Points Must be Consider for SEO Said by Google

Google Warns against Poor Guest Posting: Guest posting or blogging has gained popularity in the last few years, but Google has pounced on personal guest posting network now. Therefore, several SEO’s, which are hyped up the private guest posting strategies, are currently on board with guest blogging. We are not saying that guest posting is now not good, in fact, there’s quite a little bit of it, which is really sensible and works well. It is true, then why it is bad? Because those aforementioned guest postings SEO’s, which used to be private blog network experts are spoiling the entire guest posting ecosystem for other SEO’S. Google has changed its advice on Guest posting.

If you are just posting with the intent to make links so it will make your website ranking high on Google page, then no-follow the links. If the blog postings done large scale, with very little or no quality built into them, then Google might take action against the links in those guest postings. It is not bad to do guest posting, but if you are doing it with the intent to achieve keyword-rich anchor text, and then be warned. You have to consider few points while doing guest posting that include Is the Website Relevant, Only Publish Guest Posts, Be 100% original, Social signals, Advertorials are not guest posting and Author rank.

Google Migrating Users from Google+ Local to Its New Places Dashboard: Recently, Google announced the launch of a new Google Places Dashboard which provides a very clean and more intuitive as well as user-friendly layout. It has made massive big changes to their local listing service back in May of 2012. “Why Google launched a new Google Places Dashboard”? Generally speaking, those big changes made in May 2013 by Google were for the better search result for specific countries, but these changes have left local business owners utterly unaware, which they required to take action as well as put them in a confusing situation about how they can do so. Another big reason behind these changes is the process was convoluted and unclear. Therefore, some of the major improved areas in a new Google Places Dashboard include New Design and Layout, Better Integration with Other Google Products, Fastest Updating, big changes in the roll-out and category list. Some of the best things about New Google Places Dashboard:  It looks better, All the data  as well as reviews from Places pages were migrated over to Plus, You can share videos, and anything else in posts, much like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc, and You can also assign many managers to manage a Google+ Local Business page.

Google Testing Business Logos in Organic Serps: Google has launched support for the schema.org schema.org organization markup for all the organization logos, which is a way to connect your website with an iconic image. With this, organizations will be able to specify which image Google tends to use as your brand image in Google search results. However, by using schema.org markup, the organization can explain to Google algorithms the location of their desired logos. Markup like schema.org organization can be a powerful signal to Google algorithms to indicate image in preference over others.

Google Plus Enhancement: Google, a search giant has recently launched a new design for its social networking site with a number of the options borrowed heavily from some of the popular networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Google+ has included a list of ”cover pictures’, trending topics’ and an additional ‘dynamic’ navigation menu. The news that is usually known as trending topics, include showing pictures and video in full-size with clarity, full bleed’ media, conversation cards’ (similar to the format found in Google’s email service, Gmail). More than 200 million people have updated to the social network so far.