Php Nuke Reviews

PHP Nuke is a great CMS that is constantly being expanded by its wide community of users. Php-Nuke is simple to administer and is very stable. PHP Nuke features includes its modular system, which means its individual features can be turned on or off at will, or added at a future date. Each module has its own set of features. You can always increase the functionality of Nuke by using modules and blocks. Php Nuke systems can be modified to suit any purpose. If you are looking for any specific feature, you can just search the large number of php nuke module database. Generally you will always find a module which will suit your purpose and if there is no such module then you can just get it developed customized.

Most of the features included with PHP-Nuke are enabled by default, and so will appear on the front page of your website. The downside of nuke is that the interface appears cluttered, with the eye being drawn all over the place. Generally webmasters should make the the theme such that your users should focus on the most important information. It is therefore required that you activate only those modules and block which you require on your website. These can be turned on and off using the administration system.

The administration panel looks fantastic, and is quite straightforward to use. From admin control panel, all aspects of the system can be customized. Each discrete “block” that appears on the site, such as the “big story of today” or a user survey, can easily be positioned on the page using the Blocks section of the administration system. Any element of the interface can be repositioned at the click of a button without using any Web design software.

The main menu of the Php-Nuke administration system, visible only to the administrators.

PHP-Nuke supports having multiple users who can modify the website, and you can assign each users a different level of access. For instance, you could assign one staff member admin access, but only to specific module.

If you’re looking for a complete system that can be ready in minutes, this is likely to be the answer. You can download php nuke latest version from the php nuke download page.