Travel Portal Development


Travel Portal is a software that meets all the traveling and booking related concerns in the best possible way. This software allows you to avail the services without any intervention of the travel booking agents that will charge you the impressive amount and shatter your budget. There are multiple features of this portal for enhancing the customer’s experience and retaining them. The most notable features of this portal are as follows –

  • Booking of rooms and suites in hotels (both international and domestic).
  • Air ticket booking for airlines (both foreign and national).
  • Bus booking for the passengers to travel from one location to another.
  • Car booking for visiting the nearby places.
  • Charter planes for availing the exclusive travel and tourism packages. Tourists can avail these packages as per their requirement.
  • Booking train tickets
  • Foreign money exchange for people to purchase and for you to sell in their currency.
  • The payments can be done via debit cards or credit cards and other payment methods.
  • At the time when booking is done, the client or the customer will get the notification of booking on his/her mobile.
  • Even the travel agents can create their account to book from their admin.

Outshine Solutions Pvt. Ltd. leverage the cutting-edge technology and programming skills to deliver the top-notch software. The portal we have will not only handle your requirements of bus booking, flight booking, hotel booking, car booking and the extra features. With the one of the best factors to determine and improve the Indian economy, the field of tourism is one of the biggest contributors. It is still growing at a fast rate and is expected to rise for decades. From the year 1997-2011, the craze for Indian tourism has increased from around 1 million tourists to about 7-8 million visitors per annum. This intensifies the need for the use of one such portal that all hotel and tourism groups must employ for seamless functionality.


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Our team

Our team, having employed experts with years of experience to provide the best experience while using the software and to meet all the booking related needs. The modules working together will reflect the example of an integrated system marking the perfection of functionality.

The travel portal is highly reasonable as it enables your customers to make maximum travel related arrangements online. It helps the tourists to rely more on you and best rate your services. The tourists will be able to make prearrangements as they want to have a safe, comfortable and hassle-free journey. Customers are convinced to avail the facility of those agencies that let them make all the necessary arrangements beforehand. The travel agencies, all over the globe, will be able to use this portal. The software allows your customers to book their tickets right when they are in their at their home, comfortably making their reservations and everything planned just as their budget allowed them.

Benefits of Our Travel Portal –

  • A cost effective solution for both the organisation and the tourists.
  • No intervention of travel booking agencies that will take a high commission for a single booking.
  • This travel portal can be used for all the tourists both national and international.
  • Online customer support for helping the customers out with booking and related functionalities.

The travel portal of Outshine Solutions provides some benefits that assist in making every step easy, reliable, and granting a seamless and enjoyable booking experience. This portal is compatible with all the operating systems to simplify the user experience.

Web based travel portal from Outshine Solutions help companies, organization and travel startup companies.