Seven Simple Ways For Common Users To Promote Their Business On Twitter


Promoting business from social networking sites has become extremely popular among all sizes of business.  In our last post, we have explained “Ways to Optimize Business Pages on face book” while today we are going to explain “Seven Simple Ways for Common Users to Promote Their Business on Twitter”.  There are uncounted numbers of common users on Twitter, and they use twitter to create and share new ideas with other users every day. Now, common users want to promote their small businesses on Twitter, but not getting proper ways. To help them, we have provided seven simple ways to promote their business on Twitter.  Look at the BBC latest post about Twitter’s influence.

Do you know more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies have twitter accounts? Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites as well as great marketing tools for small to large businesses. How to use twitter to promote your business, products and services depend on the businesses as it can be used in a variety of ways and all the ways help in getting more traffic to business websites for buying products and services of the company.

Usually, this social site used as a very short communication tool, which enables users to send messages or micro blog up to 140 characters. These messages or micro blogs are generally known as tweets. You can embody a link in your message to any website content such as website page, blog post, PDF document or even images and video’s. If people follow your business twitter account, and you follow other people or users will allow you to read, reply and share their tweets with your followers.


# Set Up An Appealing Business Twitter Account:

The first thing common business users have to be to get on twitter with your business name, which must be easy to spell as well as match with your business products and services. It is 90% not possible that the two businesses are using the same name, but if it is, then common users have to get creative with alternative spelling or writing styles. Always select images or pictures that are consistent with your online small business presences and brands.

# Write Your Company’s Or Business Bio Effectively:

Always try to give more information about your business in a few words on Twitter. It is because people can quickly and easily read as well as understand about your business. Your company’s information also tells users or visitors how you can help them. You can also look at the how other company’s profiles on twitter looks to others. Asking people about how our business twitter profiles look? It is also a great idea to know what is not appropriate in your profile.

# Make Lists or Segmentation:

Twitter provides several features, and you can create lists to make sure that your business does not miss out on anything, which other are doing. Therefore, you can make lists of organizations, movers, customers, shakers and others, which is called segmentation. Remember, grouping extremely important people and business (from large to mid to small) along makes common users twitter experience a lot of efficient.

# Begin Following People On Twitter:

You will be able to read whatever a twitter user sharing only when you follow the user, and the more users you will follow the more you will subscribe to read. Therefore, it’s important to be selective about whom you should follow and whom not. To follow a user, you just need to click on the follow button. For promoting your new business, you must start following vital categories such as your business partners, customers, contractors, vendors and your competitors.

# Connect With Your Existing Customers:

It is the prime reason why users should use twitter for promoting their businesses. Common users can easily connect with their existing customers as they are also using it. Today, social sites like Facebook and Twitter have included in daily work routine lists of people that means they logged on twitter every day. You can also help your unsatisfied customers after hearing them on Twitter.

# Start Engaging and Tweet:

Communicating with market professionals on twitter is really simple way to get and expand your business market. This is an excellent way to meet other people or businesses to promote brand, products and services. Remember, talking on this social site is different from other social networking sites like MySpace and Face book. Common Users can promote their businesses by using five types of messages, which are Tweeting, Reply, Mention, re-tweets and direct messages.

# Share Images and Pictures In Your Tweets:

People love seeing images in blogs or tweets so that often add images in your tweets. You must share pictures of your business products, latest events or functions or even business tour. Apart from sharing pictures from your desktop, you can also share through the Twitter app on your twitter account or tweets. A small business must take pictures of their business activities so that they can simply share with their community on twitter. Images and pictures play very significant role in making a small business popular among people.

Note: Promoting a business, whether it is small or large on twitter is time-consuming process, and you have to give some time every single day.  Businesses that cannot give regular time must take SEO packages because you can’t get your business found on social sites without it. You can pick the closest package depending on your business aim and the level of competition in your market.