Analyze Your Business Website with SEO Checklist of 2013

SEO Check List

When we use words SEO and define in phrase “Search engine optimization is best tactic for improving site visibility in various search engines” it sound like an easy game that can be perform very easily for any site even everybody aware that every industry has huge competition and all trying to defeat their competitors on profits, sales and in all manners including search engine visibility.  In this blog we have listed real facts of successful internet marketing and SEO checklist of 2013 that can be obviously helpful for small mid Size Companies or website. Below we listed some question that you have to ask from your website –

Is your business site Low quality? SEO Pass Away for Low quality websites.

Sadly but Google have no sympathy against of low quality websites and one bitter truth that Cheap SEO have no more existence. The old SEO tricks are not working anymore and they only used to flush website ranking in dark place. One needs to be more realistic with his business website rather then automation that must have right combination between user friendly content and search engine friendly structure of your website.

How to know that your website is low quality or High Quality from Google point of views?

Recently from SEO marketing many website owners or webmaster have similar question such as why failed my keywords in search engine ranking? But the tinny answers that suit to this are Google keep updating its search engine algorithm to produce more realistic search result for its searchers. Google continue releasing new updated in Google panda and penguin with aim to provide high quality websites rank above from low quality websites.  Fortunately, Google shares point which distinguished among high quality sites and low quality websites. In short way low quality website considered as the website which simply misguide visitors and search engine through spam activities such as –

  • Duplicate content on site
  • Misguide to visitors
  • Forcing search engines to rank with particular phrase or keywords by over optimization
  • Many Outbound links and broken links
  • Poor coding in website
  • Low speed website with high downtime hosting response (Check speed from various tools)
  • Sites that only build for ads
  • Sites those poorly optimize
  • Abusing rich snippet markup and other websites that avoid Google quality guidelines

Is your business meet up with new Social technology?

The influence of social media has been reached at terrific point that only serving positive impact on SEO. Earlier there were no role of social signals in search engine ranking but these days its can boom on search engine ranking. Definitely Google gave huge space to these social signals on its algorithm and it’s not only change old tendency but also explore new ways of performing social activities.

  • Google Authorship

Google authorship is based on author rank and there we are having hidden benefits on search engine ranking. However there are on only few sites from millions those recognized authorship for website and there is very slow reaction is seeing on authorship. Don’t know that what webmaster or owners waiting for? We are sure people missing attraction and visits from search engines as it has been assumed that searchers attracting with such sites and have higher chances to set as returning visitors.

  • Facebook & Twitter Updates

If you are self promoting then it become most important to share something which is not ordinary. Social people likes only exceptional thing so don’t serve them that they know or tedious thing so they leave to watch your shares. It’s always better idea to show your visitors that what happening on your Facebook or twitter profile from your own website. So give space to your social activity in your website and considered your current website is it really comfortable for your site visitors.

Are new competition rising day to day and Your SEO agency having no answers?

If you see new company taking place in your industry and your website traffic or customers diverting from you to them then it’s simply sign that there is a lot of business profit that you loosing every days. May be you are not aware on new SEO strategy or just ignoring new technology of online marketing. It’s much important to have many short goals because for SEO success because only well planned SEO strategy make sure organization remains come first against competitors and increases business margins that is real definition ROI from SEO services.

Life is name of changing so why not to change your SEO strategy that may serve you a dreamy dates with your customers on daily basis. SEO is ever a game of high efforts that have primary aim to make your website worthy to your customers. Choosing a SEO service provider is just like hire a car driver so doesn’t need to take risk on selection.  Look at our SEO packages here which is highly sophisticated.


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