How Google Map Listing Is Going To More Profitable In 2014?


Why my business should be listed on Google maps? It is because more than 90% online searches will be looking for a local business in 2014. Therefore, if your business is not in the top 10 searches, then more than 75% searchers won’t see it, and over 95% Google users never go over the first page. Google Places also called “Google Maps” is really a great way to find your local business or company to get new local customers and local business since more and more Google users are searching for businesses Google Maps every day.

Why Google Places?

It is a service that allows businesses to be listed on Google maps so that their clients, customers or even new local business can easily find them. However, businesses or companies that are listed in Google maps can manage and change their information regarding the physical location of their company. Therefore, when a customer looks for the product or service, they offer than their businesses will not only be listed under the organic web listings, but in places as well.

The process of Google Local Business Map Listing:

It is an easy and simple process that can be completed in just following steps.


First Step: You have to set up an account first, and then submit all the relevant and accurate information’s on your business or company, including company address, phone number, payment method, email, mode of service, images, videos and hours of operation to Google.

Second Step: Once you have submitted all the important information, then Google will verify your listing through phone or mail. You will receive a PIN number from Google, which allows you to claim the particular listing.

Third Step: Once you have claimed for Google listing, your business listing will be accepted by Google and can be seen on the site.

Increase Value Your Local listing: The prime and the most important way to increase the value of your local business listing is ask your customers to leave a comment on your business, and when any customer gives a good review ask them to split their reviews on the local review website. Remember, the more positive reviews you will have for your business, the stronger your brand reputation is.

However, if any customer gives you bad reviews, then there is no need to afraid. You just need to leave a comment and invite the unsatisfied customer to contact with you so that you can make him or her satisfied. Google users and potential customers were using local reviews to find businesses already so take advantage of them. Read your competitor profiles as well as and try to make out the differences.

Make sure that you have provided accurate information about your business. Adding images, videos and company logos can boost your listing so choose them carefully by taking sufficient time. The best advantage of using Google Places is the relevant information about business or company is available as well as can be accessed by potential customers through the Internet, even can customize map on website. Therefore, small business owners who do not have a website or cannot meet the expense of maintaining a website than Google Places is the feasible solution for them.

Your business or company will be found through two methods by the local listings.

1. The first is information that you submitted during the process of local listings. If the importation is well prepared, then it will be available in the search results on the search engines.

2. Google local listings are shown on mobile phones, so that local customers can find your business, product or service according to their existing location. Remember, mobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Advanced mobiles devices are providing users the facility to find a company or business any time. Therefore, your business is not listed in Google maps, and then you are missing out on potential profits as well as leaving a great amount of cash on the table.

Why small local business should add their business to Google Maps?

There are three main reasons that local businesses must be listed their business on Google maps.

  • They will get exclusive online presence displaying where their businesses or companies are situated just by listing business on Google Maps.
  • You may be listed your business on Google places for getting listed on Google maps. Places for Businesses and organizations are an outstanding resource for small size businesses to get listed on Google maps.
  • With Google listing, you can provide Google map directions to people and Google users, particularly who want to visit your company’s office, but do not know how to reach there.

Benefits of Google Local Listings:

  • Customers and clients can find out more about your business instantly because Google Maps is one of the newest and easiest ways to find local businesses currently.
  • Google provides you better search engine ranking for your specific keywords because Google knows your site is authentic and you do a real business.
  • You have better control over your key information such as company name, contact number, address, etc. By adding images, you will make it simpler and easier for your potential customers to find you.
  • Google Places can beat any offline advertising and marketing technique for your business in terms ROI.

Conclusion: Hence no matter what business you are running, if it is not listed in the local search of Google maps, you are going to lose a large piece of business to your competitors.

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