Why Need To Build Trust On Websites

Trust is a long term plan that difficult to build and easy to lose.

Why Trust?

I often hesitate about buying from many online websites, but never feel any kind of doubt, nervousness or insecurity, when purchase from Amazon, eBay and iTunes. Not only me, nut nobody hesitates about making buying from these sites in the world because we can trust on these big brands. Hence, trust is extremely important for every business, and website is a small window for to convince visitors that your site is that they can fully trust buying a product or service.

The online world is completely different from real world, or we can say buying a product from a real physical store is quite different from buying it from an online store. It is not only how people or buyers operate there, but how they perceive that as well. For example, you can touch, smell and feel a product if you are buying it from a physical store, but it is not possible to touch, feel and smell when buying online, and your buying decision will be taken based on information you read on the site that may not be 100% true. Hence, the most significant things that a buyer needs to feel before making any purchasing decision is whether the buyer trusts the website or not.

How to Build Trust?

One of the major parts in the success of any online website or e-commerce site is trust. With keeping this in mind, it is extremely important that you must have a business website that turns visitors into potential customers. How you website can do this? The answer is with trust. You have to do everything so that people can trust on your brand, otherwise visitors will simply move to another website. However, visitors trust in a website by looking various trusting elements on the website like web design, page loading times, graphics, content, images or pictures, navigation, SSL security features, etc. If any factor did not feel right, visitors may simply go elsewhere. Show you’re a great place to shop and get listed on Google trusted store.

Website design is not only about making it attractive or cool, but also about storytelling, readability, usability and standing out from the competition. Remember, if 100 people visit your site, then half of them (50) assessed the trustworthiness or credibility of that site based on the appeal of the complete visual design of the website, including typography, font size, color schemes or combination and layout. Therefore, building trust among people, you need to make the visual design of your site user friendly. Click here to see features and packages of professional website design for different business.

How Building Trust With Site Design

Suppose, you are looking to buy a laptop online, and for that you visit a few websites and find all websites have not attractive design at the same time you may move from such websites without wasting seconds. In other hand a well designed website may attract you for minutes and may appeal to browse products and services. We personally believe that the incorrect tone of voice can flip people’s interest into irritations, frustration into anger or expectation into disappointment. However, a good tone of voice can turn people’s confusion or doubt into trust. Therefore, trust is extremely vital, and we are telling you some extra features of trustworthy websites.

  • Website design is clean, attractive and modern
  • Add real testimonials
  • Provide easy navigation
  • Fast page loading times
  • Professional looking graphics
  • a good choice of colors
  • Well structured (site layout)
  • Grammar, spelling and sentences all are correct in content that is posted on the web
  • Domain and brand name is short, easy to read and pronounceable
  • Unique, informative and high quality original content and written in simple language
  • Pictures or images and videos are high quality
  • Citation to other reliable sources
  • High quality graphics and screenshots
  • Company’s professional logo
  • Content updated frequently
  • Signals of social sharing and adoption like tweets, likes shared, etc

SEO and Trust in Website

One of the major reasons why some webmasters do better than other webmasters is a trust that plays an important role in the Google ranking algorithm.  Google wants to surf more trusted website for every search query and websites get ranking in Google by passing search engine ranking factors and Google work to measure those factors and extract ranking. Google does not like list spam websites in the search results so that it is incredibly significant for you to tell Google that your website is real or authentic, and you are not a spammer and planning to stay for long term in business.

Remember, this big search engine has made it its prime mission to fight against techniques or methods that disobey its declared guidelines by making particular pinches to its algorithm. However, Google believes that the best way to stop shady techniques is to penalize their sites. If it found that your site is violating its slated guidelines, then it can remove your site from its Google’s index. Look here for SEO check list of 2014 and create advance promotion strategy for your business website.

Quality links are a great way to making a trustful image for your website, but getting high quality links always is not easy for webmasters. One way to get the quality links is ask other webmasters in your niche market to send a similar kind of links to you. Another way to get quality links is always trying to find high quality blogs that accept articles. Remember, you have to write unique valuable content as well as your site has to include high quality content as well because high quality blogs will not accept you if your site has site has poor quality content.

Remember spamming low quality links cannot help your site’s rankings for a long time. The time has gone when posting even low quality links affected ranking positively. But if you do that today, your site can be penalized. Focus on the following point while doing SEO:

  • Diversify Link Sources exponentially
  • Frequently update fresh content
  • Social annotations with Google+
  • Do Smartphone SEO
  • Video optimization
  • Continue improve user satisfaction
  • Unique and original Content Carries more Trust in compare duplicate Content with Similar Anchor Text.
  • Authority and Trust are More Important than Page Rank
  • Get a Link from an Authority Site with Low PR than an Un-trusted Site with High PR

If you have any success using a trust factor on a site, then you can tell us about that simply by remarking on the comment

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