Five Common Mistakes by Small Businesses

Running a business, whether it is small or big is really tough, and most of the business owners are busy with day to day activities and forget about some important and long-term works they must do. Therefore, we are providing five common Mistakes by Business in 2013, and must be avoided in 2014.

  • Too Much Worry About The Competition

There is no doubt about that knowing competition is extremely imperative for company owners. What are your competitor’s products, services? What their charges for them? Knowing such information will surely help you in taking decisions as well as decide on the factors of your own business. In today’s business market, business owners usually complaining or talking negatively about other companies who are in the similar business field with more orders, which is just waste of time.

So, spend this time on marketing their products and services, developing new products, etc. and on numerous others necessary activities in 2014. Always keen eyes on your competitors like what they are doing, what they have changed or are changing. Do not copy your competitors blindly, but don not neglect them also.

  • Customers Ignores

If your products and services do not fulfill your customer’s expectations, then they are not going to buy any single product of yours even your products are good quality. Therefore, always take feedback from customers before creating any new product. Thus, always listen your customers carefully, and ask them what they want in order to disclose new ways for improving your business.

  • Give Networking Low Priority

There are lots of businesses who did not give much priority to networking have lost countless opportunities in 2013.  Therefore, keep networking on top of your to do list in 2014. Excellent customer service is the most important elements in every successful business. If customers or clients are experiencing any kind of problem with products and services, and you are ignoring their disappointment as a result negative reviews on products and publicity. That’s why; try to resolved problems as soon as possible.


  • No Perfect Business Plan

There are many companies that get failed due to lack of a business plan, and planning is extremely imperative in not only the business field, but in every field of life. “If you do not know where are you going, you cannot reach there” In  the business, an important tool that can help you what you are looking for and how you can get that, and this tool is “Business Plan”. Hence, it is really significant to develop a business plan and follow it.

To write your business plan, you keep some major points in top of your mind:

  1. Put Your customers First
  2. Keep Your Business Plan Brief
  3. Sell products, But Don’t Oversell
  4. Plan always For the Short-Term
  • Not Updated 

Web sites do not get better with age like wine. Technologies become outdated; designs trend changes and information also become stale. So, update your business site time to time (Quarterly Basis) to make sure that all the major elements of a website like design, information, etc, are still up-to-date. If we believe on recent study we will find that popularity of smartphones and tablets combined with advertisers’ increased investment in these devices will give rise to mobile as the primary channel for search. So it’s really important to provide responsive web experience to your website visitors.

Every business needs to have a strong web presence because if any pone researches a business on search engines, then your business site will be the first impression he or she has. Remember, attractive design, easy navigation, and quality content, desktop and mobile friendly can make a world of difference. Look at our recent blogs to understand why need to build trust on websites.

Do not forget these five vital points because they can kill your online business if avoided. They are neglected by many company’s owners in the previous year as a result business almost collapsed. If you do not want this, then change your advertising, marketing as well as promotion strategies in 2014 by keeping these points in your mind.

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