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India is a great country. It is the second largest country of the world (population wise) and even number of internet users are increasing day by day but  still there are very few websites in Hindi.  What is the reason for this?

We felt that there are many reasons for this. First and foremost is lack of motivation, people do not feel excited about Hindi website.  Moreover, Indians find it very difficult to write in Hindi and technology in India is also not Hindi friendly.  Even when few companies want Hindi website they generally make hindi website with the help of fonts,  which only works when the user have that font installed on their system.  Another serious fact is that most web design companies in India are not aware of unicode encodings and all.

Typing in Hindi is always a problem for Indians. What if you could type “Kaise ho bhai sahab” in your usual chatting style and the words actually got converted automatically in Hindi character “कैसे हो भाई साहब “? We have now made that possible with our WordPress India software.  Now you can easily publish your thoughts, experiences in Hindi.  It’s good news for Indian bloggers that they can write their blog in Hindi and show all their thoughts, emotions in Hindi very easily. Web application creation in Hindi is also very easy now. Below are some frequently asked questions about our WordPress India project.

What is WordPress India?

WordPress India is the Hindi equivalent of  WordPress, the most popular blogging software of the world. Most people think that wordpress is a blogging software but we think that wordpress is a full fledged CMS.

Is WordPresss India just a localization version of WordPress?

WordPress India is not just Hindi localization of WordPress. It’s much more than that.  Hindi support has been integrated  in the wordpress India. Writing Hindi in WordPress India is a breeze. More over Hindi urls are translated to its English counterpart automatically so that users can type and reach the post directly. Use the software to know the features and facilities.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a great software. Everybody at Outshine Solutions loves WordPress and that is why we picked this software.  Every The best about wordpress is that the more you know it, the more you love it.  We don’t think anything comes closer to WordPress and that is why we picked WordPress to be made in national language of India. WordPress India is first fully functional Hindi web application for India.

Is WordPress India a Paid Software?

No, WordPress India is a open source application released under GNU/GPL. However beta testing is limited to beta users only. It will be directly downloadable from wordpress repository once the beta test is successful.


WordPress India has been made from WordPress and uses number of services & API’s to function properly.  All the  copyrights and Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

What’s the future?

WordPress India has just been made to make it easy for Indian people to blog or write in Hindi and make interactive applications in Hindi. Opportunities are endless.  We have taken permission for Hindi translation from WordPress and soon we will help them in translating Codex in Hindi.  We are already making plugins for WordPress India.  Already translated more than 50 plugins and soon we will start translating themes also.  It’s because Outshine Solutions loves WordPress, Hindi and above all India.

How to Download it?

Its only a limited beta version. You will need to register in order to download it. For registration you will be needing invitation codes. You can request invitation codes at any forum on the net and somebody can provide you with the codes.

Why is WordPress India Free?

Simple funda- All good things in life is free and so is WordPress India  🙂  We worked really hard for it but we always felt that there should be some good software in Hindi language also so we made it.  This software will help people to write and generate contents in Hindi language also. We hope with the help of this software more Hindi sites will be made and Hindi language will regain its glory.

How to support the movement?

Thanks, if you are interested in supporting the movement.  You can support the movement by using the software, writing about it and telling you friends about it and if you want you can even donate something. You can stumble the project, write about it in forums, help us in testing, tweet about the project and virtually do anything you want. You can even help us in translation. Please contact us and tell us how would you like to help us.

Who is behind WordPress India?

Outshine Solutions is the company who made WordPress India.  If you have questions you can contact us through this form.

40 thoughts on “WordPress India Launched

  1. him

    I just came to know about the wodpress india version while googling for blogs in hindi. It seems very interesting and its great to know that your team has worked hard to come up with this version. How can i download a copy of it? Reading above, I found that I need to register via an invitation code. Please send me an invitation code.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Lalit

    I want to make a website in hindi and I am interested in wordpressindia cms.
    Can you mail me invitation codes for download it.

  3. Ashish

    You can use these codes to download WordPress India.


  4. sanjeev

    WordPress India is a great site for any user. I have gone through it and realise Its a nice one.


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  6. Shaquana Huels

    Hi,just observed your Blog when i google something and wonder what web hosting do you use for your web site,the speed is more faster than my blog, i really want to know it.will back to check it out,many thanks!

  7. Amaar

    WordPress India is awesome. Hindi should be encouraged to grow on the net instead of everything just going to English.


    Self a 55 years aged male Indian interested in writing blogs in Hindi and English languages. Interested in being associated with WordPress India and looking forward to receiving an encouraging response. Regards.

  9. Rahol

    Now this is a good step because india is such a large community in the filed of IT they need to have there on Bogging system .And also Hindi should be encourage as Amaar says .

  10. pop


    wordpress India seems to be very good….

    i would like to use it.

    so can u pls let me know where can i register myself to download the same

  11. Danilo Almajhoub

    have been visiting your site for several days. really like your posts. btw i will be conducting a report about this issue. do you know any great websites or maybe online forums in which I can get more info? thanks a ton.

  12. Ashish

    Can you mail me invitation codes for download wordpress hindi version.

    The code mentioned above in the post is not working any more.

  13. Travel Offers

    Hi I love this post and it is so good and I am definetly going to save it. I Have to say the Superb analysis you have done is trully remarkable.Who goes that extra mile these days? Bravo. Just another tip you canget a Translator for your Worldwide Readers ..

  14. Vik Go

    Hi guys, I think this is a nice initiative for the hindi reading, writing, and speaking public as a whole in India. However, I had some pointers to ask you:

    Since you have quoted in “What’s the future?”
    “We have taken permission for Hindi translation from WordPress…”, I wanted to know whether wordpress official authorities had any issues to have “wordpress” in your top level domain name? I’m sure you may have read and understood this: http://wordpress.org/about/domains/ ?

    Also, I think it would make much more sense in targeting the Indian public by having ‘hindi’ in the domain name rather than ‘india’, because I guess anyone who is not familiar or well-versed with Hindi as a reading/writing language and who are outside India may not find it useful. Moreover the site mainly will server hindi-speaking wordpress-minded Indian people (btw, which is fantastic I think:))



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    Interesting article, love to read it.It’s good to know that India is developing day by day.

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