Improve your Sales Success rate through Responsive Ecommerce Store design


Studies or research suggests that “There are approx 6.8 billion people in the world, and more than 5 million of them have an own cell phone. More than 28% Internet usage comes from a mobile phone device and it is projected that mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop usage by 2014”. Hence, it is the right time to think seriously about a “responsive web design” for your business.

What Is Responsive Web Design:-

A relatively new term in web design, which was coined in May 2010 by web designer “Ethan Marcott” in his article is “Responsive design”. It is a flexible layout that can fit various screen sizes, devices and resolutions, automatically allows websites to change layouts according to the user’s screen size or resolution, whether on a Smartphone, tablet or desktop, making a user-friendly interface, particularly when online users browse your site. Do you know more than 80% of Internet users search product online?

To sell products online are the latest trend in market and all are diversifying through this technique and making website compatible for web based and mobile based version and as a good Ecommerce Development company in India we follow all the procedures for responsive and fluid based model design which will be highly compatible and SEO friendly for all the major browsers and versions.


Responsive Vs Traditional or Non-Responsive Web Design:

Businesses or individuals can be in front of consumers, customers or online users at every step of their online shopping or journey as well as can boost their sales with responsive web design. Most of the people, who are searching for a product or service, start reading content and watching videos from their computer at workplace and on their phone devices during lunch or free time for continuing their research into the products and services. They make a purchase decision if they find the product is best. But, if you have a traditional website, then the users, who is investigating products and services can be frustrating due to lack of inability to navigate through the complete site on their Smartphone’s, then they will move to any other site.

A Responsive Design Make Online Shopping Easy and Comfortable Through Mobile Devices:

According to a research done by an Econsultancy in 2012,” More than 60% of companies or business sites that that designed their website specifically for mobile devices has increased their sales” According to Google, ” More than 65% mobile internet users like to buy products from a mobile-friendly site, with more than 57% online shoppers say that they usually leave a non-responsive design site straight away. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website can improve or increase your business sales. These statics telling us that people, businesses or individuals are making responsive websites for their business and increasing their sales by selling their products & services online. , and more and more online users are accessing the website through mobile devices.

Do you know that Google controls 85% or more of the search engine market at present, believes the for mobile device browsing, a responsive design is the best configuration. Mobile visitors or users are becoming more comfortable in doing shopping with their mobile phones when it is convenient. A report showed that approx 25 % of Smartphone owner and 30% of tablets users are using their device for online shopping, and the percentage will increase if businesses make their site responsive.

As you can see in the picture that the desktops use was reduced by 3 %, the use of tablets increased by 6%, and the use of mobile devices increased by 10.5% which means an overall increase by 16.5% for hand held devices.

A responsive layout will also assist in maintaining your brand recognition, and you will be ensured that your website look the same wherever or whenever it is accessed by making your sire responsive. Some other benefits of a responsive website are:

Increase conversion rates and provides opportunity to retain customers

Increase visibility in search engines

increases customer loyalty’

Improves SEO and social Media

Conclusion: A responsive web design allows businesses to stay ahead of the others or trends. It is the right time for you to replace your dated website with responsive web design as it is not the future but a shift that is happening right now. It will not only improve your business sales but also make your company’s brand stronger. Remember, within a few years, responsive design will be a necessary requirement for every ecommerce store or business.

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