How Web Conversion can improve with Successful Internet Marketing?

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on making business websites and millions on marketing to attract customers to their sites, yet over 82% of potential customers leave for the first visit and never visit again. However, about 12% may revisit, but goes without leaving any kind of information while 5% drop some information and only 1% actually purchase products or do a transaction. It is really very bad for businesses.

Now, businesses, particularly e-commerce have to be extremely serious about online marketing as well as have to understand the importance of the conversion rate to their businesses.

What is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate is defined as it is the proportion of the number of potential customer’s visits to a site who takes action to buy rather than just a content view or site visit”.

Why is conversion so important?

Most of the people say that high amount of traffic means on any business’s site is extremely significant factor for its success. It is a true fact, but high traffic does not mean high conversion rate, unless the traffic is the only desired action for the site. When businesses convert their site visitors into customers, then they increase their probability of getting several important success factors such as higher amounts of sales, higher return on investments (ROI), higher margins, saving on customer’s supports, etc.

Without conversion, Businesses might have many difficulties meeting their own objectives or goals. However, without sales, there is no income, and without money, there is no business. Implement the following successful Internet Marketing techniques to increase your Web Conversion Graph.

Conversion Rates Optimization with Google Analytics

Today, most of the businesses have Google Analytics statistics tracker installed, but most of them are not using consistently to make better marketing decisions and improve results. Some of the common mistakes that businesses made with Google Analytics include:

  • They only looking at the number of site visitors
  • They are looking at the statistics, but not understanding them
  • Not using the information to make and take marketing decisions

In Google Analytics, there are some ways that you can use to increase your website conversion rates. A few of the major are:

  • You can set up different types of “Conversion” or ‘Goal’. For example, if anyone making a purchase, signing up to your newsletter, filling out a contact form, watching a video or just spending a certain amount of time on your website.
  • Content Experiments somewhat different approach than standard A/B and multivariate testing. It is helpful when you create two separate versions of a page, and swap them to look which version works is the best. For instance, you can create two separate versions of a single product page and test two unlike prices. Click here to know Elements of an Experiment
  • You can also use Google Analytics to separate mobile visitors from computer, laptops or desktop visitors, and can measure various factors like bounce rate and traffic source, page analytics and more.
  • Creating your own analytic dashboard or setting custom reports is great option offered by Google analytics that not only save huge time but also visualize important facts altogether. Let’s take an example of our customized Content Efficiency Report. After click on link you will be redirected to your Google analytic accounts and have to select your account to browse customized report.


Increase Conversion Rates with Social Media Marketing

According to a survey,” Approx 80% of online buyers or consumers love to connect with products, brands and services on social networking sites like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Therefore, businesses must social media accounts. About 85% percent of online buyers are already using Facebook and Twitter anyway.

Online shoppers who have liked a company on face book pay attention to company’s updates. However, it is extremely vital for businesses to find out the best times to Post Updates on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook users tend to be extremely influenced by friends, which mean they often like a brand or product that a friend likes. You can use Facebook insight to find out Who likes you? Who shares your post?, Measure and boost your impact on Twitter using twitter analytic and use Pinterest web analytics tool to See how your website’s doing on Pinterest. If you are new in social media, we refer you to see our recent post on How to boost your business Appearance in LinkedIn, Facebook and Pintrest?

Pinterest is now the third most popular social network or media site in the world. Ecommerce store owners can leverage its popularity to considerably boost both traffic and sales.

Increase Conversion Rates with Search Engine Optimization:

Today, the conversion rate is the most significant web metric in an eCommerce website. Conversion leads to higher sales and sales leads to profits, which mean a high conversion rate is extremely vital for long term business success. Most of the business ignores SEO or give less importance to it, which is really not good sign for their business. Simply we can understand that higher ranking in search engine will convert in higher conversion rate. A Well SEO company not only focuses on how increase traffic, but also pay attention to the conversion rate on their package. Look at an ideal package  to understand latest SEO before choosing an SEO firm.

If your website has low bounce rate as well as a high correlation with the target audience you have identified for that page, and you will get a good conversion rate for the page. Remember, the primary goal of the page is grabbing the customer’s attention and SEO cover both first they make your website more useful for your audience next they promote website to attain business goals by improving search engine ranking for your products and services. Great things about organic search result that all search engines provide equal opportunity for all business to build their reputation even though other companies may have larger advertising budgets.

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