PHP Nuke Features

The main aim of PHP Nuke is to allow a webmaster to create a community-based portal, with an automated web site allowing users and editors to post news items (user-submitted news items are selected by editors). Users can comment on these articles using the comments system.

PHP-Nuke features a modular system, which means its individual features can be turned on or off at will, or added at a future date. Each module has its own set purpose, and below are few features of Php Nuke that would be most useful for users on internet:

  • Create Articles, News and Pages: Php Nuke is a complete content management system that’s extremely flexible. Publish articles, an online newspaper – how you use Php-Nuke is only limited by your creativity and imagination.
  • Professionally Designed Themes : Php Nuke comes pre-bundled with a selection of professionally designed themes so you don’t have to worry about hiring a designer.
  • Article Submissions and Author Accounts Php Nuke allows your web site visitors to create author accounts and submit articles for your site. You can choose whether the articles appear on your site right away or whether they appear in the control panel pending your approval. This feature can of course be disabled.
  • Support for All Common Languages : Create your articles and news in any language you choose. Php Nuke has built-in support for most languages including German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.
  • Built-In Contact Form :Php Nuke includes a built-in contact form with optional security (CAPTCHA) to prevent spam messages. You can setup an email address and all questions from the contact page will be emailed to you.
  • Complete Website Statistics :The Php Nuke control panel shows statistics for everything you could possibly want to know about your site.