How To Create Killer Content To Improve Online Leads?


The time has gone when it was easy to convince customers to sell products and services and get new online buyers. Today we have to face huge competition and match users expectations level as of now we have numerous source to obtain sales like Mobile Apps, Web stores, Paid Affiliates programs etc. Not only competition is increasing day by day, but also the way of marketing is totally changed now. You also have to actively promote your content and now only “Unique Content strategy” can help to outshine. Content marketing is the oldest medium but still exists, and plays a significant role in increasing sales or bringing quality leads. Remember, good content is a primary factor to gain trust and credibility among website visitors.

Never, compromise on quality, either on the quality of product or content since if the buyer loses the trust, then your business can be collapsed just like a pack of cards. Don’t forget the important business rule that if you will not take care of your customer, then your competitor will take care.

Points You Must Consider While Writing Killer Content:

1.  Know Your Target Audience:

It doesn’t make sense to try to please everyone. You cannot be everything for everyone so define your audience and try to know what’s your audience or customer expectation from you. Therefore, always come up with new and innovative ideas for content writing so that your audience will love to engage with them. Your targeted audience may have following qualities –

  • They will pay you for your services or products
  • They can Influences buyers
  • Your existing customer or supporters

2. Make your Customers Wise:

It is the most important factor to consider in aggressive content writing. Remember, Good content and unique content both are different things. You have to make your visitors wise and smart by letting them know about your products uses.  A content that is not only good but also unique can do wonders in getting your website ranking in search engines.

Quality Content + Quality Backlinks = Higher Search Engine Rankings

Always create a content that stands out from the crowd, but if your content is not unique, then no readers will read it as the information is available in other places.

After the hummingbird update by Google, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team said, “Google guidance to webmasters is the same, and we encourage original, high-quality content because that is best for Web users”.

3.    Don’t Miss Call to Action:

You start getting traffic toward your website with your unique content but still not getting conversion or sale. Why? Most of all traffic is reading your content but leaving your website any action because your content is not enticing your readers to act. Your content must make your readers engage and perform some set of action. It can be anything like subscribe to your newsletter, purchase any products, events or follow on Facebook etc.  After setting up action for your reader you will be optimized user behavior effectively.


4.    Avoid to Be Complicated or Boring:

Keep your content short in length and informative because your reader does not like to through on overlong content and there is more than 75% chance that the reader will come back to your site if he likes your content. Content can be anything Videos, Infographics, images, reviews, PDF, PPT, Survey Text, Charts and Figure etc. By effective use of these sources, you can generate trust among your customers and this trust will lead to higher benefits for business.

Most of the bloggers think that a blog that contains 500 to 700 words is a good blog, which is not true as it is not about words, but about the message or point, you are giving to readers. Your content clearly gets the point out within the words it required.

5. Content Optimization:

is one of the major factors in getting good ranking in search engines, We cannot neglect the fact that content is king and always will be king. Make sure you add your targeted keywords in content but don’t spam by overuse of them. Few important things you should consider while optimizing content –


The title should contain your targeted keywords and must be attractive to take attention from your targeted audience.

  • Never use duplicate content.
  • Make URL search friendly
  • Add your social media accounts
  • Make it worth reading
  • Add what’s your existing customers had experience with you

Presentation of your content matters a lot so you should include meaningful images, supporting videos or a specific call to action. Some of the bloggers that are hugely popular in a world focused on creating killer content. Therefore, they take proper time in creating content, and it works. Content optimization has especially become necessary for landing pages that are created for a lead purpose.


Great content helps other, Great Content Builds Trust, Great content increase engagement, Great content increase leads, Great content gets easily found and quickly shared.  Do you think that you content marketing efforts helping you in this way? If your answer is yes, then you don’t need to worry you are already champ else it’s time to think of your content strategy. Please give your feedback and share what successful tactics have you used to promote your content?