How quality link building should be done?

Links to a website is as important as fuel to a car. You cannot drive a car without having fuel in it and same goes to the website, you cannot drive  success to your website without having  good inbound links to the website. Link building is one of the most important thing you should undertake for improving your website rankings. Though link building is  the single most important factor, it is infact the quality of links, not the quantity that matters. Huge amount of spam has forced Google to update its algorithm to counter the spam in its search results,  Many people know that update  as Panda Update.  You can check our last post to know about  panda, Penguin updates and how to get back your site rank in search engine if that update hit you.

How to Improve quality of Link Popularity

Since links are the only way to tell the search engines about the trustworthiness and importance of a web pages. Here are some tips to get quality links for your website that will help you in driving relevant traffic to your website:

Don’t  Think Links: This may sound awkward, but this is one of the first and foremost thing which you should always keep in mind. Forget this point and none of the below points will help. This point is very important because whenever people write anything for getting links, it dilutes the purpose of writing quality content. Main purpose of copy writing should be conversion and not the links. Writing for conversion means you will definitely write good and incredible stuff  with the ultimate aim of getting conversions and if you are getting conversions nothing else matters and  links will automatically come begging at you.  🙂

Research before writing:  Now a  good content can only be written if you know enough about the topic. There is no shortcut to good content so if you are planning to write good content, research  that topic as much as you can. For Example, suppose you are planning to write an article on  “Top 10 tricks to get your visitors converted”, research this topic. Research what is essential for conversion, research how to check your conversions, research what factor affects rankings and analyze and refine the gathered knowledge and than go and write your knowledge back. But don’t do copy and paste work. Refer the video below 🙂 –

Good Communication on Blogs: Your content should be easy to understand, relevant, and fresh. Do some efforts to improve or minimize grammatical and spelling errors.You content should be engaging, encouraging and impressive so that it may attract visitors and engagements for the topic.

Sponsor or Organize an event: If you organize an event or charity then people automatically start to talk about your event and eventually link you and that can help you in getting links as well as publicity.

Local and Business Links: Try to gather links from the local search engine, list your website on the local directories. Try to check that your relevant manufacturers are able to link to your website. Create and maintain healthy relation with your competitors and also with the non-competing websites.

Company News: Company news is simply a written statement to the media. They can announce a range of news items: scheduled events, personnel promotions, awards, new products launch and services, sales accomplishments, etc. More active announcements is simply way to hold your hand to push you towards potential customers.

Social Activities: Social media activities can really help you in generating quality links and even buzz. Social media brings you and your prospective customers closer. Social media helps you to spread out your word virally and who knows few people  can discover your products and services and if they like they can mention about your products and services on their website  thus improving your link portfolio.

I think gaining  popularity is always an easy thing  for quality website. But the real question is how to determine a quality website.  Well, there are many things in this, which we can talk about in our next post. But one of the first and foremost factor which determines quality is the health of the website.  You can click this link to check your site health which gives you fair idea about your site health.

Signing off for now, bye bye.

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