5 SEO Strategies – Every Business Needs to Adopt Today [Infographic]

If your SEO efforts are not helping to drive traffic and sales, then it’s the right time to revise your SEO strategies before it’s too late. Do you know businesses and Individuals who succeed with SEO do two things well :

  • Identify SEO techniques that get them outcomes and
  • Put 100 percent of their resources into executing those techniques? I know you thinking “How do I find SEO strategies that really work?” Right! Well, We are going to make it easy for you today. However, before starting with the strategy we want to show you a wonderful infographic which helps you to understand what SEO Strategy are working in 2017- 

5 SEO Strategies infographic

Responsive Web Design

Mobile dominates search engine today, so ignoring it is not a good idea. People consume content, shop and browse nowadays on mobile often than they do on the desktop platform. Therefore, you need to make sure your site is responsive and faster so user get better experience by visiting it.

Links Are Still King

If you’re questioning what factors to consider as you build your SEO strategy, links are still king and play major role in SERP. So, make quality backlinks with your targeted keywords that are extremely easy to comprehend for the users and find your site compatible with the search engines.

Fresh Content

Fresh and unique content is a key part of your SEO strategy. So, focus on providing well-researched, grammatically correct and fresh content to impress your online customers.

Voice Search

Think like a customer and make a lot of voice search for your website. You will see where you reside. You will be surprised to know that 35x Voice Search Queries have been increasing and it will keep increasing in coming days.


Google’s 3rd most vital ranking factor for websites now. So, the easier it is for the algorithm to interpret your page, the better your webpage is likely to rank.


Indicates to search engines what type of info is contained in each part of your page and search engines can better pick out the content that will be helpful and useful to users to their search queries by knowing what things on your site.