SEO Reputation Management – Defend Your Brand Image with Smart Ways

SEO online reputation management

Showing up on the first page of Google can be the only difference between your competitor’s failure and your business success.  It is dangerous for you and your company’s online reputation, if someone has posted slanderous or unfavorable comments about your company, which are showing up on the top of Google. We know that reputation is always fragile and breakable- be it for politicians, stars, celebrities, organizations/companies or individuals. “A small rumor or gossip on word of mouth among the people can swell into a ruinous trouble as reputation is elastic and can be changed anytime.”

According to a research shows that ranking on top in Google produces more than 40%  of clicks to websites, while listing on the first page of a search, create over 90% clicks, which is very important for your business success. The negative and positive impression about a brand or company is depending on what kind of content and links are appearing in the Google search. Many people has question like why my company brand image is not growing, even company is showing up in first page of Google? Because appearing on Google first page does not mean that the business has a high reputation as there are many other factors like negative customer reviews, customer De-satisfaction, etc. which can affect your online brand reputation. So, SEO online reputation management has become an important activity to keep batter brand image and companies reputation among online searchers. Below we have given some smart ways for defending your brand image:

Google Alerts:

The first step in developing an online reputation is to find out what online users are saying about your company and products. How people will know this? They can get this knowledge through Google Alerts. Everyone must use this handy tool to search for any words or phrases, which are appearing in online discussions, news sites, videos, etc., and are related to your brand name or business, and then to see how others are looking for the same. For example, they can type in their business name and have Google email them a weekly or daily report on how many online users searched for their business.

Generate Positive Online Reviews:

We cannot prevent negative reviews as online user will say whatever they want to say. But, any business can make strong defensive plans for protecting their brands and brand-enhancing reviews by creating better reputation management strategy. A single negative review can damage your band a lot, if this is the only review you have. However, you don’t need to worry if a bad review appears in among several positive one. For generating positive reviews follow the following tips:

  • Find that who are your best and loyal online customers, and sends them short mails to ask for a few words of praise, if they liked your services and products, and so that you can post as customer reviews.
  • Make an email account, which exists alone for receiving online customer feedback, and make it approachable to all your clients and customers both offline and online.

Use Most Popular Social Media Sites:

You must use social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. which can be very useful for making your company brand reputation. Creating company profiles on these social sites, optimizing them for both your target customer and search engines are very significant. Don’t make ugly profiles in social networking sites where you can’t be updated; your reputation will not be benefited because it’s generally not easy to handle all networking sites regularly for small business. However, make a few “good” profiles on the top 10 social sites including better profile creation at Facebook, Twitter etc, they can provide you surely with some great grips in terms of brand building. There are millions of users remaining active and one may take advantage of user-friendly updates on regularly basis from social profile by targeted and communicating with active audience.


If an important ongoing reputation management tool, and by doing regular blog posts you can interact or communicate with your online customers more closely. Blogs are like a cactus of online content, and some of the popular sites provide free blogging and free hosting like WordPress, Blogger etc. Just add few great useful blogs or articles and create few links and bake for some days. They will be on the top of the Google page in a short period of time.

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