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What is HTML validation?

This is the process that analyzes an HTML document in comparison to standard HTML rules, identifying errors and non-standard codes. As with any language there are rules and standards that should be followed. For example the HTML 4.01 Specification (rules and standards) are available at

Benefits of HTML validation

1. Web Site Accessibility – validating your html code (a) Allows your site to be accessible to a larger audience (vision impaired, motor skill impaired, cognitive impaired), (b) Allows your site to be accessed by wider range of devices (hand helds, screen readers, text browsers, search engines), (c) Is a requirement for Federal and State Government sites

2. Search engine friendly pages – Validation makes your HTML codes clean and simple which in turn enables search engines to spider your pages more quickly and completely.

3. Faster Loading – Validation can help you to lower you pages loading time, thus increasing usability.

4. Browser compatibility – validated code ensures your site is compatible with the current browsers and future browsers, thus helping more visitors to enjoy your website.

What if your website looks fine in internet explorer but looks distorted in Mozilla Firefox?

HTML validation surely helps your website to be cross browser compatible thus attracting more visitors towards your website. After validation your website looks good in major browsers so it builds trust among the visitors which finally helps you to increase your sales…

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