Seven Steps from Start to Finish for Ongoing SEO Process

Traffic is the key of success for every online business, but the problem that most of the online business facing is that how to keep the traffic, which is coming on the website on a uniform basis. In this situation, search engine optimization (SEO) helps in generating leads as well maintaining traffic to your website. You can get required information through the SEO process. However, if you are an SEO then, you need to understand the SEO process involved in an SEO campaign. So, that we have broken the ongoing SEO process in seven important steps that are given below:

1. Business Research and Analysis: Business analysis, also known as website analysis is the first step in the ongoing SEO process, and is the most effective way to understand your customer or client’s requirements. Without doing a deep research and analysis about your client’s business, you cannot promote your client’s business. Research and Analysis of business can be little complicated activities, but it’s the first and the most important part of the ongoing SEO process that you have to face before thinking about other strategies or activities.

2. Client Site and Architecture Structure: Before starting online SEO process, you must understand that what type of your client website, or you have to work with. After that you have to build site architecture structure, which will help you in writing of content and what other important things that can be used to make the website user friendly with easy navigation. You must know all about your client’s products and services, and how you categorize them as you have to choose keywords that are matching these to your client products and services.

3. Keyword Research and Analysis: The heart of the ongoing SEO process is the keywords and most of the online user type’s keywords to get the accurate information’s on search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. They will find and visit your website with the help of these typed keywords on search engines. There are certain factors on which the keywords research and analysis depends are Your Products and Services, Your Competitors, Content Strategy, Target Audience and many other factors.

4. Competition Research and Analysis: One of the most important sides of ongoing SEO process. You have to do a deep research and then do analysis about what your competitor is doing in regards to SEO campaign. You have to look at how many links you competitor has and where your competitor getting these links and keywords, which are best for its websites. By doing this, you will have an edge to look what you should do for getting best result for your selected keywords; you can increase your website ranking by improving your strategies and place your website above your competitor’s site on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

5. Content Creation: The content writing on a website has to change over time, and providing good quality content that is related to your core business or product and services is the best thing to increase the traffic to your website as well as exploring your business. The content on your homepage is very crucial to attracting visitors and maintain search engines or directories. When you are developing content for your home page, keep your focus on keywords, which you have selected.

6. On and Off Page Optimization:  On page optimization generally refers to structural changes or updates. Every website requires few updates or changes to make it more SEO friendly. Some of the major updates are Optimize Keywords, Structural Modifications, Analytic, Optimize Content, etc. While, off line optimization refers to activities mainly focused on increasing the popularity of your website. Off page is an ongoing part of SEO, and its main goal to increase the popularity of any website by increasing visitor traffic, incoming links, etc. Some of the main activities of the off page optimization include Content Syndication, Social Media Optimization, Blog & Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking and Manual Link Building.

7. Reporting Analysis: One of the major parts of SEO is reporting analysis, so it’s very significant for you to look out and track the effectively of your SEO campaign as well as the result it is given. You can monitor traffic, visitor trends on your website with the help of several tools that are easily available. You can also find that what keywords have used by the online users in finding your website and many more other information’s. Therefore, you must produce an SEO report regularly to track and check the effectiveness of your ongoing SEO campaign.

This is the complete ongoing SEO process that you need to do for a successful SEO campaign. Different companies have different techniques or methods in order to run a successful ongoing SEO process, but we offer and use, what we have given here and we have been getting best result by running this ongoing SEO campaign.

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