E Commerce Opportunities For New And Mid Level Business

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In India, ecommerce market is growing like never before and this situation birth to big competition in search engine marketing.  Although Google and other search engines offer equal opportunity for every business to get better placement. Basically, search engine work with a mathematical algorithm which includes various ranking factors, and it works to automate to produce organic search results. This process creates new doors for mid level business or startup to grow their business and scope to meet with new customers. According to a recent article by times of India E-commerce market to touch $16 billion in India this year.

Match goals with Visitors goals

Most of the eCommerce store target wrong keywords or focus on keywords which could not make conversion rate. if you want SEO to work for your business site, you need to make sure your goals match the goals of your visitors. Remember, it’s not about traffic, but about understanding what you want and then optimizing your site for keywords that bring visitors, particularly who want the same things.

All the keywords which are generating traffic does not mean that can increase in sales. People tend to be very specific when they are doing a keyword search in search engines, so ensure that the keywords you  have choose aren’t too general, otherwise, visitors  not going to find you

Educate Your visitors

You have to create an great experience online that makes the shopper feel as educated and comfortable with making a purchase. Provide your visitors with good information about your product. This might include studies that have been done on your product, testaments from other customers who have purchased your product or general, rich information about your product and not another sales pitch. Basically, there are few thing influence users purchase decisions, which include:

  • Need Recognition
  • Products quality
  • Customer reviews
  • Competitive pricing
  • Checkout ease process

Always remember it that making a connection with your website visitors is more important than anything in online marketing. As a businessman, you have to put yourself in the mind of your clients & customers whenever selling products or services. For example, what are they are looking to bring out of this purchase and how will this make their life easy? Etc.

Enthusiasm + Passion = Success

Online marketing is not one time execution process else you will continue to lose your online market if you would not maintain it regularly. A real enthusiasm is needed here to grab the market and need lots of passion to win in this competitive eCommerce world.

Seriously, if you are thinking its part time activity and its very easy for you so you are very far from the reality and we don’t recommend you to waste your money or time. In the other hand, if you really want to have a taste of success with eCommerce opportunities, then first you must have a product to sell, must have good market who will buy your products, online eCommerce store if you are new and looking to build new store check our affordable eCommerce store plans, last a great online marketing plan with the help of some case studies.

Be responsive

It is not wrong to say that number of smartphone users has been increased and now people love to search and buy through their smartphones. Even a number of shopping apps taking a place against of website, but at the initial level a custom app can be quite costly, but making your website responsive for smart phones and tablets isn’t a very far from your budget.

Strategy Beyond Money

If you have already spent lots of money on developing, designing and running your online store, but not attaining a good result then of-course you are missing a good marketing strategy. Most of all eCommerce portal wants to defeat their competitors at any cost and want to get first position in Google. But fortunately, no big business can buy organic ranking.