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Power Of Facebook Advertising

Facebook (FB) has more than 1.35 billion members (approximately a 5th of the world’s population) in which more than 850 million people log onto Facebook daily, and performs various activities. According to an online survey in 2014 there were 108.9 million active Facebook users from India. Such records indicate that whether you’re a small, medium-sized or a large organization, Facebook is finest platform where you can connect with your target audience, so giving out informative and innovative content that really engages Facebook users.

ecommerce packages In addition, Facebook is becoming more and more important to every business marketing plan, but you might be asking that “Why should I include Facebook advertising to my business marketing plan?” the answer isn’t difficult because it provides a social voice to your businesses, appeal users to like your pages, increase shares and engagement which is a easiest source to get connect with your audience and its great technique of marketing and promoting any company’s brand, products and services as well as helps in making strong relationship with the target audience.

Why You Need To Advertise On Facebook (FB)

Custom targeting is one of the logical functions inbuilt on Facebook ads that attract marketers a lot towards Facebook ads marketing. Same like email or direct-mail marketing advertiser can store emails to customize audience in ads from specific location to specific person and also a lot more controls. You can make a fast growing list of potential customers that will be with you for many years to come with Facebook ads. This freedom isn’t available with other channels like radio, print, TV or yellow page ads, you get the ad but not get the list.

You can reach your target demographic in your comfort zone that is one of the biggest advantages for Facebook advertising. When any users see your business ads on their FB timelines, a certain amount of trust is inherent that you cannot achieve when considering a random link on a Google search. Some of your targeting options with FB advertising, including Age, Gender, Workplace, Interests, Categories and Education level. You can use one, a mixture or all.

With these targeting options, we create an FB advertising campaign that is relevant to your target market or audience, and focusing on the observations using the FB advertising platform will definitely reap great advantages for your business, which is our prime aim of promoting your business, products and service.

Why choose Us

Our Facebook Ads services is fully-comprehensive and includes everything required to get a Facebook PPC campaign off the ground and running successfully. We have already said that FB has more than 1.35 billion members so just think that how efficient placing your business products and service’s advertising will be in FB pages we make sure you get more leads at a lower cost-per-lead.

Why we’re the best at what we do:

  • Experience in Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Dedicated to Lead Generation
  • Believe to achieve marketing goals faster
  • 100% results Oriented
  • Help to increase customer loyalty
  • Always Be Testing (ABT)

Facebook is a dominant advertising tool, and your business /company will only benefit from using it. Facebook Advertising can be a steep mountain to climb, thus if you are lost on where to start and how to start, Contact us now.