5 Big Changes to Google AdWords

google adwords update 2017

Want to reach more and more customers? AdWords can help you. In today’s fast-paced search world, Google AdWords is continually and rapidly changing. So, staying abreast of new creations will help you use this amazing tool for optimal results. Let’s look at 5 big new and ongoing changes to Google AdWords:

  1. New AdWords UI

The most powerful change, the new AdWords UI also known as AdWords Next is sleek and sexy.  Millions of advertisers got access to this new interface and will be available to everyone by the end of 2017. Google is changing the bidding interface in the UI as well to show bid suggestions for different page positions. In recent Google plus update adword declear that you can now identify significant shifts in ad performance by comparing two date ranges in the Report Editor.

  1. Ad Rank

An update to Ad Rank thresholds started rolling out in May is essential finds the placement of your text ad. Keep in mind that A Higher Ad Rank means you’re certain to hit the coveted No#1 Position. This rank is calculated by through many factors such as relevance, landing page experience, expected click-through rate (CTR) and maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid. Relevance is going to take a significant role in getting Ad Rank. Queries may differ because of context while base search terms may remain the same. Additionally, PPC bids may be weighted more heavily for Ad Rank depending on the query meaning. So, higher bids for relevant queries could directly boost your Ad Rank.

  1. AdWords Life Events Targeting

Google AdWords now allows you to use Life Events as a targeting option on YouTube and Gmail Ads. AdWords’ life events help you target users in the months before or after key life events like Marriage, Graduation, and Moving. You can use this feature to get your brand in front of the right people at micro-moments and to win the sale.

  1. Enhanced CPC or ECPC

For advertisers, AdWords provides plenty of different bidding strategies to use to get their objectives and goals. However, many advertisers rely on CPC (cost-per-click) bidding to hit their goals. Google introduced enhanced CPC bidding to ease some of the load for busy advertisers, which allowed Google to adjust your bid within 30%. This change will help you drive more conversions. In case you are still not adjusting your bids for your remarketing audiences, then you’re almost missing out! Google may adjust your bid for various demographics and similar audiences as well

  1. Google Surveys 360 To AdWords

A paid enterprise-level solution, Google Surveys 360 is part of the Analytics 360 product suite and allows users to create a survey, find an audience sample across the web and use your remarketing lists to target audience and generate results rapidly. You can get an idea as to what is working or what is not right away by asking people why they clicked your ad.

The above 5 big changes to Google AdWords have the potential to make a great impact for any marketer who currently uses Google AdWords as well as for local businesses. Some of these google adwords updates may need expertise for implementation, but once implemented, they can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts.