What is a favicon?

Favicon’s also know as favorite icon are those little icons that are displayed in a browser next to the website address (URL). Most probably you might have seen them. Just open your browser and visit Google or Yahoo.  You will see a little image to the left of the website address? That image is what is commonly know as a “favicon”.
Here are some visual examples:


Uses of Favicon:-

Favicon is always recommended for a website as it adds unique branding to your website design. Adding favicon really has many advantages

  • Favicon adds a unique branding to you website. i.e. Favicon allows website owners to brand their site, with an image that reflects unique look and feel of the oganization or website.
  • Favicon Improves Traffic because it leaves a brand image in the mind of visitors and they remember your website for a longer time, thus increasing the traffic
  • Favicon Increases repeat visitors because whenever your visitors saves or bookmarks or creates a shortcuts of your website, genrally your favicon is associated with the shortcut, bookmark. This makes your site stand out and thus your website get more repeat visitors.

Where Favicon is displayed?

It is not that favicon are displayed only in address bar of the browsers. Generally a  favicon image is designed to be displayed in several locations, some of them are.
1. Your browsers URL Address Bar.
2. Your Favorites/Bookmarked folder in your browser.
3. If your browser supports Tabs (IE 7.0 and Mozilla FireFox for example) it will be displayed in the Tabs as well.
4. Your desktop or file folders. That’s right. In some instances, if you save a shortcut of a website to your desktop (from MS Explorer), it will display the favicon image instead of the generic browser icon. This can be tricky though because it doesn’t work with all browsers.

How to create a Favicon?

You can create favicon through a number of ways. One of the fatsest and best ways to create a favicon is to use Outshine Solutions online favicon generator tool which creates a favicon from a number of image formats like jpg, gif, png and bmp. Just browse the image you want to convert to favicon and BOOM its is converted to favicon automatically. You can even generate favicons in varoius sizes using this free online tool.

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