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SEO Reputation Management – Defend Your Brand Image with Smart Ways

SEO online reputation management

Showing up on the first page of Google can be the only difference between your competitor’s failure and your business success.  It is dangerous for you and your company’s online reputation, if someone has posted slanderous or unfavorable comments about your company, which are showing up on the top of Google. We know that reputation is always fragile and breakable- be it for politicians, stars, celebrities, organizations/companies or individuals. “A small rumor or gossip on word of mouth among the people can swell into a ruinous trouble as reputation is elastic and can be changed anytime.”

According to a research shows that ranking on top in Google produces more than 40%  of clicks to websites, while listing on the first page of a search, create over 90% clicks, which is very important for your business success. The negative and positive impression about a brand or company is depending on what kind of content and links are appearing in the Google search. Many people has question like why my company brand image is not growing, even company is showing up in first page of Google? Because appearing on Google first page does not mean that the business has a high reputation as there are many other factors like negative customer reviews, customer De-satisfaction, etc. which can affect your online brand reputation. So, SEO online reputation management has become an important activity to keep batter brand image and companies reputation among online searchers. Below we have given some smart ways for defending your brand image:

Google Alerts:

The first step in developing an online reputation is to find out what online users are saying about your company and products. How people will know this? They can get this knowledge through Google Alerts. Everyone must use this handy tool to search for any words or phrases, which are appearing in online discussions, news sites, videos, etc., and are related to your brand name or business, and then to see how others are looking for the same. For example, they can type in their business name and have Google email them a weekly or daily report on how many online users searched for their business.

Generate Positive Online Reviews:

We cannot prevent negative reviews as online user will say whatever they want to say. But, any business can make strong defensive plans for protecting their brands and brand-enhancing reviews by creating better reputation management strategy. A single negative review can damage your band a lot, if this is the only review you have. However, you don’t need to worry if a bad review appears in among several positive one. For generating positive reviews follow the following tips:

  • Find that who are your best and loyal online customers, and sends them short mails to ask for a few words of praise, if they liked your services and products, and so that you can post as customer reviews.
  • Make an email account, which exists alone for receiving online customer feedback, and make it approachable to all your clients and customers both offline and online.

Use Most Popular Social Media Sites:

You must use social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. which can be very useful for making your company brand reputation. Creating company profiles on these social sites, optimizing them for both your target customer and search engines are very significant. Don’t make ugly profiles in social networking sites where you can’t be updated; your reputation will not be benefited because it’s generally not easy to handle all networking sites regularly for small business. However, make a few “good” profiles on the top 10 social sites including better profile creation at Facebook, Twitter etc, they can provide you surely with some great grips in terms of brand building. There are millions of users remaining active and one may take advantage of user-friendly updates on regularly basis from social profile by targeted and communicating with active audience.


If an important ongoing reputation management tool, and by doing regular blog posts you can interact or communicate with your online customers more closely. Blogs are like a cactus of online content, and some of the popular sites provide free blogging and free hosting like WordPress, Blogger etc. Just add few great useful blogs or articles and create few links and bake for some days. They will be on the top of the Google page in a short period of time.

Best SEO Practice of 2013 in Favor of Getting Higher Business Exposers

SEO Practice of 2013

In 2012, Google has changed dramatically as it has made numerous changes to its algorithm like Penguin changes in April, Panda updates (more than 12), Snippets and exact match domains (EMD) in September, which are some of the major updates or changes. “Algorithms of Google change once per day, and more than 500 algorithm changes take place every year” said by Matt Cutts (Google’s search engineer). It is not necessary that what techniques you implemented yesterday for SEO, will work for today also, and you may ask yourself what SEO practices I should implement today. There is too much confusion about best SEO practices for 2013, but we are providing you few outstanding SEO practices for 2013 based on the past updated on Google, particularly in 2012

Create Quality and Sharable Content: Content is continuing playing a vital role in improving your website placement on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So, go ahead and take a look of your website content. If you have original content everywhere, then it will be good for your site ranking, but if you have copied it from someone else’s website, you will surely penalize by Google’s panda and will affect your site ranking also. Copying someone else content is also illegal, so always try to create matchless, unique and quality content. The more the unique content is the more it will be commented, shared, etc., which is very significant today.

Mobile SEO : It is going to be all about the mobile apps in 2013 as most of the people are using apps like Google Maps, TED, Chrome UrbanSpoon, a Shazam for getting information quickly. Responsive web design is an important part of Mobile SEO as it creates a wonderful user experience. The responsive web design also helps in the process of accessing a website easily. So, if you really want visibility on search engines, creating an app is not a bad idea. Reducing click-through rate (CTR) is a best thing, when it comes to a mobile phone as users don’t want to click deep into a website.

Not just link, Build Relation: One of the most important parts of a SEO practice, and you should always focus on diversity in links. It is always beneficial to focus on quality of back links rather than quantity of back links. Back links are those links, which send traffic, ranking and pass page rank power to particular page or site. If one has more excellent back links, from high authorities’ websites the more search engines can see you. Remember; make best links that are related to your site as there will be no point getting a link from a technology site, where as yours might be in health care. While we talk about Guest blogging, it is a great way to get some good links back to your site.

Social Media: Integrated within people everyday lives, and Social websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, are very much required for every business, individual as Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines giving more importance to these public sites and other sites. Use Google Authorship and delivered high quality pages in your circle so business gets a huge amount of traffic from these social media sites, and you can also attract users by posting daily updates and publishing videos, post, other vital information. It has also become an effective strategy if you want to communicate with client or users or want to take feedback about your business / products / services. When you share or publish any article, blog, etc., and then people shared it, like it, tweet, on your post, etc, which can be benefited for your sites.

Conclusion: A business or Individual should follow all the SEO practices mentioned in this article, and take care of content and quality link building with blend of mobile apps and social media optimization.

Support Engineer

We are having an opening for  Support Engineer –

Exp. – Atleast 1 year

Qualification- Graduate with networking certificate

Location- Noida

Job Responsibilities:

1.     Installation, Managing & maintaining linux Servers

2.     Good working knowledge of  email servers mainly zimbra

3.     Postfix knowledge must

4.     Monitoring hosting servers, security updates,

5.     Knowledge of firewall and security policies

6.     SSL certificate installation and renewal.

7. Client communication and problems resolution

 How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV (in Word format,),with salary expectations at Or contact on 0120-4217202.

Contact Person: Ms. Khushbu Srivastava

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Content is King so why your quality content is not leading?

Content Promotion Through Social Media

Write a good piece of content, then edited and re-edited it, and later publish it with added a creative twist and a graphic. Next day, we see that only few shares,  it means your great content could not notice or grabbed the attention of online readers, and sometime we feel that we have waste our time on writing this.  Social media play a very important part in internet marketing as they make your website visible and popular on online by sharing content and by following many more other marketing strategies. Few points are given below on why your good content is going to Unnoticed.

Say Love to Social Promotion

When it comes to be online promoting content, social media has changed the game completely. Social media allows everyone to promote their business, products, services, etc., quickly and easily.  So, are you actively promoting your content on social media sites? or Is your existing social community does like your niche content? If not, then sites like Facebook, Google, Bing, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Yahoo are good to start from.  Apart from all these social sites, there are many other sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Vine, which are also important to create a relevant community, or you can promote your content on them too for making your content more visible by audiences. Viral content is just to send your promotion task at next level –

Facebook Viral

By adding more and more people on Social media sites

Never be afraid to add people in your contacts and friend lists as the complete point of social media is to socialize.  Remember, don’t do it in a unsafe and spammy way as this could turn people off. Do it by a simple way with greeting, you will see that most of the people will happily accept your friend request.  You can also send them the link where you have posted your content, and get feedback from them about how it is or if it is good then like or share that.

Be consistent

Using social media sites, then it is very important to be consistent in keeping touch with your different profiles, and try to check them at least once on every next day. It is one of the best ways to engage in Social Promotion.

By Commenting

This is one of the best ideas to engage in social promotion by commenting on your friends’ profiles because it will keep you fresh in their minds. This technique is a form of content marketing, and allows you to communicate with others.

Power of Social gadgets

They play a vital role in targeting online audiences, as an increasing number of social buzzes like twitter tweets, Facebook shared, Google vote on your posted content can make a huge impact on your website ranking and can make your website popular. Whenever your content shared on these networking sites, it creates a social signal. The more times your content is shared, the more in it will be worthful in the eyes of the search engines.

E-commerce Website Development – An Essential Approach for Business Growth

Ecommerce website development

According to the few Internet & American Life Project, more than 65% of the online users have purchased something over the Internet. We live in a world of high technology; every business is going on-line, which generate an evolution in E-commerce business, and have become an ineluctable tool to take your business to a new height. An E-Commerce based website is the best solution through which business owners can sell their products to online consumers, and customers can compare prices with a click of the mouse and buy the selected product at optimal prices. Therefore, you need to design a user-friendly website that is displaying all your products in a systematic manner with easy payment options to buy them online.

Walk with Technology

It is a very effective way of selling your product online, so the design of your E-commerce website matters a lot. Do you know what is the difference between E-commerce site and simple website? Well, E-commerce websites are designed for selling and purchasing various kinds of goods, while simple websites are designed for just the purpose of information sharing. For making your E-commerce website successful, you have to hold the attention of customers for a long time, which is the most important needs of an E-commerce website, for this you need to make your website design simple and informative and need to go with professional eCommerce development services.

Focus on Fame

The home page of your website is the main gateway of your online successful business, so it should appear perfect from top to bottom. It’s important for you to design and described your home page accurately with displaying information like logo, name of the company and tagline, Showcasing product list, brands, price list, Copyright Statement, Information pages like About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, etc.

Spread Profit

Another important part of E-commerce website is layout along with attractive colors and high quality graphic. You must update your website on a regular basis because all the clients and customers always want updated information about each or every product. When any online shoppers visit your website; he usually focuses on the price of the products in order to finalize his deal instantly so you must display it clearly on your website.

My Priority is to Increase Users Comfort !!! 

Nowadays, the launching of e-commerce websites has been increasing. This is because people prefer buying from their home or office without getting into any hassles like driving and parking or wasting any time. In online shopping through an e – commerce website you can see, compare prices and buy products using your credit card, debit card or any other payment medium. It allows buyers not to go anywhere and enjoy shopping in their comfort.

Be Ultimate Fighter

There are numerous E-commerce portals providing goods and services in a variety of categories like Health and beauty products, electronic items, Books and magazines, computer and laptops, Vehicles, Software, jewelry, apparel and accessories for men and women. Undoubtedly, India is showing enormous growth in online business.  The e-commerce progress level of India is getting higher as more and more online retail merchant enter the market, which is good from a long term perspective. Some of the major Indian portal sites have also shifted towards e-commerce rather depending on advertising revenue. So, the future of E-commerce in India does look very bright.

Increase SEO Advantage with Responsive Design

 responsive web design

It is pointless to make a website that looks great if it can’t attract online users at all. But, a responsive website that looks attractive and is engaging with users, and also helps SEO for better performance. A responsive web design is a design approach, which enables your websites to adopt and response whatever screen it’s on. It is a very important factor for ensuring a perfect web presence of any organization in the practical world because responsive web design is the future of online marketing. Today, we have to keep lots of things in mind if we are going to design for multiple purposes. But, in order to have a responsive design, many factors need to be considered. Designing only for laptop or desktop is not adequate today. Responsive web design allows users for easy reading, interaction, navigation and rid of the need for separate versions of your site, and the website will work without any trouble in an effortless manner.

How a Responsive Design Improve Search Engine Optimization:

We know SEO is a process of promoting a website in order to increase traffic and ranking in every site by using search engines. But, SEO is affected by texts found on your website link to your page and linking is the most important factor in successful SEO process.

Search engines like Font Deck, Type kit, Google use powerful machine-controlled programs called spiders or bots” or crawlers to index websites by following links to pages and reading their content. The spider or bots will keep records of these pages in their database and will take out the listing as SERP upon queries by searches for particular keywords. How to attract these major search engines? Is a big problem for every web designer, but it is really easy if you know the right techniques to design your site to more search engine friendly.

You need to consider some points during making a design for a website. It will help you to make your design more search engine friendly.

  • Text should be in HTML format.
  • Use Meta tags on every page, it will make the search engine robots crawl and index your site more easily.
  • Compressed images that may take too much time for responding because mobile users actually dislike waiting for long seconds. We recommend to go with
  • Test in all browser Safari, Default Android browser, Chrome beta, Dolphin, Opera Firefox.
  • Text embedded in images file like jpg, gif and png, Macromedia Flash file and Java application cannot be indexed by search engines
  • Do not use wrong HTML tags such as <font> to style pages, rather than use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as they are more effective.
  • Do not use frames as it will confuse search engine robots
  • Try to avoid using images or Flash movies for important information. Your search ranking will be affected badly if you present in Flash and images. Search engine spiders read text on your source code only.
  • Simple but best way to measure responsive design is to ask from users. So ask their visiting experience so they can give their views that how they actually feel by visit on site via their smart phones.

Responsive Design leads to several benefits

  • Saves Money and Time: Besides making separate sites for every device such as iPhone, laptop and other smart phones. a single site can be designed to support all the devices, which will not only reduce operational and development cost, but also saves your important time.
  • Higher Conversion Rate. A responsive web design also helps in making conversion rate high. If you website is Support all devices, then ranking higher in search engine, and a uniform user experience will result in higher conversions.
  • User friendly: Website adjusts to any screen size, making it more users friendly. You can also collect complete social data with a single URL and one URL all of the shares, tweets, likes and inbound links.
  • Less Maintenance and Less Chance of Errors: You have to update and maintain only one website, which is very easy as compared to updating others sites like desktop and mobile site. Less chances of getting errors as you have to look after a single site.

Comprehensive Local Search Audit Checklist

Local SEO Audit

It is always difficult to identify where to start for exact marketing among most online marketers because when we initiate in online marketing we have to take decision on choosing targeted audience from global or local. However from the past it’s easy to make measurement that targeting local audience is great way for small and mid level companies because they don’t need to face target from multi country and have higher chance to convert a visitors into customers/buyer’s with local optimization strategy. This is why we are here to give you the most comprehensive local search audit checklist to avoid missing important aspects that are related to it. How will you know if your website is not set up properly on Google and many people or Google users will not find you when they do a simple search on Google, yahoo or any other search engines. The following points which are given below provide you a checklist to audit your website and help to generate a good plan to fix most of the problems.

NAP Accuracy, Consistency and Local competitors: In Local business NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) is one of most important thing that should be accurate and consistent to your Geo business. It will be a good idea if you put address in footer of your website in every pages. No doubt it’s very common but still have lot of issue can be found with local map results and other kind of search results. Place your site on various local businesses listing including major search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing. The above search engine provides ease steps to make local search engine submission and can send higher traffic to your website.

Local Search Keywords: Any Company which is embarking on a local search engine should find the right keywords that are used by customers to find products, services and business. Local search marketing is important for any business that serves people who are living within a specific geographical region. Understanding the local language and custom keywords of a particular target market is important. You can also find out that how many times Google searchers (both local and global) used specific keywords by using the Google Ad word keyword tool and use them accurately with help of Meta data or things at

Local Result of Outshine Solutions Pvt Ltd

Customer Reviews: Reviews are very important for any kind of business that wants to online long term success. So, it is our advice that encourages your customers to leave reviews for your services. Because every good review will count as a vote and search engines will considered you as good source for specific terms or business and especially there will be higher chance to have better rank on Google.

Embed a Right Map: You must embed a map with major search engine and most of popular local business directory sites for your business location. There is one more thing that you can take advantage from Google map by after putting all required information, Google map may generate an HTML code, that one can put it on his website for displaying map through website and It will also generate hidden trust among your buyers.

Local Directories and Local Review Sites: Local Directory Listings are the best ways to promote your business popularity on local search engines optimization. So, not only need to go with major search engine but also some of local directories like yellow pages,  yelp etc are helpful to gain more local visits. Make sure that every directory, on which you are listed, displaying your Name, Address and contact number in the exact same format as your website.

Business Name You are lucky, if you have one of the top keywords in your domain name. Search engines like it when a domain name tells what a website is all about. There is extra advantage, if your site is valuable for your customers and you do not come under exact match domain penalty by Google. If you performing right methods for links building after Google panda and penguin updates then it also give positive effect on your local search.


Seven Wonderful Tips for Viral Content Marketing

Viral content marketing

People always look for a magic formula to create a content that will be seen by the whole world. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. If any person, group or organization makes the greatest piece of content, there is no guarantee that it will go viral. They cannot force their content to go viral, most of the content that has gone viral for some time or has been created by famous people or popular organization. Below we have explained five magic ways to make content viral:

Grow up Emotions (Positive and Negative) through content

Content that evoked high arousal states (Positive and Negative) are more viral on the internet. But, it is not necessary that only happy emotions can boost sharing. We know, positive feeling increase content share ability, but negative emotions like anger and anxiety or anything related to the fear of loss can also very effective. If you want to make your content highly shared, make it uplifting, funny and lovely.

Be Creative

We know that writers play vital role in making content viral. Therefore, it is important for them that write content in a creative manner.  A creative content can easily express feeling, thoughts and emotions rather than to provide simple information. The best way to write a great content is to find unexplored idea and explore it so deeply, then write something that no one has ever written before.

Feel your content as an viewers and rate it

Always try to engage an audience by providing them something interesting, funny or little unusual. Some tips and advice are given below for targeting audience:

  • Special words
  • Use words accurately
  • Choose plain words with magic of your knowledge
  • Use inclusive language
  • Use specialized terms only so that people will understand them

Make content usable to join the conversation

Relationships take time, but building relationships with reciprocity is the best way to make content viral. To increase sharing potential of your content, you need to start sharing reciprocity by replying people who are commenting on your posts. Say ‘thanks’ to people who compliment or retweet you. If you join a conversation, your username will automatically show up in people’s tweets, people will definitely click on it, and a few of them will follow you.

Make Content Easy To Share

Large amount of content on the internet goes viral through sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  But, before posting any content on social sites, make sure it is easy to share without any kind of risk. Create powerful headlines and tweets, which are concise and easy to understand for making content viral. If possible then add thumbnail images in your content, it allows people to see you and your company as real people.

Get Sponsored

A star celebrity endorsement ensures that your video will get views from fans both who like star and who don’t. In this way, fans will share with their friend and who will share with their friend and so on.

Find Audience through Cool Video

There are a number of businessmen who are investing big amount of money in creating video content to communicate with them with one to one method. The motive behind this big investment is that they want to engage audiences with inspiring, authentic and entertaining content. We know that controversial videos get higher expose, these videos not only aim to have business or to sell products, yet they all gone viral because they have founded interesting ways of approaching things.

Follow all these seven wonders to make your content more viral. In long run it’s easy to say that writing contents will remain as and professionalize art that needs enhancement every time otherwise no clapping from viewers.

Analyze Your Business Website with SEO Checklist of 2013

SEO Check List

When we use words SEO and define in phrase “Search engine optimization is best tactic for improving site visibility in various search engines” it sound like an easy game that can be perform very easily for any site even everybody aware that every industry has huge competition and all trying to defeat their competitors on profits, sales and in all manners including search engine visibility.  In this blog we have listed real facts of successful internet marketing and SEO checklist of 2013 that can be obviously helpful for small mid Size Companies or website. Below we listed some question that you have to ask from your website –

Is your business site Low quality? SEO Pass Away for Low quality websites.

Sadly but Google have no sympathy against of low quality websites and one bitter truth that Cheap SEO have no more existence. The old SEO tricks are not working anymore and they only used to flush website ranking in dark place. One needs to be more realistic with his business website rather then automation that must have right combination between user friendly content and search engine friendly structure of your website.

How to know that your website is low quality or High Quality from Google point of views?

Recently from SEO marketing many website owners or webmaster have similar question such as why failed my keywords in search engine ranking? But the tinny answers that suit to this are Google keep updating its search engine algorithm to produce more realistic search result for its searchers. Google continue releasing new updated in Google panda and penguin with aim to provide high quality websites rank above from low quality websites.  Fortunately, Google shares point which distinguished among high quality sites and low quality websites. In short way low quality website considered as the website which simply misguide visitors and search engine through spam activities such as –

  • Duplicate content on site
  • Misguide to visitors
  • Forcing search engines to rank with particular phrase or keywords by over optimization
  • Many Outbound links and broken links
  • Poor coding in website
  • Low speed website with high downtime hosting response (Check speed from various tools)
  • Sites that only build for ads
  • Sites those poorly optimize
  • Abusing rich snippet markup and other websites that avoid Google quality guidelines

Is your business meet up with new Social technology?

The influence of social media has been reached at terrific point that only serving positive impact on SEO. Earlier there were no role of social signals in search engine ranking but these days its can boom on search engine ranking. Definitely Google gave huge space to these social signals on its algorithm and it’s not only change old tendency but also explore new ways of performing social activities.

  • Google Authorship

Google Authorship

Google authorship is based on author rank and there we are having hidden benefits on search engine ranking. However there are on only few sites from millions those recognized authorship for website and there is very slow reaction is seeing on authorship. Don’t know that what webmaster or owners waiting for? We are sure people missing attraction and visits from search engines as it has been assumed that searchers attracting with such sites and have higher chances to set as returning visitors.

  • Facebook & Twitter Updates

If you are self promoting then it become most important to share something which is not ordinary. Social people likes only exceptional thing so don’t serve them that they know or tedious thing so they leave to watch your shares. It’s always better idea to show your visitors that what happening on your Facebook or twitter profile from your own website. So give space to your social activity in your website and considered your current website is it really comfortable for your site visitors.

Are new competition rising day to day and Your SEO agency having no answers?

If you see new company taking place in your industry and your website traffic or customers diverting from you to them then it’s simply sign that there is a lot of business profit that you loosing every days. May be you are not aware on new SEO strategy or just ignoring new technology of online marketing. It’s much important to have many short goals because for SEO success because only well planned SEO strategy make sure organization remains come first against competitors and increases business margins that is real definition ROI from SEO services.

Life is name of changing so why not to change your SEO strategy that may serve you a dreamy dates with your customers on daily basis. SEO is ever a game of high efforts that have primary aim to make your website worthy to your customers. Choosing a SEO service provider is just like hire a car driver so doesn’t need to take risk on selection.  Look at our SEO packages here which is highly sophisticated.


Technical Content writer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Writing or developing content for portals, websites
2. Editing and proof-reading the written content.
3. Content editing and innovative content presentation skills.
4. Strong organization skills, good understanding of content publishing workflows and version management.
5. Developing and maintaining Web based content for multiple delivery channels, including technical articles, white papers, blogs, FAQs, how-to procedures, defects, troubleshooting, and other related content.
6. Writing product description, feature, instructions, blogs, articles and newsletters, etc

Job Qualifications:

* Candidate should be very strong in written and verbal communication, ability to compose grammatically correct sentences, paragraphs and topics that combine factual information.
* Editing & writing content on a regular basis for building up the website, a thorough research online to write industry specific content, keywords, and check web pages before making them live.
* Exposure to content design and writing for websites, creative writing and journalistic writing would be an added advantage.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV at Or contact on 0120-4217202.


Web Designer / UI Designer

We are looking for a talented designer to join our team for new project. You should have a passion for being creative, tackling complex design challenges, and looking to push the boundaries of what email design is capable of. we are mostly looking for a beautiful style of design and experience with email design is a plus .

Work responsibilities:

Coming up with new email designs for our marketing platform
Working on custom email designs for clients
Assisting with on-site marketing materials
Assisting with creative design for new ad campaigns
Working on converting email designs into basic HTML, CSS, and our custom templating language
Theme Designing and beautifully converting it into html codes
Ensuring the designs look great in all the major email clients
Solving design challenges (in terms of making designs work for email, mobile, web, etc)

Education Qualifications:


• Should have at least 2 to 5yrs of experience into Web-Designing.
• Should have good analytical and problem solving skills.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV at Or contact on 0120-4217202.

Major SEO Updates by Google In 2012

SEO Google updates 201

Every year Google update search algorithm hundreds of time and these updates make effects on search engine results. On the previous year Google took lots of steps against the spammers to supply best search result that is actually first aim of Google to serve high quality website for best searching experience. Now it has become essential to perform WHITE HAT SEO for seeing a site on top list of Google search result. With this blog I want to take attention of owner of small business who are not actually aware on power of Google updates for their site search results and have listed all major updates by Google –

Google Panda Trap

Google Panda took avatar in Feb 2012 and Google keep rolling this algorithm by every month and while we talk about 2012 then first updates was experienced on 18th January 2012’ with name Google panda 3.2 for this year and then it continued rolling with few updated on version such as 3.3, 3.4, 3.5,3.6…… 3.9.2 and so on. You can look all updates of Google panda with dates and version here. Every updates made impacts on search query and the most negative impact have to face by small on mid size companies’ web sites. There is overall aim of Google by updating panda versions is to lower the rank of low quality websites and return high quality sites for users search query, by this way many brands got benefits and got better rank and seen mixed result in every cases. There are few points to be noted while concerned on Google panda –

  • Google panda algorithm hate to give rank low quality website those have duplicates content.
  • Also dislike pages those have large amount of advertising or thin content and affiliate sites.
  • Present gifts better ranks to those sites which are much updated and fresh, quality content. So it would be a good idea to focus on unique content.
  • Don’t let the content written to attract only search engine for gaining ranking in search engine.
  • Look at Google analytics traffic flow and point out which updates slapped your site ranking.
  • Forget to create high amount of wrong precipitation for Google by adding inappropriate Meta tags, keywords stuffing for getting better search engine rank. Know how to check out how fresh if your website

Google Penguin Trap

The biggest steps that were taken by Google by last year were Google penguin update, this algorithm also knows with various name such as “web spam update”, “Over optimization penalty” with aim to decrease search engine ranking for low sites those violating webmaster guidelines. This algorithm was firstly updated on 24 Apr-2012’ and approx 3.1 search query were impacted by this update. Again negative impact was seen on mid size company that went to back foot again due to unethical links for their sites. Unlike Google panda, Penguin get rolled time to time and we know that updates with following names penguin 1.1, Penguin#3. Now way of performing SEO is quit change and more ethical to gain ranking and traffic for mid and small business. Remember we update on May about how to perform SEO after Google Panda and penguin updates. Google also announced Google disavow tool to webmasters to use only in condition when they believe that site is being harmed by few low quality links that cannot be removed or controlled by webmaster.

Image search Improvement and Byline Dates

The first major update by Google was image search algorithm that held on 5th Jan and that was about to improving relevant image search result. Google had cleared though this updates that now people will get more benefits by enjoying spam-less image search result. In case if you are searching a company name in Google image search engine then it will be more accurate than previous.

Google Bylines date SEO

Byline Dates is an awesome updates by Google that much robust result so that users may choose most updated web document from search engine. It was great to watch search result that with updated dates of web blogs or web content on search result. It also indicate that how your website or blog is updated that increase chance to come out for small and mid size company to earn searchers confidence.

Outshine Solutions Vision for 2012

The last year was like a puzzle about panda and penguin updates as the both major algorithm run high impact on search queries. Google also announce some more updates that held on last year such as page layout algorithm, Google DMCA penalty for copyright issue. However that gives very tinny impact on midsized companies’ results. Outshine Solutions serving SEO services India since last seven year and we always keep tense vision on each search engine updates so our SEO result remain superb for our customers sites. Even there is no bad impact face by any Google updates on our sites.

How to Attract Twitter and Facebook users to Improve Business Sales?

How SMO Improve Business sales

The Facebook and Twitter is fast becoming a powerhouse of marketing activity due to the huge numbers of engaged users on the site and the simplicity of connecting with them directly. Do you know that 87% of the internet population is available on the Facebook and twitters or other sites? Yes it is, If you never perform twitter and Facebook promotion for your business so its mean you are continue loosing lot of customers or if you already promoting a business, product, brand or some public figure at twitter and Facebook but actually not getting expected output so there is lot of spice to make your movie super hit . May be that’s why you are reading this article.

Foremost one need to understand differences between a tweets and a Facebook post updates. Facebook seems to be much broader than Twitter’s 140-character limit. On Facebook, the goal is user interaction, while on Twitter, it’s all about brand evangelism. But, marketing goals of both social media platforms are similar —

Not be only active but make Successful Conversation Oriented

Both Twitter and Facebook enable brands to learn about what people are saying about your products, services and they make great sound that easily attract attention of other people. It’s one of finest way for get noticed to your service by joining them, however it’s not easy but an expert may take benefits of this conversation and make it in favor of their organization. First benefits that you know current agenda which is like fire in many community.  Then you just need to write some passionate answered on your site and share it on that particular conversation with small explanation. Meanwhile, you may get awesome response so you may simply share it on your FB profile or twitter.

Social Media Currency

The goal of posting Facebook status updates is to encourage interactions and engagement on that update and to push creative content using a variety of media that users can share with their friends such as creative images, video, info graph etc. Often people lies some these tactics however they don’t really measured success of their post, however it is an important to gain feedback about programs, products, and campaigns directly from users or other sources.

Twitter measurement lies in the retweets, mentions and increasing awareness about products services and leading quality followers by making motivating involvement. Facebook currency is Like button and sharing of post. The more Likes a brand page has, the more engagement and high reaches obtain for each post. If you want to convert your visitors into buyers then your business must have best solutions of their query. We measure a social media activity for and the result was awesome

SMO Measurement Tool


As we found amazing result and find that a number of people love to share and likes all updates from McDonalds. You can also measure social success of your site with site health tool.
Be Social and Don’t hesitate to Entertained Your Community

Facebook and twitter community and members do not only want see only business interaction and post so don’t get bored them and think like him and try to be more social with them. Often communicate with them with on social topics and give your opinion their serious and comic post. Just laugh, cry and other emotion sharing with them though their posts and activity show your expression on their post and also stand for social issue and lead with huge community. So they will never be hesitating to make contact with you in any future requirement.

Facebook advantages- Facebook performed better in the majority of Business to Consumer marketing categories due to its format. A format that allows for the inclusion of photos, multiple outbound links, videos, surveys, promotions, direct engagement and other business to consumer applications. Facebook also facilitates the building of a large network of followers in the shortest amount of time to help market a consumer product or service. Make more interesting to your wall by using interesting Facebook Aps and other application or plug-in such as Outshine Facebook pages.

Twitter advantages- Twitter performed very well in the Business to Consumer marketing category where only 140 characters can explain the motive of successful post. It’s really easy to use and unlike Facebook there is lot widget and aps provided by twitter that make your twitter profile more interesting to your community. Sometimes announcements, controversial statements, special offers, breaking news and other notification may become cause of huge traffic to your site.


The larger study concludes that in order to maximize your Social Media Internet marketing results it’s best to create a presence on both. However, if trying to decide which one to engage first or where to spend the most amount of your available time- It’s important to perform basic Internet Market research, apply the findings to your target audience and weigh the benefits of each platform. The larger study also concluded that SEO combined with Social Media Marketing will yield greater potential results.


Link Builder

We are having an opening for Link Builder

Knowledge of various type of link building technique including one way, two way and three way and submission task such as-

Directory Submission
Article posting
Classified Posting
Forums posting
Local Listing
Press Release distribution etc

Experience:- 1-3 years

How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV at Or contact on 0120-4217202.

Identifying Your Marketing Priority To Get Good Ranking

Serious about marketing your website, then you should identify your marketing tricks first. While doing the marketing activities don’t start your activities randomly but first seat and identify the priority that what would be the best part you should take care first and why?

You should think out of the box rather than updating Meta Tag or basic on page optimization, if you even got some idea of the factors that don’t mean you have everything and you will achieve your goal. Want to know that how set priority and what you should take care and set priority then here are some list you can focus on.

Writing good content: As per first high priority is concerned , first thing is good content writing. You can put all the keywords in your website but if your content is not good than people are not going to wait on your site and if it’s not interesting than all your efforts are not going to work without this.

Adding content on the site all the time: – If you stick with the content all the time and not updating it time to time than its not reliable than the site that regularly do.

Use keyword phrase a lot:-  Try to use keywords in your content but not try to put more keyword in the content, as per keyword density should be not more than 3-4% for the primary keyword and 1-2% secondary keywords. Also try to use synonyms for repetitive keywords.

Targeting best keywords :- You should have a clear idea on the keywords that what will be the perfect keyword to give you good ROI and distribute your work as per keyword completion, transfer your work into man-hours, which transfer into money if it’s distributed well and analyzed well.

Analyze your head:- Every web page has a “head” section that contains information about what the page contains. If you are using wordpress or another content management system (CMS) than the CMS will also take care of much for you but still to know that what is going up there and how to manage the header part of your website.

Social Bookmarking:- SEO Services is full of promotional activities and branding of the website throughout the world so to make it happen try to keep posting new updates, events and informative stuff through social media channels which will give you good traffic and attention on your company website and people will stay and reach the information and the best part will be a regular visitors to your website which they liked your post last time, so focus in your traffic volume increase and make them feel comfortable to stay at your website with good quality information.


Sometime small things analysis can give you good results so it’s better to create a strategy and find out the points and set the priority and move forward with the steps.


SEO Services Facts

Too many SEO Companies, whom to choose?

A generic Search for SEO Companies, Yields more than 19 million results
So if there are so many SEO companies, whom should I choose?
  • Bitter TruthMost of the prospective Buyers don’t Know the technicalities of
    the SEO Services.
  • ResultAs a result, They choose any SEO Services provider who either
    provides cheaper Quotes or convinces them anyhow.
  • Outcome At the end of the day, It is total waste of money, time & business.

So, how to prevent myself from getting looted?

  • Never ever go for cheap SEO Services as cheap always remains cheap.
  • Go for SEO Services Company which guarantees sales along with keyword
    ranking as keyword rankings itself can be misleading.
  • Go for a company who can provide positive ROI. After all what’s the use sales,
    if profits are less than your expenses.
Spend bit more and get a lot more…

What Should be the cost of a genuine SEO Services?

SEO Services Prices can Vary From $1 to $10000 per month
SEO is a serious internet marketing service and will definitely improve your sales. These is no need to test it. But since it requires huge manual workforce there is nice amount of charges associated with it .
  • Research show 90% of people opt for cheap SEO services which yields nothing at the end of the day.
  • People buy cheap SEO Services because they do not have budget to afford premium services.
  • People try to test effect of SEO on their Business with Low Budget first.
  • SEO is a serious service and it is bound to work for any sector or Company if done nicely.
  • If you don’t have budget, don’t buy SEO Services.

Get all your doubts cleared about SEO Services

Free SEO Consultation for Startups & SMB’s
  • SEO is much more than meta tags.
  • SEO is Even much more than rankings.
  • Real SEO is what gurantees your business growth and positive ROI.
  • A good SEO Company should not take multiple clients in same Niche.
  • SEO Service should gurantee sales along with rankings.
  • And last but not least, SEO is not cheap at all.

Want # 1 Position? See Outshine Solutions SEO Facts

Features Other Companies
Better Ranking
Targeted Traffic
Right Keywords
Positive ROI
Sales Guarantee
Business Advice
Partnership approach

SEO Pain Points – I Bet Your CMS isn’t SEO friendly

is your cms seo friendly

There are more than 600 CMS available in the market and everyday new cms are getting added to the list. Most CMS are made keeping one factor or the other in mind to achieve a desired aim, but CMS developers often forget to implement basic SEO features in the CMS which results in lower SEO rankings of the website.

To conclude, it’s sad but true, most CMS aren’t SEO friendly. Lets checkout the problems exists in major CMS available in the market.

SEO friendly URLs

This is one of the most important issues present in almost all the CMS out there. Most of the cms have dynamic urls which is quite difficult to get indexed by search engines. To make the situation even more worse, CMS suffix dynamic urls with session ids like oscid, zenid etc and these session ids creates duplicate contents for the website in huge numbers which is often harmful for the website. Even the CMS which supports seo friendly urls, doesn’t do it correctly. Accurate, descriptive, organized URLs help search engines understand the content of the page and help the user navigate your site easily. Once dynamic URLs and session ID URL start coming into play you’re on a hiding to nothing. You need to look for a CMS that allows you to customize your URL structure anyway you like

Inaccurate Page /URL hierarchy

Site hierarchy is another cool thing in usability and SEO. Hierarchy plays very important role in how search engine crawlers crawl, prioritize, and categorize site content.  A well-structured site that is organized into logical directories helps search engines distinguish between your most important, top-level content and less-relevant, deeper, sub-content and is very important for improving your website marketing efforts.

Control over the page titles, Meta’s and header titles

The major problem with the CMS is that you cannot control page title. Generally page titles are taken by default from page name or product name. If you change the page name page titles also gets changed automatically and even full featured control for meta keywords aren’t provided in many CMS. The CMS should provide full control as far as page titles and Meta’s are concerned.

SEO Friendly Redirects

It often happens in a cms that you have to rename a page which you find is no longer very relevant. Generally, in that case controls should be provided to the user in CMS so that old page gets redirected 301 either automatically or manually to the new renamed page. Most of the CMS does not provide this control.

Canonical Redirects

Major CMS does not pay attention to canonical tags Make sure you have complete control over implementing canonical redirects. Canonical urls should have both option like automatic and manual override control, Which is unfortunately not provided.

Control over Image ALT attributes

The ALT attribute is becoming an even more important on page factor. Make sure you’re able to use it for all of your images as this is the best option for letting the search engines know what an image is about. Mostly CMS’s lack this feature also.

Internal Anchor Text

Most of the CMS doesn’t provide you the ability to control internal anchor text. This is vital as you need the flexibility to customise the anchor text of your internal links to provide relevant link text for your site users and for the search engines to really understand the content of your site. This often comes handy in footer and sidebar portions where there links are automatically generated by the CMS.

Duplicate content…

Almost every CMS generates duplicate links. A CMS generally creates multiple versions of a single page by creating printer friendly pages, comments pages, and paginated pages with same content. Duplicate content should never be present on the website anyhow, so control should always be provided in the CMS to avoid generation or better yet indexation of duplicate pages. Now search engines avoiding duplicate content on their index and continue updating their search algorithm to avoid duplicate content. Read about these updates and algorithm and know What to do after Google Panda & Penguin Update?


Breadcrumbs are good for users and search engines but only if done correctly. Its just like your guide on a website. You’ll usually find them above the main content area of the page with info such as “you are here > home > seo > seo services.” You should have the control of breadcrumbs generations and manipulations in a good seo friendly CMS.


Sitemaps contains a whole new world of techniques to increase traffic and indexing ability of the website.  Google likes XML sitemaps and so every CMS should provide a control to build XML and html sitemap automatically and manually keeping everything in mind. Very few CMS does thing correctly. The CMS should also use notification services of search engines and other update services to notify them about the website updates. Even the CMS should provide control to manually control the sitemaps generations and manual control should also be provided to control update services.

404 Error Pages

Although not directly related to SEO but this is another important one for the site users usability which can even be used for improving SEO advantage. Make sure your CMS have the facility to have a custom 404 page and  you have the facility to customise the content of the page yourself. Search engines often hit 404 pages and if you have full control over 404 pages, you can use that opportunity to convert it into SEO advantage.

410 Error Pages

Unfortunately very few people know about 410 error pages. And rarely does any CMS developer implement this feature in their CMS’s.  Make sure you’re able to have a custom 410 page and have the ability to customise the content of the page yourself. This feature becomes handy when you have to remove spam content pages and duplicate contents pages at much faster rate. Benefit and use of 410 can easily be found out by searching Google.

Website Performance

Website performance is another factor which has been recently added to the search engines algorithms. These factors can easily be controlled through CMS settings but unfortunately no CMS implements these features perfectly. Most CMS developers never add these features in there CMS because they think that it is not very important. Features like gzip compression, custom headers, mod expires, caching, CDN’s can easily be integrated in CMS to improve performance which in turn improves SEO advantage but unfortunately you can find these features in very few CMS’s.

These features can be developed in a CMS but its never implemented or integrated because developers either do not have full knowledge about the use of development in SEO or they don’t want to put in extra hard work for implementing these facilities. And it’s quite obvious, as they never receive too much demand for these features from end users because huge portions of end users still don’t know that development is one of the most important factors in creating SEO friendly websites. At Outshine Solutions, we give you information that How much #1 Google Ranking worth to your business? because SEO and SEO Friendly development is more important than mere directory or article submissions.

Email Marketing Solutions

Looking for Bulk Leads for your business? Outshine Solutions is here to provide you high volume leads with effective email marketing solutions which is fully customized solution for sending personalized mails or bulk mail to your target market. Generating leads always been a tough way but now it’s simple to generate quality leads and help you to capture the global market in one go. If you are selling any services than you don’t have to worry now with our email marketing solutions.

email marketing solutions

Email Design Features
  • Email Templates

    Choose your email template as per your need. There are thousands of beautiful and theme related templates to solve your purpose.

  • Email Personalization

    Personalize your email with two clicks using custom fields such as first name, age or company name. It works the same as a mail merge in Microsoft Word!

    Advanced HTML Editing

    Advanced HTML editor will give you an interface to make the changes in font and styles.

  • Easy Email editing

    Use WYSIWYG editor to make changes to your email and get the text, images etc in desire format

    RSS Archive of Sent Emails

    Outshine Solutions has integrated the advance feature for RSS archiving which keep records of sent emails items of various campaigns.

Email Campaign Features
  • Easy Unsubscribes

    You can unsubscribe unwanted emails or spam by using “Insert Unsubscribe Link”.

    Forward to A Friend

    Easily share subscribes email with friends with the click on “forward to friend”. You can even track who forwarded your emails and when.

    No Duplicate Emails – Ever

    The system is having advance duplicate mails checking system so if you upload same email id for an individual campaign than our system recognize and remove from the list and only make the individual entries into the contact list.

  • Free, Built-In Spam Checking

    Our application is having by default antivirus and anti-spam security system. Our system is completely Spam compliant approved which ensure delivery into the inbox.

    Send Now or Later

    Easy campaign scheduling system in which email campaign schedule time can be easily defined and at the schedule time campaign automatically start sending mails through the software.

  • Automatic Bounce Handling

    Bounced mail will automatically remove from the contact list and from next campaign it won’t send mail to the bounced email id.

    Upload & Send Attachments

    The system allows you to upload the news letter in HTML form or you can send attachments to many peoples in one go.

    HTML, Text or Both (Multipart)

    HTML newsletter and plain text can be sent with the software and if you want to create HTML template than sample templates you can use for sending mails or personalized designed templates you can import and send.

    Send or Pause Emails campaign

    With the support of “schedule emails” you can send out your email as and when you want. You can pause your email and can send that mails later.

Autoresponder Features
  • Create Multiple Autoresponders

    Auto-responsder are emails which are sent automatically for a certain time or action. This can be use as reminder.

  • Open/Link/Unsubscribe Reporting

    Each user has permission to view statistics report that opened auto – responder, which link they click and when and even can track unsubscribe report.

  • Filter the Recipient List

    You can assign auto responder to your entire list or only a portion, such as who request for “send me price list” using your form.This means you can classify your recipient list based on custom fields instead of checking each mail that is looking for “price list”.

Advanced Email Marketing Features
  • Split Testing

    Split testing allows user to test their email campaigns are doing best or not. You can calculate that with open rates and CTR. There is no bound to test for a particular period, you can track for a week, month, year or a range of dates.

  • Triggers

    Put your follow up tasks on autopilot with triggers. Send birthday and anniversary reminder or promotion emails, move contacts between lists when they open your email or click a link and a whole lot more!Trigger allows you to send recurring emails based on dates. You can add or remove contact from the list they are based on event.

  • Surveys & Feedback Forms

    With the help of drag and drop feature you can customize you survey and feedback report. Export these files for future analysis.


Statistics & Reporting
  • Email Open Reporting

    From your side you are done by sending emails but how many users actually open your emails and read. From the statistics tab you can analyze how many user opened your mails and when. You are allowed to see report for week, months or for a particular range of date.

    Link Click Tracking

    If users open your mails do they click on your links? In 90% cases users click on the link if they think that link worthy or somewhere related to that what they are looking for. Your sales team can follow up that user who have clicked you links and shown interest in your products or services.

    Unsubscribe Reporting

    Are you sending something unworthy that force people to unsubscribe you? See unsubscribe rate relative to open and bounce rates and analyze your email sending format or way. This will help you to grow your business in positive manner. You can view the details for specific rang of time or date.

  • Add or Import Contacts

    You can import your email and contact details from another id ,Excel sheet, outlook or CSV file.

    Create Multiple Contact Lists

    Create multiple lists as per your need, merge your same type of contacts at one folder such as “sales”, “purchase “.

    One Click Unsubscribes

    You can unsubscribe unwanted emails or spam by using “Insert Unsubscribe Link”.

    Contact Details in Footer

    You can enter your company details such as (name, address, phone no.) in footer area that will help user to know who is sending those mails.

    Contact Management Features

  • “Do Not Mail” List

    The built-in email suppression tool allows you to keep lists a list of contacts who shouldn’t (and won’t) be sent your emails under any circumstance.

    Powerful List Segmentation

    Filter contacts across multiple lists based on common attributes like list your customers of Delhi.

    Double Opt-In Confirmation

    Keep yourself safe of being called spammer. Ask new subscriber to click a link in an email (generated and sent automatically) to verify that they really want to subscribe you.

    CAN-Spam Compliance Features

Digital Agency Features
  • Multiple User Accounts

    Each user is allowed to configure their own lists of auto responders, contact etc.


  • Per-User Statistics

    Every user is allowed to handle their own area where they can perform any action as per their need like print and export report, tracking of emails etc.

  • Per-User SMTP Settings

    You can customize your emails template for each user and the best part of this, these template will not seen by other if they login.

Email Marketing Solutions

Senior PHP Developer

We are having an opening for Senior PHP (Web Applications development)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Simultaneously handle multiple PHP projects.
2. Manage the PHP project team, promoting the creation of elegant, practical solutions to meet the company’s business goals.
3. Analyze system specifications and translate system requirements to task specifications for team members.
4. Timely completion of Projects.
5. Handling Entire projects autonomously.
6. Should Guide team members.
7. Projects Documentations as needed from time to time.
8. Client interaction to understand the needs and requirements of the projects.

Job Qualifications:

• Should have at least 3 yrs of experience into web development with B-tech, M-tech or MCA degree (full time).
• Should have very good knowledge of PHP, HTML, xml.
• Should have good analytical and problem solving skills.
• Expertise in PHP & CMS tools is must.
• Should have good understanding of handling teams and 4-7 projects simultaneously.
• Should have good experience in Project Analysis.
• Should have excellent communication skills.
• Ability to motivate staff in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV with salary expectations to Outshine Solutions, at Or contact on 0120-4217202.

Sales Executive

We are having an opening for Sales Executive

Job Responsibilities:
1. He needs to gather market and customer information and based on that provide feedback on future buying trends.
2. New client acquisition
3. Develop and execute sales/marketing proposals and sales presentations.
4. Interacting with clients over the phone.
5. Giving them a brief about the services offered by Outshine Solutions
6. Giving presentations to the clients.
7. Bringing sales for the company & generation of revenues through space selling.
8. Achieving sales targets given by the company.
Job Qualifications:

• Should have good analytical and problem solving skills.
• Candidates from MBA/BBA, in marketing will be preferred.
• Should have good knowledge of Domestic and/or International Market on IT and Non-IT vertical.
• Candidate should have minimum one year of working experience in sales.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV with salary expectations to Outshine Solutions, at Or contact on 0120-4217202.


We are having an opening for Web-Designer-
Job Responsibilities:
1. In depth working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator.
2. Excellent template designing skills
3. Template designing based on latest trends
4. HTML slicing of Templates based on latest standards
5. Ability to work independently and as part of team.

Job Qualifications:
• Should have at least 2 to 5yrs of experience into Web-Designing.
• Should have good creativity and can capture client requirements very well.
• Should have atleast full time under graduate degree
• Ability to multi task.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV , cover letter and salary expectations to Outshine Solutions, at Or contact on 0120-4217202

PHP Developer

We are having urgent requirements for PHP – Developer (web development)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Work in a group environment to plan and design new product features and direction
2. Capable of working in a team or individually.
3. Ability to understand client briefs.
4. Can work on multiple project.
5. Delivering functionality within these estimated effort and time frames

Job Qualifications:
• 1+ years of experience into PHP programming application.
• Should have working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
• Knowledge of Jquery/AJax will be preferred
• Should have good analytical and problem solving skills.
• Knowledge of open source cms like wordpress, magento, joomla will be preferred
• Candidates from MCA/B-tech/BE will be preferred.
• Must write efficient code with documentation.
• Must be a team player, posses a good attitude and be self-discipline
How to Apply:
Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV ,with salary expectations to Outshine Solutions, at Or contact on 0120-4217202.

Job & Internship Opening For Sales Trainee

Are you looking for real-life sales experience that contributes to bottom-line results? Prove your value as a future sales leader with this full-time internship.

At Outshine Solutions, you will learn about how our products are used in the ecommerce and IT industry. You’ll sharpen your skills in solution selling, managing sales cycles and closing sales. Ongoing coaching from our experienced sales professionals, product instruction and sales training will round out your internship experience.
The summer internship program runs from May through August; the winter internship program runs from September through December. These sales internship positions are available in Noida, UP with our SSL and Digital Security Services Division. Based on the performance of the candidates, they can be promoted to a full time job position.

Are you a good fit?

We’re looking for:

• Students/Jobseekers pursuing a sales or marketing degree and with a desire to start a sales career.
• Individuals who are self-motivated, independent and persistent.
• People with positive attitudes who are open to feedback.
• Interns who can develop rapport, influence others and maintain strong working relationships
• Aggressive in achieving performance targets

Candidates having his own conveyance will be preferred.

How to Apply:
Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV (in Word format,) at Or contact on 0120-4217202.


Not Able To Transfer From To

This is strange issue that people are looking at their web browser for opening and it’s keep redirecting you to every time. In past days if someone open than first it opens the country level domain like, or and at the home page you see Go to link which takes you to the search page.

Google customized its web page for a number of countries across the world. For example, provides search results that are most relevant for users located in Japan and is basically open the page for UK based. Google has done some data centre facility enhancement and due to this they takes you to the nearest data centre for much faster results and this implementations has been done by Google to enhance the search engine speed and performance.

So now if you want to open than you have to type  for opening, /ncr stands for no country redirection which will disable your country redirection and open the main global Google page i.e.

How quality link building should be done?

Links to a website is as important as fuel to a car. You cannot drive a car without having fuel in it and same goes to the website, you cannot drive  success to your website without having  good inbound links to the website. Link building is one of the most important thing you should undertake for improving your website rankings. Though link building is  the single most important factor, it is infact the quality of links, not the quantity that matters. Huge amount of spam has forced Google to update its algorithm to counter the spam in its search results,  Many people know that update  as Panda Update.  You can check our last post to know about  panda, Penguin updates and how to get back your site rank in search engine if that update hit you.

How to Improve quality of Link Popularity

Since links are the only way to tell the search engines about the trustworthiness and importance of a web pages. Here are some tips to get quality links for your website that will help you in driving relevant traffic to your website:

Don’t  Think Links: This may sound awkward, but this is one of the first and foremost thing which you should always keep in mind. Forget this point and none of the below points will help. This point is very important because whenever people write anything for getting links, it dilutes the purpose of writing quality content. Main purpose of copy writing should be conversion and not the links. Writing for conversion means you will definitely write good and incredible stuff  with the ultimate aim of getting conversions and if you are getting conversions nothing else matters and  links will automatically come begging at you.  🙂

Research before writing:  Now a  good content can only be written if you know enough about the topic. There is no shortcut to good content so if you are planning to write good content, research  that topic as much as you can. For Example, suppose you are planning to write an article on  “Top 10 tricks to get your visitors converted”, research this topic. Research what is essential for conversion, research how to check your conversions, research what factor affects rankings and analyze and refine the gathered knowledge and than go and write your knowledge back. But don’t do copy and paste work. Refer the video below 🙂 –

Good Communication on Blogs: Your content should be easy to understand, relevant, and fresh. Do some efforts to improve or minimize grammatical and spelling errors.You content should be engaging, encouraging and impressive so that it may attract visitors and engagements for the topic.

Sponsor or Organize an event: If you organize an event or charity then people automatically start to talk about your event and eventually link you and that can help you in getting links as well as publicity.

Local and Business Links: Try to gather links from the local search engine, list your website on the local directories. Try to check that your relevant manufacturers are able to link to your website. Create and maintain healthy relation with your competitors and also with the non-competing websites.

Company News: Company news is simply a written statement to the media. They can announce a range of news items: scheduled events, personnel promotions, awards, new products launch and services, sales accomplishments, etc. More active announcements is simply way to hold your hand to push you towards potential customers.

Social Activities: Social media activities can really help you in generating quality links and even buzz. Social media brings you and your prospective customers closer. Social media helps you to spread out your word virally and who knows few people  can discover your products and services and if they like they can mention about your products and services on their website  thus improving your link portfolio.

I think gaining  popularity is always an easy thing  for quality website. But the real question is how to determine a quality website.  Well, there are many things in this, which we can talk about in our next post. But one of the first and foremost factor which determines quality is the health of the website.  You can click this link to check your site health which gives you fair idea about your site health.

Signing off for now, bye bye.

What to do after Google Panda & Penguin Update?

In order to provide best search results experience to the users, Google keeps updating its algorithm. This time Google has come up with its Penguin Update. Penguin is introduced by Google to battle against web spammers or sites that are violating Google’s guideline. This was initially called the Over Optimization Penalty, then the Web Spam Algorithm Update, and finally became Penguin Update.

How to know whether  your website is affected by Google Panda

Did you found major drop in search engine rankings in or around  24th April 2012? If yes, you most probably have been hit and If your web traffic and web ranking are increased then you are at right track and no need to worry at all about anything . If your traffic and rankings have been hit   and still you think that it a mistake than you may contact Google to reconsider and review your site.

Even if it is confirmed that you have been hit, don’t worry and have some patience. Recovering from panda hit might be a easy or tough jb depending on the situation. You have to search the factors that has penalized your website ranking.  The first version of penguin 1.0 is more attacking towards unnatural and spammy links. I have listed several inbound link issues that I have seen during my analysis for Using Exact Anchor Text.

•    Paid Text Links
•    Comment Spam
•    Article Marketing Sites
•    Links from spam sites

Clear Factors of Over Optimization Penalty

Following types of sites have been hit i.e. that are not following Google webmaster guidelines and trying to make fool of search engine through spammy techniques for better rankings :

•    Keyword stuffing
•    Link schemes
•    Cloaking, “sneaky” redirects or “doorway” pages
•    Duplicate content

Recovery Tips

There is one and only one thing that Google wants you to do. Make a website for users not for search engines. Make your website as if search engines don’t exist and live happily year after year. This Google Url is worth reading.

Fresh idea – One thing that Google always love to crawl is fresh content and appreciates that with good ranking in search engine. If your content is good and authoritative, it will become popular and will receive good feedback from real people … search engine rankings will automatically follow.

Say no to Duplicate – Never copy and paste contents from else where. Google already has billions of data and links and Google definitely hates anybody slapping the same content on web again and again. so always use unique and quality content.

Social presence – If you ar creating quality contents hy not share that content on social networks. If you still not aware about the importance of social networks or don’t have a social presence. Try creating your own social profiles and start sharing it. Social netword brings immense traffic and proves authority of your contents. Google plus, facebook, linkedin, twitter are few social networks worth using.

Link scheme- Once again I would love to say that Google has cleared in his guidelines that “Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or Page Rank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” on the web, as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links.”

It is always advised to think of long term goals rather than short term goals. Using spammy techniques to fulfill short term goals is always harmful in the long run. That being said, the only matra for getting higher search ranks now is to generate quality contents and make website as if search engines don’t exist. Good luck with your websites. Feel free to leave your comments on this. 🙂

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