Hotel Reputation Management

hotel reputation management

A damaged reputation will cause customers to be questioning and doubting about booking one of your hotel room. Besides, a negative reputation could also affect the decision of expected partners to invest in your hotel. So, now the big question arises “how to tackle and solve these issues the best way to work pro-actively against the emergence of a bad reputation? The short, simple and effective answer is our Online Hotel Reputation Management solution.

What exactly is hotel reputation management? It is the practice of watching and influencing how your hotel is perceived throughout the Internet.  This often uses specific software to help automate the process of managing your online reviews and reputation across the web.

It is impossible for any business to keep each of their customers & client happy every time. There might be no business with 100% happy customers. But you will have to counter the unhappy customers. They write negative or bad reviews online to damage your reputation. Bad reviews not only damage your online reputation but keep new customers away as well. Therefore, if you want to run a successful hotel and want to see a steady flow of business walk through your doors, then you must succeed in reputation management for hotels.

We, at Outshine Solutions, manage your website reputation on multiple review websites, leverage positive reviews to increase revenue, outperform your core competitors.

Our Reputation Management Services Include:

  • Monitoring online reviews on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter
  • Remove Negative & spam Hotel Reviews
  • Removing Unfair Complaints
  • Improving your online ratings by generating positive and good reviews
  • Boosting Your Positive Web Content
  • Building and Cultivating a Positive Online Identity For you

Our Effective Hotel Reputation Management Strategies

hotel reputation management process

Monitoring Online Reputation: Make sure that your reputation monitoring is a completely automated process.

Search Online: Now we search for your hotel’s name on Google to know what is being said about your hotel brand name, services, foods and other things. We take out negative reviews out of the search.

Positive Reviews: We encourage your customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials on social media platforms for building a positive online reputation. We request feedback about your hotel from your website.

Replace the Negative Content with Positive: If you found negative reviews on the first page of the search engine results pages, you want to move them as soon as possible. We remove the bad reviews by promoting good content. unimpressive web content can be depressing and show a bad picture spoiling your image. So, improve your hotel’s image with appropriate and engaging contents.