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When did you last update your website?

Do you really want to know why users are  not interacting with your website or why you aren’t earning the trust of your web users. Here is one of the most important reason which you should always think of, while thinking about trust of web users. Website Freshness is one of the most important factor in building trust and engagement with web users. Nobody likes a  dead or non updated website. Research shows that users prefer updated and fresh contents. Imagine what would you prefer :- having fresh hot soup or just any preserved soup in cold winters. Answer is obvious, Everything seems to revitalize if it is served fresh. Same applies to the web search results also. Google has announced that it would prefer fresher results in its search results, that itself signifies the importance of fresh content on a website.  That being said,  hurry and get your website updated right away..

How to check if my website is fresh or not?

Knowing your website is fresh or not isn’t a big deal. Without taking much time, i would suggest you a very simple exercise to know the freshness of your website.

1. Take out a blank sheet of paper,

2.  Write 1-7 numbers  vertically  on that sheet

3.  Write the dates of your last seven updates on your website

4. Now analyze the difference between the dates to know how fresh is your website

Easy isn’t it.  🙂 If you find it little weird, you can also use our website freshness meter to know the freshness of your website. You can check the freshness and health of your website here. If your site fares poorly in the meter, you should  really consider updating your website on regular basis.

How to keep your site fresh?

Website  freshness plays an important roles be  it user experience or SEO or search results.  Thus it is always advised to keep your website updated and lively. But the concern is how to keep your website updated always, isn’t that a tough job. No, it isn’t. There are many simple ways to keep your website fresh

Blog – Get a Blog setup for your website and keep your contents posted on that blog on regular basis. Blog is one of the most powerful ways to keep your website updated. It also helps in creating brand for your website or company.

Tutorials: Every website is about a niche or topic. If you have started a website this already means that your have enough informations in your field that you can share with the website. Writing tutorials about your knowledge is one of the best ways to keep your website powerful and authoritative on the web.

Add New Informations – You can even add new information to your website by adding new and more services, press releases, announcement about your company. You can also use a way to add offers and  announcements to your users.

Users Interaction – You can provide a way to interact with your users  by providing them collaborations tools like  forums, meeting rooms, review sections, surveys etc.

Website owners often create the website when they are very excited about that. But there excitement often vanishes with time or they tend to forget about their website. Even many web-masters think that they do not have enough skills to write  about the topic  and many times they are totally clueless as to what to write on their website and how to keep their website updated. It is just a matter of rituals they follow. Writing and updating everyday is not necessary, what is necessary is constant and regular informative updates.

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