Google Roll out Fourth Penguin 2.0 In April 2013

Next generation Google penguin 2.0

Now, it’s time for fourth one, Google roll out the second generation Penguin 2.0 algorithm Update (4th) on 23 May 2013.  The rolling was started on afternoon 22, May 2013, and affects around 2.3% of English queries, which is decreased in comparison to the first generation Penguin Update (3.1%). According to Matt Cutts, the Head of the Google webspam team The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide? The scope of Penguin varies by language, e.g. languages with more web spam will see more impact.” The first Google Penguin update was launched on 24 April 2012 and about 3.1% queries are affected, while the last two Google Penguin update launched last year on 26 May (about 0.1%  queries affected) and 5 October (about 0.3% are affected).

Punishment for What?

Those sites which used shortcuts or loop holes to get good rank will be affected more by this second generation Penguin updating. There is no need to worry at all from this updating if you are staying away from web spam activities because this update only hit spam websites that are in top position Google by bring down their search engine ranking. If you are website has great and unique content as well as perfect linking, then you can go up in SE ranking. For keeping the website out of penguin update, webmasters must use white hat SEO.

Importance Tips for Webmasters:

  • The second generation Penguin 2.0 updation is mainly released for black hat spam. Therefore, keep your site according to quality guidelines provided by Google. Don’t try to use loop holes or shortcut methods or techniques like link schemes or keyword stuffing for high page rank on search engines.
  • They must avoid duplicate content within their website, and the best way to neglect it is to make canonical link to the desired page from website.
  • Webmasters have to maintain the keyword density within the content posted on the site.
  • Don’t uses tricky techniques for getting good page ranking or traffic through copied or irrelevant contents. Remember; always provide the relevant and valuable information through your content to users.
  • Avoid Link Exchanging because it is considered as a Bad SEO tactics at present. This technique will not harm us, but also don’t help us.
  • Webmasters must avoid hidden text and links.
  • Webmasters should not create multiple domains or sub domains with the same copied or duplicated content.

How to Recover from the Google Penguin hit

If your site hit by this Penguin 2.0 algorithm updation, and like to know recovery process so we are not here to make you confusion with because a step can be useful that you can follow:

Step 1- Firstly, Open your webmaster account profile if not then just create an Google webmaster account

Step 2 – After login, create a .csv file for all incoming links for your site and make analysis for low quality links pages and domain.

Step 3- Now; find low or bad quality links from your site back links. If you find some bad domain are linking to your website in huge amount and want to Disavow complete domain that you can use advance operator like “” this will allow

Step 4 After sorting low quality links, list them into .txt and must be encoded in UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII. Generally, Google rejects disavow files because of bad formatting so need to take complete care of following instructions.

Step 5- Send file through Google Disavow Link page, Now time to send reconsideration request to Google and leave all upon Google.  Rest you can continue apply for new links which should be strict and completely according to Google guild-lines you can also read our old post about What to do after Google Panda & Penguin Update?

Conclusion:  The Disavow Tool is useful for webmasters.  You can use it if your site hit by Penguin 2.0 algorithm updation. After applying all the steps that are given below, send your reconsideration request to Google. Someday, Google point out this against your reconsideration request “Dear, side owner, previously the webcam team had taken manual action on your website as we believe that it is violated Google’s Quality Guidelines. But, after reviewing your reconsideration request we have revoked this manual action on your site”.


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