Best SEO Practice of 2013 in Favor of Getting Higher Business Exposers

SEO Practice of 2013

In 2012, Google has changed dramatically as it has made numerous changes to its algorithm like Penguin changes in April, Panda updates (more than 12), Snippets and exact match domains (EMD) in September, which are some of the major updates or changes. “Algorithms of Google change once per day, and more than 500 algorithm changes take place every year” said by Matt Cutts (Google’s search engineer). It is not necessary that what techniques you implemented yesterday for SEO, will work for today also, and you may ask yourself what SEO practices I should implement today. There is too much confusion about best SEO practices for 2013, but we are providing you few outstanding SEO practices for 2013 based on the past updated on Google, particularly in 2012

Create Quality and Sharable Content: Content is continuing playing a vital role in improving your website placement on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So, go ahead and take a look of your website content. If you have original content everywhere, then it will be good for your site ranking, but if you have copied it from someone else’s website, you will surely penalize by Google’s panda and will affect your site ranking also. Copying someone else content is also illegal, so always try to create matchless, unique and quality content. The more the unique content is the more it will be commented, shared, etc., which is very significant today.

Mobile SEO : It is going to be all about the mobile apps in 2013 as most of the people are using apps like Google Maps, TED, Chrome UrbanSpoon, a Shazam for getting information quickly. Responsive web design is an important part of Mobile SEO as it creates a wonderful user experience. The responsive web design also helps in the process of accessing a website easily. So, if you really want visibility on search engines, creating an app is not a bad idea. Reducing click-through rate (CTR) is a best thing, when it comes to a mobile phone as users don’t want to click deep into a website.

Not just link, Build Relation: One of the most important parts of a SEO practice, and you should always focus on diversity in links. It is always beneficial to focus on quality of back links rather than quantity of back links. Back links are those links, which send traffic, ranking and pass page rank power to particular page or site. If one has more excellent back links, from high authorities’ websites the more search engines can see you. Remember; make best links that are related to your site as there will be no point getting a link from a technology site, where as yours might be in health care. While we talk about Guest blogging, it is a great way to get some good links back to your site.

Social Media: Integrated within people everyday lives, and Social websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, are very much required for every business, individual as Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines giving more importance to these public sites and other sites. Use Google Authorship and delivered high quality pages in your circle so business gets a huge amount of traffic from these social media sites, and you can also attract users by posting daily updates and publishing videos, post, other vital information. It has also become an effective strategy if you want to communicate with client or users or want to take feedback about your business / products / services. When you share or publish any article, blog, etc., and then people shared it, like it, tweet, on your post, etc, which can be benefited for your sites.

Conclusion: A business or Individual should follow all the SEO practices mentioned in this article, and take care of content and quality link building with blend of mobile apps and social media optimization.

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