How To Build A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign In 2017


Are you considering to launch a digital marketing campaign but not sure where to start? Or, you might be promoting a new product or service, or looking to increase exposure for your brand. In this informative and interesting post, we’re outlining a few actionable recommendations that can help you understand how to launch a successful digital marketing campaign for your business. Let’s get started:

Determine Objectives & Goals

Without any doubt, objectives are the most fundamental factors of any marketing campaign. Goals will find out the direction for the whole campaign, right from the general strategy to specific tactics. Identifying goals at the beginning will surely influence your creative & strategic ideas and this makes sure your campaign has a focus and it is the best way to optimize your potential return on marketing investment. Clear objectives and goals will unify teams working on the campaign if communicated effectively, and ensuring everyone has a shared vision and works towards the same goal. Campaign goals should be specific, realistic and measurable.

Do Deep Competitive Analysis

“Know your enemy and you shall win 1,000 battles.” By knowing the nuts and bolts of all public areas of a competition’s marketing, you can better understand who they are targeting with their marketing, what content they are focusing on or where they have found the most success. Once you know this, you can better understand how you can and should position yourself on these mediums to stay one step ahead of from your competitors.

Determine the strength and weaknesses of the competition because understanding where your competitors are doing well lets you find out where their prime focus is. What are they doing well that you are not focusing on enough? On the other hand, finding the areas where they are failing means you can determine areas of strength to highlight. Some popular compeitors tools are –

Determine A Great Strategy

Your digital campaign strategy must take into consideration every single aspect of the campaign, right from the target audience to messaging approach, and from the channels of execution and budget. Remember, developing an effective strategy needs a deep understanding of the different online channels and how they work together, and the best practices to get maximum outcomes. Once nailed down, these strategic decisions must materialize into a broad plan that directs the whole digital marketing campaign.

Understand Your Audience Better

To launch a successful digital marketing campaign, you need to get to know and understand your audience better. Although you may already have a strong understanding of your audience, but it’s helpful to start by defining them in the context of your new marketing campaign because this will make sure that you begin with the right mindset, and ensure your messages remain the focus throughout. Spend time defining your target audience, finding where they spend most of their time online or how to reach them in the most effective ways. There are many keyword research tools to begin a well-rounded keyword foundation for SEO.

Spread out your keywords

You need to carry out effective research on keywords for the best suited digital marketing campaign. This is because it will ensure that the right people find your brand online. Expanding your keywords list will surely open the doors to plenty of new opportunities and potential clients & customers. Additionally, identifying unique and well-performing keywords help all areas of your business. Without new keywords, you can’t find new leads and customers and can’t grow your site traffic. Keyword expansion can improve your business and save you money.

Focus on mobile presence

Today, everyone is going mobile and people carry their smartphones everywhere. Therefore, mobile marketing has become one of the most vital factors in driving business. if your digital marketing campaign isn’t mobile friendly, no matter who your target audience is, then you will lose out on both existing clients and potential customers. Mobile impacts web development and design, user experience, content creation and promotion. Whether it is an app or a mobile feature, you need to make sure that it adheres to their needs. These days, almost every organization or company spends a significant amount of money on mobile ads.

Best Use of Digital Marketing Channels

You must have a website for your business if you are the business owner. But, you need to understand the different options that you can use to promote your business, website, brand and products & services online. This is a vital part of digital marketing that you should look after as these channels will be the first-string source of your prospects and leads. Use top digital marketing channels, including:

  • Social Media Marketing: An important aspect of Digital Marketing is learning to use and take advantage of the social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Keep in mind that making full use of these channels will create better engagement with both new and existing clients.
  • Search Engine Optimization: This is another digital marketing channel that you can use to get more targeted visitors for your business. Time to time, search engine optimization (SEO) proved itself to be an effective and powerful medium for any business due to its capability of providing your website the visibility that it requires online.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC):  PPC is One of the fastest ways to draw more potential customers to your website. It allows you to be seen across these search engines when a user search or type a keyword.

Launch A Retargeting Campaign

If you don’t want to let your potential customers go down the drain, then retarget your digital marketing campaign with paid ads. the very first step is to determine the segment of your target audience that you will want to retarget to. Didn’t get it. Let’s understand it with an example. “If you want to target people who viewed a product category, then items from that category all you need to lure them back in. On the other hand, if you want to retarget only people who visited your home page, then ads geared toward your whole brand identity as well as a sampling of the products or item you sell might perform better.” Some important Points to Keep in Mind When Retargeting are Freshen Up Your Creatives, Set a Cap for the Frequency of Ads and Maximize Your Campaign Performance with Specific Targeting.

Revise Your Calls to Action

Remember, a compelling and powerful call to action (CTA) is the cherry on the top of effective marketing. An excellent CTA helps you to attract more and more customers. A CTA is a region of the screen that drives the reader to click-through to engage further with a brand. In addition to this, sometimes just a button, sometimes it’s an image or other times it’s a reserved section of the digital asset. Keep in mind that it’s not just websites that can have a CTA, virtually every type of content can have it. Note- Keep your CTA highly visible and simple, Push Benefits over Features, Add a Sense of Urgency and Keep the action clear on your CTA.

Plan Your Future Content

Plan your future contents, if want to engage or capture your target customers with informative and interesting posts. But, you need to ask a few questions before you begin planning, like What’s your aim for developing a content? Why do you want to create content? Etc. To develop a successful plan, you need to clearly specify your content’s target audience (also known as your “buyer persona). Also, find out which types of content you want to create as there are a variety of options out there for content you can create such as Blogposts, Videos, eBooks, Infographics, Templates.

Monitor Success of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The real value for Digital Marketing Campaign is if it generates more and more sales and profit for your business. Also, the ability to identify if you have succeeded in this aspect or not, is extremely important for the direction to which your campaigns will be oriented. It is up to you, however, to define what comprise success for you, which can be broken down into-  Increase in overall sales, Higher rankings in the search engines, gain a considerable following in social media channels, Generate new leads and prospects, Increased retention rates for existing customers and so on.