Stay In Tune With Your Company’s Brand:

Popular companies like Pepsi, Honda and Nokia have done a great job with their business marketing, advertising and branding. These companies are not only worldwide popular names, but are brand consistent through all media as well. If any company has an advertisement in one media that is different from an advertisement on another media, then the company is just confusing people or buyers because people will believe that the two ads belong to a different company. Therefore, it is extremely important to stay in tune with your brand.

    • Online Media Mix Must Be In Balanced

If you want to make your business brand through many channels, use content and display networks, and get your advertisements out facing the targeted audience by using the site specific targeting, re-messaging targeting or behavioral. You need to make sure that your message and brand name is reliable and matched with your brand voice all over your different channels. You can enable people often to identify and remember your brand simply by making steady messaging all over the shopping cycle.

  • Social Media Integration

What kind of integration or mixing do you want your buyers to have with your company? Is Twitter right for you or is Facebook good for you? May be you don’t have any answer right now, but by doing a little research will surely help you in where are your customers and how to talk with them.  You can begin just by listening people, particularly who are talking about your products brand and services. If no one is talking, then start conversation, but leading to interaction.  You brand will be gaining popularity with a short period of time.

We all wish you great business success in building your brand online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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