Cforms Hindi

cforms is a powerful and feature rich form plugin for WordPress, offering convenient deployment of multiple Ajax driven contact forms throughout your wordpress blog or even on the same page.

Comprehensive list of Features of Cforms

  • Multi-Part / Multi-Page form chains
  • “Wizard Mode” to limiaid form creation process
  • Preset forms to “jump start” your own
  • Ajax supported form submission (incl. graceful fall-back)
  • Multiple forms on one or many pages / posts
  • WP Dashboard Support (showing last 5 entries)
  • “WP Comment/Message to author” Feature (supporting: extra comment fields, threaded comments, Comment Luv, Subscribe To Comment & WP Ajax Edit Comments)
  • Full localization support (see section below)
  • Tell-A-Friend functionality, see Help documentation
  • File attachments / Upload, fully configurable per form
  • Multiple upload fields allowed
  • Backup & Restore
  • Role Manager support
  • Database based tracking of submitted data (XML, CSV, TAB)
  • Cloning / duplication of forms
  • Drag and drop form management
  • Fully integrated with TinyMCE and default WP editor (via button)
  • Submission limits (e.g. registrations)
  • Timing of forms (start & end dates)
  • Widget support

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Outshine Solutions has launched officially Hindi language files  of  Cforms II. Now People from India and people who love  Hindi can enjoy their favorite Cforms Plugin In Hindi.

You can download Hindi Language files from the below link:  [download id=”4″].