Responsive Mobile Website Design

Today, more and more people are using mobile phones, laptops and tablets to access websites for a variety of reasons such as shopping, playing games and for socializing. Most of the website owners ask that “Why I should design for mobile first” Because more than 70% online buyers used their mobile phone for online shopping, and it is expected that more Smartphone’s will be sold than computer or desktop PC’s this year.  With the advancements in the technology, Internet users have high demands so that it is extremely significant for web owners to meet their demands.

Why The Demands Of Responsive Website Design Increasing?

A Responsive or mobile website design can enable to visit and browse your websites from their smartphone, and you need to arrange design of the responsive website in such as a manner that the readers and users can find and understand the content on their mobile easily. Over 60% people won’t recommend a website that is not responsive, and there will be one mobile for every person in the world by 2015, which is a fact.  This is why the demand of mobile website designing has been increased, predominantly in online business.

Businesses that do not have mobile version for their sites are turning away a large percent of their customers or visitors. There are more than 1.2 billion (It is forecasted that there will be more than 1.7 by 2013) billion mobile web users across the world, and between 22-26% mobile users is only the United States that never used or touched their desktop or computer in this year. The overall percentage of people in United State, which access websites from their mobile device, is 63%. Therefore, with these kinds of figures, it is really very imperative for business owners, online stores or individual that design or develop a mobile responsive website.

Why Choose Outshine Solutions:

For bringing online business across billions of mobile users, you require a response or mobile version website, then we, outshine solutions, a website designing, including responsive design company can help you immensely. Mobile websites are our passion and we have a team of experts, which can design unique, beautiful and appealing mobile friendly website design that will meet your business prerequisites.

HTML 5.0 Website Designing:

We use HTML 5 that is the latest version of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) and is featured differently and accepts particular tags as well as needs strict coding. HTML 5 is already coming in various gadgets or devices, including iPod, Mac and Apple iPhone, then why not a website. It has several unique elements that make a website wonderful and mobile user friendly. With HTML 5, a website does not have to an extra plug-in to operate adequately. We use several languages such as ASP.NET, PHP, XHTML, etc. that acts as a backbone for designing a mobile version website. Some of the major unique elements of HTML 5 are:

  • Complete CSS3 Support
  • Video and Audio
  • Local Storage
  • Local SQL Database
  • Web Applications
  • New Attributes
  • 2D and 3D Graphics

Our expert team makes the best use of these elements of HTML5 in making responsive website.

The power of HTML 5 in making responsive website:

With the huge number of HTML5 design tools, we can create attractive mobile responsive website. We can also improve your websites SEO by using HTML 5 because in order to get rankings in search engines, your site must be optimized. Remember, 50% of web sales will be generated from mobile by 2015. However, a responsive layout will also help in maintaining brand recognition. By using many elements of HTML5, our development team can make website content easy to search as well as the link. Besides, they can also create web apps that work through the mobile browser that means any web our team make will work on every mobile device. All browsers do not support all web pages, but implementation of HTML5 helps our designers to make a compatible website within all browsers.

Our Responsive Web Designing Services:

The popularity of mobile phones such as Smartphone’s, tablets and others have facilitated the access of web, and it’s expected that billions of people will use their device to access the World Wide Web rather than PC’s or computer. Therefore, we want to provide your business a much required edge. Over 70% of mobile device users expect sites to load as quickly on their cell phone as their computer or desktops. Therefore, we are providing amazing Responsive Web Designing Services through our dedicated designers and developers that can create a responsive web design for your business.

Our services make you sure that your site looks clean and first class on every mobile device with any screen size, and provides the outstanding possible chances of retaining your online customers and visitors.  With a responsive web site, you can make your business accessible to people all the time. Our services mainly focused on these aspects:

  • Touch-friendly navigation options
  • Simplified design layouts as well as text to provide users a pleasant mobile browsing experience
  • Wide range of compatibility of all mobile web browsers such as iPhone, Android, iPad and windows Phone
  • Optimization of graphic images that make sure the fast and quick your site web pages loading that will not turn your potential customers away.
  • Fluid Design which will auto adjusted with any kind of screen resolution

We offer a number of web design services to grow your online presence as well as target mobile audience. If you want to learn or know more about designing a mobile-friendly website for your business, contact us, we will be happy to help you.