WordPress Titanica Theme


Titanica is a very powerful fast loading flexible width theme for WordPress. Titanica features a whole range seo friendly and conversion features which is destined to increase the profits of your blogs to the extent you have never thought. It has inbuilt features for adsense and ads management which takes all the pains away from you. This theme can be fully configured from admin panel using the set of provided admin controls. One of the foremost feature is that this theme can be easily used for  wordpress directory websites as directory structure is already inbuilt inside. Of course that can also be controlled via admin panel. SEO features are inbuilt in the theme so you need not worry about SEO for your blog.

Titanica WordPress theme Features:

  • Flexible width (fluid width) layout. This means the layout shrinks and grows to fit display windows.
  • Three sidebars. one or all sidebars can be optionally turned off.
  • Supports text as well as image headers,
  • Logo can be uploaded and cropped automatically to fit
  • Operates in two modes i.e. normal modes just like other themes or power mode to increase your ads revenue
  • Supports multiple ads options
  • Heirachical directory listing of categories
  • Inbuilt breadcrumbs
  • Supports single pages ads for more conversion rates
  • Inbuilt related posts (requires yarpp)
  • Supports individual single posts ads as well global single posts ads,
  • Inbuilt random ads rotation alogorithm,
  • Supports categories description for better seo,
  • Supports sub categories display which can be optionally turned off
  • Supports all new WordPress features like nested comments, comments paging, sidebar widgets, post tags and gravatars.
  • Support for custom menus in WP 3.0.
  • Supports next comments with beautiful color codings for author and users
  • Valid XHTML and CSS.
  • The theme is tested successfully in latest versions of all major browsers. Except a few minor issues, the theme works well in IE 6 too.
  • Supports localization thus support all the languages of the world.