Logo Design Services

How We Design Logos For Your Brand ….

Logo Designing is a whole new art. Effectiveness of logo depends very much on the logo design process. Logo designing is a creative process requiring interaction between you and your designer. Logo designers often require your company documents and information about your company to get a good grasp of your business. If the designer did not get a good grasp of your company, then its sure that quality of your logo will be affected. A logo well made is often half aim achieved.

So what should be a good and optimized logo design process.


First step in logo design process is that designers interact with clients to get a good grasp of the business for which they are designing logo. Understanding of the business is the most important task. For getting a good grasp of the business, designers often need company documents , company brochures, geo targeting of business and target audience. It is important that you give as much information to designers as much as possible. Often you receive a short questionnaire from the designers. Once the designers get a clear understanding of the business, they start designing the logo.


Research: Once they got every information about the business, designers do research work. Research includes researching about competition sites, what makes your business apart, your current brand, how you aspire it to be. How you see your brand in future and what you expect from the logo design.


When the above 2 steps are completed, its time to do basic sketching. Sketching is important and often helps in designing a great logo.


Once the above steps are performed, its time to show some prototype logos. Generally every designer comes up with a minimum of 2-3 designs. you can select the best designs out of the sample prototype logos. Certain modifications can also be advised to be done for final variation.


Once that is done, you generally receive a PDF file, normally showing two fairly polished logo options (depending on your requirements).  Each will include a short reasoning behind why they have been chosen to work for your business. Now it’s over to the client to spend some time thinking about what have been provided.


Last step generally consists of a quick final review. Once that is done, We finalize the logo design. When everything is done, its time to prepare the documents to be sent to you. You are now ready to use the logo for you brand everywhere.