How is Voice Search Changing Search Behaviors?

seo future - voice search
Voice Search is not a thing of the future anymore, but has become a reality now. Many people across the world are using it either through their Personal assistants such as Siri, Google voice search or Cortana. According to a report, “50% of all searches online will be via voice search by 2020, Therefore, for every 10 searches that are relevant to your business, 5 out of them will be directed via the likes of Cortana or Siri.”

The popularity of “Voice Search” is increasing day by day as more and more people are finding it easier and faster to use than regular text searches. So, it is vital that businesses and organizations are adapting their digital marketing strategies to sustain with the changes ahead. Search by Voice is extremely easy and convenient to use and thus it’s not surprising that many have started to use it daily.

Reasons to Use a Voice Search

There are plenty of reasons to use a voice command, such as making a call, send hangouts messages, map navigation, performing an online search, message, timer, alarm, calculations and conversions notes, reminders and so on. People also love to use voice commands for the ease and the speed that they provide.

Who Is Using Voice Search

Voice search experienced remarkable growth in 2016, that will continue in 2017 too. This growth has been a consequence of increased accuracy in Artificial Intelligence Apps, and more people are turning to voice search to save time when their hands or vision are occupied. These days, Google Voice Search is being used by all age groups, but a high volume of users being in between 18-43 years. People are using it to call someone, ask for directions, play a song, find out movie times, help with homework, etc.  Teens also using it to find out movie times, help with homework, etc.

  • Query Length

One of the key differences between text and voice search is the length of the query. Additionally, query length for text searches is short, just about 2 words while voice queries are more than 4 words. Do you know the successful voice searches that get the most impressions, clicks, and volume are those queries or keywords that contain only 3 words? Add longer and voice search friendly keywords on your landing pages and create separate campaigns to monitor results for voice search related keywords.

US Smartphone Users Who Use Mobile Personal Assistants


  • Question Words

When it comes to usage of question phrases, voice search differs from text search. When you type a search, then you use computer language. For example- “Goa Holiday Packages” But, when you speak a search, you use your own language like “Who Is Providing The Best Goa Holiday Packages? So, use long tail keywords with question phrases. Also, use the conversational tone in you site content for it to rank search engine results pages (SERP)’s with voice search.

  • Stronger Intent

In the last 4 or 5 years, one of the huge challenges search engines like Google have faced is interpreting a user’s intent based on their searches. With voice command, the intent is clearer because of natural language. Voice search uses natural language which shows intent more strongly. So, use clear intent in your keywords. For example: – How, What, Where and When. Do not forget to use fillers like – ‘TO’ ‘THE’, ‘FOR’ to make your questions voice search friendly. For instance- “What Is the Cost for Air Fare to Goa” or “What Is The Best Goa Holiday Package” so also optimize your site content with such questions.

  • Impact on Local Based Queries

Voice search has a huge influence on local brands. Do you know voice search via smartphone is three times more likely to pull local-based queries than text searches? It is extremely vital that local and physical brands refine their copy to include physical, relevant landmarks. Use local search related keywords in questions such as “Which Is the Best Eating Joint in Delhi? Make sure your local listing, business listing, and crowd-sourced sites are updated and active.

Ref – 2016 Internet Trends Report

The potential of ‘Voice Search” is huge and without any doubt, it is the future of marketing. Businesses and online marketers are taking early advantage of Voice Search would surely have an edge over others

What do you think of the voice search trends?