Website SEO Audit

Website SEO Analysis & Audit Report

  • Indentify

    Any areas that might cause or problems when applying SEO

  • Increase

    Profit for their
    business by getting
    higher conversion rate

  • SEO

    Auditing will contain
    ompetitive analysis,
    keyword research,
    content structure,
    hidden text or links

  • Analysis

    report will give you
    crystal clear idea on
    how to acheive the goal

  • Report

    will have health status
    of inbound links
    necessary for building
    site authority

  • How you

    Can improve site visitor
    lead or sales

Our Analysis checks the key SEO ranking factors, from the standard Metas all the way down to your brand Authority, social reputation, link power and more; our SEO analysis are incredly powerful. Moreover, our SEO analysis are 100% actionable. For each factor which we analyze we provide specific recommendations, search engine optimization best practices and detailed instructions to help you or your team implement the recommended change easily.


Plans for the Analysis Report:-

  • $499 – For sites under 300 indexed pages.
  • $5,000 – For sites with 301-10,000 indexed pages.
  • $10,000 – For sites with more than 100,000 indexe pages.

Need Proof? Check out the SEO Analysis we did for

Ultimate goal of every website is to increase profit for their business by getting higher conversion rate from their visitors and to attain it they take help of search engine optimization services. Although before going to SEO services it’s very important to conduct an SEO audit.

Pre-SEO Analysis Benefits

If you are searching SEO services for your new website then how great it is if you get the answers of few questions in free SEO audit like Keywords list with their searches and competition, Chart of ranking and traffic growth, quality comparison with your competitors. How a website should be optimized? What would be your SEO Campaign? What would be the key words and target audience? The detailed answers of all these questions are hidden in a pre SEO Analysis report. Before starting any SEO Campaign for any website, it is extremely important to learn and find out as much as you can from current data sources. It will help you in making a strategy for your SEO campaign. It can be done through SEO audit, competitive analysis, keyword research, content structure and layout, hidden text or links, etc.

Pre-SEO Analysis Benefits Before Switching to Correct SEO Company
Is your website ranking has gone invisible? In this situation, our pre SEO analysis report will help you to find out the factors that affected your website ranking and techniques, which will assist you to resolve them.

The prime objective of the pre SEO analysis of any website is to identify any areas that might cause issues or problems when applying SEO to the pages of the web site. Some of the major areas that are taken into account when doing pre SEO analysis include Architecture Of The Website, Crawling & Indexing, Keywords Analysis and Suggestions, Competition Research & Analysis, Site Maps, Site Load Speed, Site Content and Site Accessibility and penalty checking .