Key Performance Indicators to Measure Success of Any Brand Management Campaign

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No matter how big brand you are and what quality used in your products or services. Nowadays a short piece of negative feedback may harm your online reputation or in another hand, even a small company can capture the attention of millions of people with positive feedback.

Now, it is very common among online business to run brand management campaign but still, many businesses follow wrong indicators to measure it. In this post, we tried to capture key performance indicators that will help to track the success of any brand management campaign. Let’s start with basic –

What is brand management?

Brand management is the overall analysis and planning on how specific brand is perceived in the market. Building a good relationship with the target market is essential for brand management.


Brand management in a right way can help you achieve the following goals:

  • Visibility and relationship with Influencers
  • Meet with Industry Trends
  • Hide Negative and Show Positive
  • SEO benefits

Above-mentioned key indicators require qualitative work. Let’s take each point one by one to understand overall success of brand management campaign –

Visibility & Relationship with Influencers 

Do internet media people or Influencers talk about your products or services?

If your answers is “NO” than read below suggestion

Tip – Developing relationships within media play a major role in branding. However, finding new influencers or media bloggers who don’t know your brand is a time-consuming process. So, it’s recommended to go with bloggers or media that already know about you and have written for your similar brands, products or services.

There are three ways you can find the most relevant mentions or opportunity to build relationships with media? –

  • First, search for mentioned your brand in the title of an article.
  • Second, check what media outlet has carried more than one publication.
  • Third, find opinion leaders in the industry and connect with them.

How About Industry Trends

Do your product or services cover Industry trends?

If your answers is “NO” than read below suggestion

Tip – Knowing industry trends can help you to get new opportunities and compete your competitors. Imagine you are manufactures of men sunglasses and want to track new design then you can simply follow some popular Pinterest boards, Google alerts and Mention to monitor millions of sources in real time.

Another task is to find topics, stories and news are getting most shares on social media. This activity will help to write more engaging content which will help your brand to come in millions of eyes.

You also get an opportunity to analysis your past and current promotion strategy. This will enable you to prepare a new and better strategy.

Manage Negative Review

Do you find the huge negative review of your products or services?

If your answers is “YES” than read below suggestion

Tip – Don’t get delay to accept it that customers share their bad experience to demolish your online reputation by spreading negative review of your products and services. If there are any negative mentioned, you will be the first to know about it

The good news is, you can prepare for such situations and even try to prevent them in the early stages. What could have been their first brand management steps?

brand management steps

First, they could have checked the number of mentions that appeared in news feeds and on blogs.

As a second step, they could have found out what resources covered the issue, contacted the most authoritative ones and explained the problem as well as what steps they took to solve it.

Google Alerts is a great service for this task, helping you to keep up with what is going on in your industry and react fast.

Improve your SEO

The goal of all promotion input is to bring more traffic to your website. And most of the time when you mentioned your brand include a backlink on trustworthy sources. These mentioned stand as strong backlinks of your website and pass SEO values to your website.

Also, it is not hidden truth that Social media helps in search ranking. So, all your branding efforts will directly help your business to boost in ranking. Use our tool to check your website health and see how your website performs on the web and social media.


Mentioning your brand more profitable than other advertising. As per a survey, 90 percent of customers say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Nowadays it has become vital for an online business to take the first steps towards brand management strategy and track where they stand on a regular basis.