Holiday Marketing Strategy Revisited

Festivals are just upon us, and as they are heading, shoppers are trying their luck fused with full potential to give a boost to their business and earn huge profits. The holidays are perfect times when people can share and feel the gratitude, togetherness, and camaraderie. The businesses thus stand a chance of leveraging such times and do their best to get the most out of them. So in just a few days, when everybody would be celebrating, there is something we can do to strategize and implement our campaigns of marketing. A significant percentage of customers are likely to spend more during the vacation time. Here are the top ways you can follow to develop a seamless strategy of marketing during the festival time.

Try to leverage from the Ad Extensions

There are times when you make a mistake by not checking that your ads are using the ad extensions or not. It happens when you have introduced and managed a campaign during holidays. What are the aspects that will add quality to your ad? These are review extensions, call extensions, and site links. In case you have already added the extensions in your ad, you can revisit them and double check for any format that can help you get the most out of the ads.

Ad automation is preferable

During holidays, you can leverage their real power. You will get plenty of tools that help you automating the campaigns. You can do these according to your preference –

Commence the campaign
Pause the campaign
Resume campaign

But these three entirely depend on the time and your preference of schedule. For example, you can create a campaign for Diwali that will itself start in the fourth week of October. And when the festival is over it stops or pauses by itself. The most important thing to keep in the mind is that you can stop or start a campaign. You should know what period it is relevant to run the campaign and when should it be displayed again.

Shopping campaigns are beneficial

Sellers will try their level best to sell their products during holidays and to boost sales they can consider launching a campaign. From the standpoint of users, shopping ads are great, and they help them take the instant decisions of buying without actually clicking on the ads without any necessity. The most significant features of an ad are its picture and its price. If both are visible, then the user finds no need to click on them. It is very much crucial to include the product’s unique images.

festival marketing tips

Are you checking your ad copy?

You are most likely to lie in the category of shoppers who would do anything to tempt the customers with their time-sensitive offer or any sale. They feel nothing else is more necessary than these campaigns. It is true that these campaigns are important but it is equally true that you need to write a new and unique copy of the ad, you are increasing the possibilities of getting ahead of many more advertisers. It doesn’t mean that you need not focus on discount and sales. It is the time of holidays only that will help you get the customers into buying your item, and if you are offering the other incentives, then it is an added advantage.

Show your customers the urgency on landing pages

You can launch time-sensitive offers. Say like an offer of apparel available up to 50% discount lasting an entire week. So your landing page can have an offer like that to give a boost to sale. The landing page will have a clock timer showing the time in which the sale or offer will end. Customers are attracted to such offers as they find a great opportunity to buy quality stuff at lowest prices. You can also introduce additional offers such as the free shipping or some other discount offer.

 Right keywords required

It might seem obvious to you. But it is essential to set the right keywords in your campaigns and ads. You can effectively increase your sales by using the right keyword in your content. Timely trends are often very fruitful if they are taken care of. One more thing to be considered and ensured that you and your team does not follow it is – do not target the irrelevant traffic because it won’t be beneficial for you.

It is important to organize your campaigns correctly

It is important that you organize and manage the campaigns. You can make the use of keywords that have a close knit. All the aspects should be considered when it comes to managing the campaigns and for their success.

Trust the paid social

It is the right time to start running your ads on the Facebook. People simply avoid to visit stores as they are horribly rushed and to get out of any hassle; it is wise just not to enter it. So retailers or the companies can invest in social media such as the Facebook, twitter, pinterest and Linkedin . And Facebook is one of the best ways to vent all the frustration and offer people with some relief from the stress of generating sales.


It is important, critical. You have invested your money in marketing. But if you think that marketing only once can convert an individual into the customer, then you wasted your time and money at the same time. So have trust on the “Remarketing” technique. You can take an example of your life. Do any of us buy the very first product we see? The answer would be ‘no.’ All of us look for the most attractive deals to buy products at the affordable prices. It helps in presenting an opportunity for the marketers to make the use of remarketing. This strategy is perfect for getting the lost traffic back to the site.

If you are wondering about how to boost your sales through this strategy, you can connect with us and we will devise a marketing plan that will boost your sales in just a couple of months.