Seven Wonderful Tips for Viral Content Marketing

Viral content marketing

People always look for a magic formula to create a content that will be seen by the whole world. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. If any person, group or organization makes the greatest piece of content, there is no guarantee that it will go viral. They cannot force their content to go viral, most of the content that has gone viral for some time or has been created by famous people or popular organization. Below we have explained five magic ways to make content viral:

Grow up Emotions (Positive and Negative) through content

Content that evoked high arousal states (Positive and Negative) are more viral on the internet. But, it is not necessary that only happy emotions can boost sharing. We know, positive feeling increase content share ability, but negative emotions like anger and anxiety or anything related to the fear of loss can also very effective. If you want to make your content highly shared, make it uplifting, funny and lovely.

Be Creative

We know that writers play vital role in making content viral. Therefore, it is important for them that write content in a creative manner.  A creative content can easily express feeling, thoughts and emotions rather than to provide simple information. The best way to write a great content is to find unexplored idea and explore it so deeply, then write something that no one has ever written before.

Feel your content as an viewers and rate it

Always try to engage an audience by providing them something interesting, funny or little unusual. Some tips and advice are given below for targeting audience:

  • Special words
  • Use words accurately
  • Choose plain words with magic of your knowledge
  • Use inclusive language
  • Use specialized terms only so that people will understand them

Make content usable to join the conversation

Relationships take time, but building relationships with reciprocity is the best way to make content viral. To increase sharing potential of your content, you need to start sharing reciprocity by replying people who are commenting on your posts. Say ‘thanks’ to people who compliment or retweet you. If you join a conversation, your username will automatically show up in people’s tweets, people will definitely click on it, and a few of them will follow you.

Make Content Easy To Share

Large amount of content on the internet goes viral through sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  But, before posting any content on social sites, make sure it is easy to share without any kind of risk. Create powerful headlines and tweets, which are concise and easy to understand for making content viral. If possible then add thumbnail images in your content, it allows people to see you and your company as real people.

Get Sponsored

A star celebrity endorsement ensures that your video will get views from fans both who like star and who don’t. In this way, fans will share with their friend and who will share with their friend and so on.

Find Audience through Cool Video

There are a number of businessmen who are investing big amount of money in creating video content to communicate with them with one to one method. The motive behind this big investment is that they want to engage audiences with inspiring, authentic and entertaining content. We know that controversial videos get higher expose, these videos not only aim to have business or to sell products, yet they all gone viral because they have founded interesting ways of approaching things.

Follow all these seven wonders to make your content more viral. In long run it’s easy to say that writing contents will remain as and professionalize art that needs enhancement every time otherwise no clapping from viewers.

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