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 responsive web design

It is pointless to make a website that looks great if it can’t attract online users at all. But, a responsive website that looks attractive and is engaging with users, and also helps SEO for better performance. A responsive web design is a design approach, which enables your websites to adopt and response whatever screen it’s on. It is a very important factor for ensuring a perfect web presence of any organization in the practical world because responsive web design is the future of online marketing. Today, we have to keep lots of things in mind if we are going to design for multiple purposes. But, in order to have a responsive design, many factors need to be considered. Designing only for laptop or desktop is not adequate today. Responsive web design allows users for easy reading, interaction, navigation and rid of the need for separate versions of your site, and the website will work without any trouble in an effortless manner.

How a Responsive Design Improve Search Engine Optimization:

We know SEO is a process of promoting a website in order to increase traffic and ranking in every site by using search engines. But, SEO is affected by texts found on your website link to your page and linking is the most important factor in successful SEO process.

Search engines like Font Deck, Type kit, Google use powerful machine-controlled programs called spiders or bots” or crawlers to index websites by following links to pages and reading their content. The spider or bots will keep records of these pages in their database and will take out the listing as SERP upon queries by searches for particular keywords. How to attract these major search engines? Is a big problem for every web designer, but it is really easy if you know the right techniques to design your site to more search engine friendly.

You need to consider some points during making a design for a website. It will help you to make your design more search engine friendly.

  • Text should be in HTML format.
  • Use Meta tags on every page, it will make the search engine robots crawl and index your site more easily.
  • Compressed images that may take too much time for responding because mobile users actually dislike waiting for long seconds. We recommend to go with
  • Test in all browser Safari, Default Android browser, Chrome beta, Dolphin, Opera Firefox.
  • Text embedded in images file like jpg, gif and png, Macromedia Flash file and Java application cannot be indexed by search engines
  • Do not use wrong HTML tags such as <font> to style pages, rather than use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as they are more effective.
  • Do not use frames as it will confuse search engine robots
  • Try to avoid using images or Flash movies for important information. Your search ranking will be affected badly if you present in Flash and images. Search engine spiders read text on your source code only.
  • Simple but best way to measure responsive design is to ask from users. So ask their visiting experience so they can give their views that how they actually feel by visit on site via their smart phones.

Responsive Design leads to several benefits

  • Saves Money and Time: Besides making separate sites for every device such as iPhone, laptop and other smart phones. a single site can be designed to support all the devices, which will not only reduce operational and development cost, but also saves your important time.
  • Higher Conversion Rate. A responsive web design also helps in making conversion rate high. If you website is Support all devices, then ranking higher in search engine, and a uniform user experience will result in higher conversions.
  • User friendly: Website adjusts to any screen size, making it more users friendly. You can also collect complete social data with a single URL and one URL all of the shares, tweets, likes and inbound links.
  • Less Maintenance and Less Chance of Errors: You have to update and maintain only one website, which is very easy as compared to updating others sites like desktop and mobile site. Less chances of getting errors as you have to look after a single site.

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