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Online Food Ordering System

Online Food Ordering System

Get the Best Food ordering System which will give you facility for single store or multi vendor food store

Online Food Ordering System

Restaurants and the hotels require seamless and consistent approach to enhance their functioning and increase in sales. This system has been developed by a team of professionals with exceptional expertise and years of experience. The System is made flexible and taken care for single Restaurants channel as well as multivendor platform to sell Food products online. Restaurants owner can list there restaurants and sell through the portal and increase sales and revenues.

We build user friendly Online Food ordering system with tailored website and application to manage and sell foods online and order processing and delivery. It’s simple and managed solution for ordering foods online and user can place order in very simple steps and place the orders. User can filter and search the Restaurants as per nearest location and place order with best suitable restaurants.

Our Food Order Systems features overview are explained below :-


Merchant List

Sponsored Listing

Food Menu Management

Order Status


Commission Settings

Merchant Commission


Withdrawal List

Email Template


Contact Settings

Social Settings

Manage Currency

Manage Language

SEO Enable


Customer management


Multiple Payment Gateway

SMS Gateway

Merchant Registration

Merchant Payment

Merchant Sales Report

Single / Multi Restaurant

Order to Kitchen

Booking Summary Report

Hotel Portal Development

Hotel portal software

  • Traditional hotel management software had a number of flaws due to which the reputation and sales of hotel was getting seriously affected.
  • The features like self services or instant query response was all missing and that had always resulted in hotels loosing notable sales.
  • That hour when this extremely promising industry fails to attract or retain its customers, a need arises to eradicate all such shortcomings.
  • For any business to provide seamless services to its customers, there should be a top notch medium to materialise those services and make the hotel functionality easier.
  • Just like any business, hotels also require a medium to help greatly to cater to the needs of their clients.
  • For this they can do well with hotel management software. What are the features of this hotel booking portal that provide seamless functionality to its customers? An intact software will offer the following features
  • Get a High quality website with Booking software to manage your hotel bookings, order and website for FREE for 3 Months

See Our Video DEMO

  • Automated Booking Engine

    The booking feature should be full automated to spare the employees time to book every single client.
    The management can focus on employing its manpower in some other constructive and beneficial work.
    This feature along with the dynamic website saves owners their precious time and money in dealing with the third party vendors.
    Third party vendors help in making room reservations but they charge high commissions in return.

  • Discovering the potential of SEO and Social Media

    The hotel management web portal will also help in enhancing the sales with the potential of social media and search engine
    optimization services. These hotel portal development services will greatly help in increasing the hotel’s annual revenue, the percentage could also increase

  • Easy communication with customers

    The software should enable the hotel management to deal with customer queries with the help of emails and short messaging services.
    This again saves the management time and money in order to communicate with its customers.

  • Commission for third party agencies

    Many a times the hotel owners are also open to third party agencies to earn commissions by bringing in more customers. At that point
    the software should have the feature of sharing the confidential access details with the agents so that they are tempted to earn more

  • Self services

    To make the services flawless for its customers, the hotel management software portal will provide the method through which the
    customers can book and track their bookings and other services without the management’s assistance.

  • Platform Independent

    Any software is said to be seamless only when it can deployed without the installation of any particular platform. Even the hotel
    management software should have this feature where in the software is deployed without any must-have platform.

Hotel features list





Room Facilities

Hotel List Features





Room Facilities

Room Management Features


Rooms Settings

Meal Plans

Rooms Management


Meal Planner Features





Make A Reservation

Bookings History Features






Room Occupancy Features


Rooms Occupancy


Meal Plans


Get a Jump Start with an Effortless
On-boarding Process.

The first impression is always a lasting one and at Outshine Solutions, our experts ensure
that you always cherish your first experience with us.


Contact Us NOW:- 0120-4217201

Ecommerce Packages

Ecommerce Website Development Plans

Starter Plan
USD. 750$
  • Designs choose from large group of templates
  • Shopping cart facility customised in the design of templates you chose
  • Up to 25 products added for you (further products can be added through your control panel)
  • Integration Payment Gateway (1 Payment Gateway)
  • English Language Integration
  • CMS pages
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Fully responsive desktop/mobile (responsive) design
  • Shopping Cart: Secure, safe, and designed for easy checkout
  • Site Manager: Manage your site’s products, photos, and page content
  • Order Manager: Track payments, packing, receipts, and shipping
  • 1 Year Free Hosting, 24×7 Support Services Available for 1 Year
  • SEO Friendly: Built in tools to help you get great search engine listings
  • Free Tech Support: Live, friendly representative to answer your questions
  • Easy and Intuitive: So easy you may not need support!
  • 1 Month FREE Maintenance Support
Corporate Plan
USD. 1500$
  • Custom Layout web site design as per your Choice and colour schemes ( 2 Layout options to choose)
  • Up to 100 products added for you (further products can be added through your control panel)
  • Shopping cart customised in the design/theme of your site
  • Integration Payment Gateway (2 Payment Gateway)
  • Up to 3 languages Integration from choices of upo 20 languages
  • Full set of content pages, including services, portfolio, and blog Integration
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Fully responsive desktop/mobile design
  • Shopping Cart: Secure, safe, and designed for easy checkout
  • Site Manager: Manage your site’s products, photos, and page content
  • Order Manager: Track payments, packing, receipts, and shipping
  • 1 Year Free Hosting, 24×7 Support Services Available for 1 Year
  • SEO Friendly website development
  • Free Tech Support: Live, friendly representative to answer your questions
  • Dedicated Account Manager to solve all your queries
  • 3 Month FREE Maintenance Support
Expert Plan
USD. 2500$
  • Custom Layout web site design as per your Choice and colour schemes ( 2 Layout options to choose)
  • Up to 250 products added for you (further products can be added through your control panel)
  • Shopping cart customised in the design/theme of your site
  • Integration Payment Gateway (3 Payment Gateway)
  • Up to 10 languages Integration
  • Full set of content pages, including services, portfolio, and blog Integration
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Fully responsive desktop/mobile design
  • Shopping Cart: Secure, safe, and designed for easy checkout
  • Site Manager: Manage your site’s products, photos, and page content
  • Order Manager: Track payments, packing, receipts, and shipping
  • 1 Year Free Hosting, 24×7 Support Services Available for 1 Year
  • SEO Friendly website development
  • Free Tech Support: Live, friendly representative to answer your questions
  • Dedicated Account Manager to solve all your queries
  • Tell a Friend
  • Social Media Logins
  • Facebook commenting System Integration on product detail page
  • Request a custom message form on product detail page
  • HTML Site Map Development
  • Deals and Offer page design and development
  • 6 Month Free Maintenance support

Our Ecommerce Portfolio

Website SEO Audit

Website SEO Analysis & Audit Report

  • Indentify

    Any areas that might cause or problems when applying SEO

  • Increase

    Profit for their
    business by getting
    higher conversion rate

  • SEO

    Auditing will contain
    ompetitive analysis,
    keyword research,
    content structure,
    hidden text or links

  • Analysis

    report will give you
    crystal clear idea on
    how to acheive the goal

  • Report

    will have health status
    of inbound links
    necessary for building
    site authority

  • How you

    Can improve site visitor
    lead or sales

Our Analysis checks the key SEO ranking factors, from the standard Metas all the way down to your brand Authority, social reputation, link power and more; our SEO analysis are incredly powerful. Moreover, our SEO analysis are 100% actionable. For each factor which we analyze we provide specific recommendations, search engine optimization best practices and detailed instructions to help you or your team implement the recommended change easily.


Plans for the Analysis Report:-

  • $499 – For sites under 300 indexed pages.
  • $5,000 – For sites with 301-10,000 indexed pages.
  • $10,000 – For sites with more than 100,000 indexe pages.

Need Proof? Check out the SEO Analysis we did for

Ultimate goal of every website is to increase profit for their business by getting higher conversion rate from their visitors and to attain it they take help of search engine optimization services. Although before going to SEO services it’s very important to conduct an SEO audit.

Pre-SEO Analysis Benefits

If you are searching SEO services for your new website then how great it is if you get the answers of few questions in free SEO audit like Keywords list with their searches and competition, Chart of ranking and traffic growth, quality comparison with your competitors. How a website should be optimized? What would be your SEO Campaign? What would be the key words and target audience? The detailed answers of all these questions are hidden in a pre SEO Analysis report. Before starting any SEO Campaign for any website, it is extremely important to learn and find out as much as you can from current data sources. It will help you in making a strategy for your SEO campaign. It can be done through SEO audit, competitive analysis, keyword research, content structure and layout, hidden text or links, etc.

Pre-SEO Analysis Benefits Before Switching to Correct SEO Company
Is your website ranking has gone invisible? In this situation, our pre SEO analysis report will help you to find out the factors that affected your website ranking and techniques, which will assist you to resolve them.

The prime objective of the pre SEO analysis of any website is to identify any areas that might cause issues or problems when applying SEO to the pages of the web site. Some of the major areas that are taken into account when doing pre SEO analysis include Architecture Of The Website, Crawling & Indexing, Keywords Analysis and Suggestions, Competition Research & Analysis, Site Maps, Site Load Speed, Site Content and Site Accessibility and penalty checking .

Website Redesign

Renovate Your Web Design with Outshine Solutions Redesign Services…

With the growth of the internet, a large number of websites are losing their place due to their poor design, continuous improvement in web related technology, and use for updated techniques. Therefore, it has become extremely important to make your website design look attractive and fresh as well as maintain an edge over the design, functionality and navigation of your website. To do this, it is important to get your website redesign done by a professional website design company. We work to execute your website redesign by increasing its usability and enhancing your organizations image.

Why need Professional Website Designing Services:

We create eye catching web design that pulls online users pull towards your as a result more sales. Same as a book, which is full of information on various topics, a web page is a page of the website focuses on a specific topic.  Website Designing is not only an art but also a science in today’s high tech time to lure online users. Every business need website designing services because a bad or unresponsive site can affect businesses, particularly, those are in online businesses, and online users or visitors do not like to click on a website that is poorly, defectively or badly design as well as the navigating is like a ache. Therefore, businesses hire the professional web designing service providers depending upon their needs and budget take designing services to attract more and more users or traffic.

Why Choose Outshine Solutions:

Why Choose Outshine Solution as lots of website Re-design companies out there? We can think of a handful excellent reasons such as:

  • Innovative Ideas
  • Cost effective
  • Over 27,00 satisfied customers worldwide
  • No hidden charges or on-going costs
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Regular communication with clients
  • On-time delivery
  • Realistic Approach
  • Better-quality Customer Service

The basic aim is to provide complete holistic as well as interactive design solutions to our clients. Beside, also provides tailor made applications, which match our client’s brand identity. Our web designers blend both modern technology and creativity. However, our designers use various technologies and values, including HTML, CSS, ASP, XML, PHP, dot net, SSL, etc. to make an attractive, eye-catching as well as a user-friendly website by working on both front and back end components.

We understand that an effective web design takes skills from lots of variety of restraints copywriting search engine expertise, online marketing or advertising, digital design and programming. We have a professional and knowledgeable website designing team, who provide extraordinary services to our clients. Outshine solutions not only design websites or logos, but also help with each facet of business complete brand on-line. We adore what we did or do, and bring enthusiasm, passion and commitment to every website we work on.

Free SEO Analysis

If you are frustrated or confused by your SEO service provider company, and want to review their SEO work, or want to know why you are not on page of Google or other search engines, and why your competitors only, then this tool can help you by getting a free SEO analysis report of your website.

Outshine Solutions is providing FREE no obligation SEO reports to any business owner who really like to grasp a lot about how to improve their website as well as generate more inquiries and sales. The free SEO analysis report defined as it is a in-depth multi on page optimization report, which will offers website owners insight into how their website compare to their biggest competitors.  Request A FREE SEO Analysis NOW!


General Information
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Customer Service Improvements

At Outshine Solutions, we endeavor to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. As part of our ongoing effort to improve our services, we have made certain changes to our process  which will provide more transparent services to our customers and thus helping them enjoy seamless services. It’s important to know that our commitment to protecting the interests of our customers has never changed, and now it is as stronger than ever.

Below info graphic has just been brought forward to increase awareness and information about Outshine Solutions working methodologies.

 Company Hours

We operate from 10: 00 AM-7:00 PM IST on weekdays. However, we provide 24 hours ticket support for our hosting clients.


Project Management

The project management process has been made more effective than before. All the client communications are now being tracked  to provide better and smoother project execution experience. It is advised to copy all your communications to to receive speedier responses.


Billing Department

Although our billing departments will remain closed on Saturday and Sunday, Our support department will remain open.  It is always advised to mail your payment receipts against any invoice to billing department as soon as payment is done  to ensure proper execution of  payment and billing formalities.


Escalation Matrix

In case you are not satisfied with the way your project is getting handled, you can always escalate the issue to next level to get it resolved faster.


We love listening from our customers and that is why we’ve dedicated significant resources in improving our customer service and are encouraged by the progress we’re making and the positive feedback from our customers. We’ll continue to focus on delivering a better experience for our customers. Thank you for reading this. Feel free to comment your queries and concerns below.

Free Lifetime Linux Hosting

We are celebrating the birth of mp3 today.

14th July is one of the most important day in the history of technology. On this day, one of the most popular music extension .mp3 was christened. In a celebration mood, we are offering free life time hosting based on our expert plan  which would be worth up to $10,000 as a free give away to 10 random users who registers between 14th July 2012 – 17th July 2012  and how provides impressive answers to question “How Outshine Solutions lifetime free hosting can benefit you?“.


  • All entries should have an active website,
  • Multiple entries aren’t allowed,
  • A valid email address is required.

Register Now:

Don’t participate hare because this contest has been closed but no need to sad as still have chance to get free Linux hosting Get Start Now

*Life time refers to 7 Years. Winners will be declared on 21st of July 2012. If you have any queries on concerns, do feel free to comment on this page below.

How fresh is my website?

When did you last update your website?

Do you really want to know why users are  not interacting with your website or why you aren’t earning the trust of your web users. Here is one of the most important reason which you should always think of, while thinking about trust of web users. Website Freshness is one of the most important factor in building trust and engagement with web users. Nobody likes a  dead or non updated website. Research shows that users prefer updated and fresh contents. Imagine what would you prefer :- having fresh hot soup or just any preserved soup in cold winters. Answer is obvious, Everything seems to revitalize if it is served fresh. Same applies to the web search results also. Google has announced that it would prefer fresher results in its search results, that itself signifies the importance of fresh content on a website.  That being said,  hurry and get your website updated right away..

How to check if my website is fresh or not?

Knowing your website is fresh or not isn’t a big deal. Without taking much time, i would suggest you a very simple exercise to know the freshness of your website.

1. Take out a blank sheet of paper,

2.  Write 1-7 numbers  vertically  on that sheet

3.  Write the dates of your last seven updates on your website

4. Now analyze the difference between the dates to know how fresh is your website

Easy isn’t it.  🙂 If you find it little weird, you can also use our website freshness meter to know the freshness of your website. You can check the freshness and health of your website here. If your site fares poorly in the meter, you should  really consider updating your website on regular basis.

How to keep your site fresh?

Website  freshness plays an important roles be  it user experience or SEO or search results.  Thus it is always advised to keep your website updated and lively. But the concern is how to keep your website updated always, isn’t that a tough job. No, it isn’t. There are many simple ways to keep your website fresh

Blog – Get a Blog setup for your website and keep your contents posted on that blog on regular basis. Blog is one of the most powerful ways to keep your website updated. It also helps in creating brand for your website or company.

Tutorials: Every website is about a niche or topic. If you have started a website this already means that your have enough informations in your field that you can share with the website. Writing tutorials about your knowledge is one of the best ways to keep your website powerful and authoritative on the web.

Add New Informations – You can even add new information to your website by adding new and more services, press releases, announcement about your company. You can also use a way to add offers and  announcements to your users.

Users Interaction – You can provide a way to interact with your users  by providing them collaborations tools like  forums, meeting rooms, review sections, surveys etc.

Website owners often create the website when they are very excited about that. But there excitement often vanishes with time or they tend to forget about their website. Even many web-masters think that they do not have enough skills to write  about the topic  and many times they are totally clueless as to what to write on their website and how to keep their website updated. It is just a matter of rituals they follow. Writing and updating everyday is not necessary, what is necessary is constant and regular informative updates.

help on setting up ecommerce store

Management Team

Ashish Jha, President

Ashish Jha is the founder and president of Outshine Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a web services company providing Internet marketing and web development services. Ashish is responsible for Outshine’s day-to-day-operations, as well as guiding the company’s product development and technology strategy and focuses mostly in delivering innovative solutions. He laid the foundations of Outshine Solutions while pursuing his degree from UP technical University in 2005 as a outcome of his dream to make a company which basically focuses on providing highest standard of SAAS products, which soon grew to a thriving company servicing more than 100 active clients world wide. With more than 10 years of hard core experience, he has helped some of the most prestigious clients like Fedex, Aviva, Videocon among others achieve their business objectives.

Ashish holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow. Apart from Handling company operations, he develops tools for automating company operations and has helped many companies to move forward towards achieving their business objectives.He loves making innovative products and making them valuable in the market place.As a outcome of this habit, he is on board with many companies and co-owns number of innovative web companies.

Follow Ashish Jha:




Manish Kumar, CEO

As a CEO of Outshine Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Manish is responsible for revenue and customer operations, as well as marketing and partnerships. He is in-charge of key customer accounts of the company. Since joining Outshine Solutions in January 2011, Manish Kumar has helped company grow from startup to a strong , stable and profitable company in IT services.

Manish Holds a professional Masters degree in Business Development and marketing from AIMA, Delhi. Prior to joining Outshine Solutions, Manish worked as sales manager in Brainpluse Technologies pvt. Ltd. and as a Business development Manager in i2k2 networks.

Follow Manish Kumar:

Job Portal Development


Are you looking to start your own Consultancy or Recruitment firm than you need a job portal through which you can have lots of Features to run your business smoothly without having manual work. Job Portals provide a platform for the employers to meet the prospective employees and provide jobs as per qualifications and experience.


Admin Dashboard Screenshot for Our Job portal Solution:-

admin of job portal

The companies have the choice to search for their suitable candidates from the resume database using various options and parameters available in the job Portals. Students after completing their necessary qualifications bum around in search of job. if you want to help these job seekers, you can move a user friendly Job Portal Development company. In the era of INTERNET, large number of students search jobs through websites in comparison to Newspapers, Employment agencies. Resume posting as well as job search websites are the most famous website among the fresher’s as well as for experienced employees. So in respect of this aspect, almost all companies are developing and maintaining their job portals so as to provide job to job seekers.

We provide latest facilities that will enable you to process payments directly through the most famous PayPal payment mode. With this portal you can easily edit Payment options, as well as all distinct elements of the website such as the layout, emails, and registration options. We are a Job Portal Development India Company with an exceptional track record of delivering 400+ Job portals websites successfully.

We have expertise in different kind of Job portal solutions for recruitment agencies, we have best solution for this industries and provide fully made custom solution. Our Job portal solution exist :-

Our Solutions in Job Portal Development:

  • Job Portal Design Development
  • Recruitment Portal Development
  • Custom Job Portal Development
  • Job Website Development
  • Job Web Application Development
  • Maintenance of Job Portal Solution

Our Solution has all the job portal feature and we provide all maximum feature that a good job portal solution should have, to know more about our Job portal feature please see below link:-

Special features for Employers:

  • Provide space for job seekers to upload their profile, edit their profile and can view the entire job openings.
  • Provide space to Employer’s where they can post their vacant job ads, manage companies profile and search the relevant database from jobseekers resume.
  • Subscription Management and Purchasing

Special Features for Job seekers:

  • Online facilities of filling registrations forms
  • Free Resume Posting
  • Online Resume Editing
  • Search for Job lists and apply the desired jobs
  • Upload / Attach Image in the resume
  • Jobs Bookmarking
  • Employers characteristics

Our job portal script mainly consists of:

  • Online Job posting at the portal
  • Online Job Editing
  • Search for Job seekers and resumes
  • Profile management
  • Payment Plans
  • Upload / Attach Image to their profile
  • Boolean Search
  • Advance Search as per various category.
  • By choosing jobs category options form the list, job seeker submit a cover letter, and then this cover letter along with his CV is send to the employer of relevant company through mail
  • Acknowledgment mail is also send to job seekers

Admin area:

  • Content Management System
  • Job Seeker Management
  • Employer Management
  • Category management
  • Role Management
  • Site management
  • Package Management
  • FAQ’s management
  • Job seeker and Employer Statistic
  • Super-admin has privilege to activate or deactivate job seekers and employers.


Our Job portal Website design is addressed to meet the requirements of the job seekers so don’t waste your precious time, simply contact us and enhance the growth of your business with modernistic features. and we also presenting our human resource management software for own organisation which make easy to control any organisation from single hand.


Ecommerce Development

E-Commerce Development

The world is transforming into an Online multi million dollar market and we all know that lots of online B2B and B2C based websites are getting developed everyday and are getting good responses from people. Nowadays people are busy and so they prefer online e-commerce portals rather than off-line market and stores. So E-Commerce based website is the ultimate solution through which business owners can sell their products to wide range of consumers without even having a shop itself and buyers can buy their products with just a click of a mouse. Research shows that users are more comfortable buying things online. Moreover our impressive Ecommerce Website Design allows an easy and secure shopping experience for users through electronic medium.

We believe that to get success in any race we ecommerce packages have to participate in that, with full preparation. We at Outshine Solutions are indulged in designing and development of ecommerce portals for years and we as a E-Commerce development company know how to develop innovative ecommerce portals with all the required features. The online shopping always makes customers cautious as the security is always a prime concern. We know the importance of security, so we ensure that customers are comfortable with our developed portals and they enjoy secure shopping experience with our portals.

Product selling portal Development is not an easy task but at Outshine Solutions we research almost all the features that makes a business to succeed. The ecommerce website is a way to achieve global reach for your business, products and services. An ecommerce website includes several different features, with the interesting and useful feature of the getting immediate feedback of the product. Features like secure transactions with SSL, customer account facility, the payment details, and many more should also be there.

A website with simple looks and user friendly functions is preferred more than a website looking beautiful with the complex functions. We develop the website keeping the comforts of customers in mind as well. The site will have an easy to navigate features, a user friendly front end with the shopping cart and products. The website will be SSL certified as we find the security of online transactions comes first for the customer as well as for business owners. The easy to control elements of the site will be helpful for the user to have full access to the different functions of the website.

We are E-Commerce development India Company, having 5 years of experience and till now we delivered 325+ E-Commerce based portal development successfully. With such a vast experience in the ecommerce development we are providing the best in all ecommerce portals whether it is a B2B or B2C portals. We have the working knowledge of all kind of shopping cart software and payment gateways available in the market.

With the advanced and latest technology, we blend our experience to develop the best and secure ecommerce site.

Our E-Commerce website Development feature overview is as follows:-

  • Fully 100% customizable design using templates
  • One-Click theme Upgrades
  • Content Management System for Information updates
  • Support for Multiple Currencies
  • Cross-sells on product pages
  • Send to a Friend for all visitors, or registered users only
  • Full SEO Friendly portal with advanced analytics
  • Tax rate support
  • Up-sells in Shopping Cart
  • Send Wish list to a Friend by Email or RSS.
  • Auto-generated Site Map
  • Newsletter Management
  • Order Management
  • Sales Management
  • Content Management
  • Report Management

Our Clients


  • Askme
  • Damilano Italia
  • Rosso Brunello
  • Webble Kart
  • Kart Rocket
  • Gio Adventures
  • ACAM Mobtech
  • Awenap
  • Battlefxe
  • Beyond
  • Blue Grass Cab
  • Ecole Globale
  • Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Group Mission Trips
  • Hungry Buddies
  • Joy Of Giving
  • Koutons
  • Lotus
  • Online Storz
  • Mastergram Bridger Conway
  • Metl Group
  • Mind Inventory
  • My Film Tree
  • Nova wedding
  • Online shoppee
  • Pencil Brands
  • Qdeliver Technologies
  • Rapid Konnect
  • Reading Camp
  • Recharge Zippy
  • Sakhi
  • Sri Kashi Darshan Seva Samiti
  • Sheilds
  • Awenap
  • The Asian School
  • TSC Supply Company
  • Tangence
  • Vape Connection
  • Vishal Kapur
  • YMCA
  • Galaxy Bazar

Content Writing Services

Professional Content Writing service that sells like CRAZY!

Content is King” this is well known fact, which nobody can deny.  Good content always attracts visitors and persuades them to buy and order from your website.  Content is one of the most important factor  through which you communicate your message to your prospective clients. We all know how good quality content can boost any brand success and improve conversion ratio. We believe that unique, informative and quality content writing plays a major role in any website promotion.

As a good content writing service provider , we focus on writing content  which converts your prospects into clients. Writing good content is a skill and we are expert at it. We know how to write contents that sells like crazy.

We write Content for Different Services and Sectors:-

  • Web content writing
  • Blog Content Writing
  • Corporate content writing
  • Article and Press Releases content writing,
  • Technical Content Writing,
  • Software Manuals Writing

Processes we follow for Content Writing for our customers.

  • What type of services and Industry the customer has?  this is our first research area where we analyze the scope of topic given by the customer.
  • We always focus on content which persuades prospects into clients and  we also keep special focus on the content to be precise, seo friendly and pleasant to read  .
  • We always take care on errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, clarity, Informative.
  • Before finalizing the content, its proof read by proof readers who ensures that the entire content is free from errors.

Content is a thing which anybody in the world can write. But a good and selling  content is a very very difficult thing. Try our exceptional content writing services and see how world envies your content. Don’t let poor content ruin your business success. Request a free quote now!

PHP Team Leader

PHP Team Leader – Noida

We are having an urgent opening for PHP Team Leader – Developer (Web Applications development)

Job Responsibilities:
Preferred candidate should be confident and should have willingness to undertake multiple challenges and should have strong desire to emerge as winner in handling crucial situations.

1.    Should be capable of handling multiple PHP projects.
2.    Should be efficient enough to utilize the resources available to him.
3.    Analyze client requirements and prepare scope of work and time frame accordingly.
4.    Can handle and plan project milestones and deadlines.
5.    Should be able to interact with client during entire project development life cycle.

•    Should have 3 to 5  yrs of experience into web applications development.
•    Should possess B-tech, M-tech or MCA degree.
•    Should have good working knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascripts.
•    Should have good analytical and problem solving skills.
•    Knowledge of open source ecommerce software’s like oscommerce, magento is preferred.
•    Should have good communication skills.
•    Ability to motivate staff in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

Contact Details

Email ID:
Contact: Ms Sarvita Kumari
Telephone: 0120-4217202

Job Openings

We are thankful to you for showing your interest in joining Outshine Solutions.  Please read below the current available Job openings and apply ASAP to get your interview call.

Recent Openings:

[catlist id=26 excerpt=yes excludeposts=1162,1166,1155]

Join The Team

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Internship Program

Experience the real business world!

The Outshine Solutions Internship Program offers a great learning opportunity for undergraduate computer science students every semester. Our interns take role in real projects, work as a part of our team, and gather great experience about the real business world.

During their internship, our interns take an active role in developing our products and services, designing user interfaces, testing these, writing user manuals, providing support service and marketing.

What we expect from you:

We expect a great deal from you because we know you will be great! So, we treat you as a valuable member of our team and assign you the same responsibilities of a full-time team member. This is what makes our internship program an invaluable learning experience! This is also what makes working with you a lot of fun for us.

Here are some of the projects our interns are working on:

  • Developing a new module for or testing functionality of our existing products and services
  • Improving our websites
  • Developing new integration modules for integrating our products and services with third party services, such as facebook, twitter, linkedin
  • Sales & Marketing our products,
  • Writing and improving our user guides, knowledge base and support service,
  • Providing support service to our customers and solving their problems,
  • Feeling great about what they have learned and accomplished at the end of each workday

Program Benefits

  • Working experience in innovative Software Company
  • 2 – 4 months business experience
  • Monthly internship incentives, free lunches, drinks, snacks, outings
  • The potential to become a permanent member of the team

Who Should Apply?

We want our team to be the best. That’s why we are looking for the best interns.

  • High Educational Grades
  • Software design & development, SAAS, SEO, Hosting or customer support experience
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Excellent Analytical abilities,
  • Incredible eye for detailing

Our internship program is 2 to 6 months, you need to be available during your internship session in our Noida office, India.

Click to Apply Now!

WordPress Titanica Theme


Titanica is a very powerful fast loading flexible width theme for WordPress. Titanica features a whole range seo friendly and conversion features which is destined to increase the profits of your blogs to the extent you have never thought. It has inbuilt features for adsense and ads management which takes all the pains away from you. This theme can be fully configured from admin panel using the set of provided admin controls. One of the foremost feature is that this theme can be easily used for  wordpress directory websites as directory structure is already inbuilt inside. Of course that can also be controlled via admin panel. SEO features are inbuilt in the theme so you need not worry about SEO for your blog.

Titanica WordPress theme Features:

  • Flexible width (fluid width) layout. This means the layout shrinks and grows to fit display windows.
  • Three sidebars. one or all sidebars can be optionally turned off.
  • Supports text as well as image headers,
  • Logo can be uploaded and cropped automatically to fit
  • Operates in two modes i.e. normal modes just like other themes or power mode to increase your ads revenue
  • Supports multiple ads options
  • Heirachical directory listing of categories
  • Inbuilt breadcrumbs
  • Supports single pages ads for more conversion rates
  • Inbuilt related posts (requires yarpp)
  • Supports individual single posts ads as well global single posts ads,
  • Inbuilt random ads rotation alogorithm,
  • Supports categories description for better seo,
  • Supports sub categories display which can be optionally turned off
  • Supports all new WordPress features like nested comments, comments paging, sidebar widgets, post tags and gravatars.
  • Support for custom menus in WP 3.0.
  • Supports next comments with beautiful color codings for author and users
  • Valid XHTML and CSS.
  • The theme is tested successfully in latest versions of all major browsers. Except a few minor issues, the theme works well in IE 6 too.
  • Supports localization thus support all the languages of the world.


India Data Center Hostin

Windows Reseller Hosting

Our Windows Reseller Hosting services allow companies, and individuals to easily establish their own Windows web hosting business. As a reseller you create your own hosting packages and set your own prices.

Being a reseller is completely anonymous and your customers won’t know that you are reselling our hosting. Using reseller hosting technologies such as latest Plesk (to create and manage your own accounts as well as your customers), will minimize your work and keep you away from the command line.

With Our Windows reseller hosting plans you will get a reseller hosting control panel where you can create your customer accounts. Once a create hosting accounts for your customers, your customers will instantly get their very own control panel for their hosting account administration. This is where they will go to administer their website.
Once they are logged into their control panel they can create subdomains, email addresses, change passwords, and much more without requiring any help from you or us.

Features Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Disk Space 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Allowed 50 100 Unlimited Unlimited
.NET Framework
Pricing [YEARLY] $ 135.00 $ 219.00 $ 365.00 $ 609.00
Pricing [YEARLY] Rs. 5,500.00 Rs. 9,000.00 Rs. 15,000.00 Rs. 25,000.00
Proceed To Checkout
Reseller Advantage Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Domain Reseller
SSL Reseller
Private Nameservers
Separate Control Panels
Hosting Features Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
24 X 7 Support
No contracts
99.9% uptime Guarantee
30 Day Money Back
Free Instant Backups
Proceed To Checkout
Account Features Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Addon/ Parked Domians Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Postgre SQL Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Hosting Features Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ruby on Rails
Image Magik
Streaming audio / Video
Email Hosting Features Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
POP3 Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web Mail
Email Alias
MaiLresg Lists
Catch All
Mail Forwarding
IMAP Support
Personal Mail Server
Web/ FTP Statistics Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Error Logs
Access Logs
Raw Log Manager
Purchase Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Pricing [YEARLY] Rs. 5,500.00 Rs. 9,000.00. Rs. 15,000.00. Rs. 25,000.00.
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India Data Center Hostin

India Data Center

Outshine Solutions Indian Data Center is located in Maharastra just 180 Kms away from Mumbai- The buiness capital on India. Our Network Operations Center is manned 24×7 by expert and knowledge support team and thus all the queries are solved instantly with full satisfaction. Indian Dedicated Servers and VPS servers are co-located in Indian Datacenters.

An in-house developed self-healing network architecture ensures that there are no blackholes or failure points within the core network. On top of our own backbone, as part of our redundancy program we also have multiple Tier III connections from different locations. This also assures that your data arrives via the shortest and the fastest available network route.

Data Center is connected to the Internet with highly redundant network through multiple Gigabit backbones having multiple peering with other networks.

Hardware Guarantee
India Dedicated Servers deployed at the Data Center includes hardware replacement guarantee. In case of any hardware failure, the hardware is immediately replaced.

Manned, on-site security is present 24/7/365.  Swipe Card System And Bio-Metric Access Control is in place for after-hours building entry and floor access.

Electrical and Power Capacity
500 kVA On-Site Substation is present for uninterrupted power supply in any conditions to ensure that 24×7 power supply is available to the servers.

Precision Environment
Computerized Fully master-planned rise system / HVAC pipe system / Electrically monitored. HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are N+1 redundant, ensuring that a duplicate system can immediately come online in the event of an HVAC system failure.

Fire Protection System
Existing wet system can be converted to a pre-action system. FM-200 system can be installed. Meet-Me Room is a zoned pre-action system.

India Data center Tour




Indian Servers




Server Racks


Dell Servers


Dell Power edge racks

Hope you enjoyed tour of our India Data center Tour. Dedicated Servers Hosting plans are available at

WordPress India Launched

India is a great country. It is the second largest country of the world (population wise) and even number of internet users are increasing day by day but  still there are very few websites in Hindi.  What is the reason for this?

We felt that there are many reasons for this. First and foremost is lack of motivation, people do not feel excited about Hindi website.  Moreover, Indians find it very difficult to write in Hindi and technology in India is also not Hindi friendly.  Even when few companies want Hindi website they generally make hindi website with the help of fonts,  which only works when the user have that font installed on their system.  Another serious fact is that most web design companies in India are not aware of unicode encodings and all.

Typing in Hindi is always a problem for Indians. What if you could type “Kaise ho bhai sahab” in your usual chatting style and the words actually got converted automatically in Hindi character “कैसे हो भाई साहब “? We have now made that possible with our WordPress India software.  Now you can easily publish your thoughts, experiences in Hindi.  It’s good news for Indian bloggers that they can write their blog in Hindi and show all their thoughts, emotions in Hindi very easily. Web application creation in Hindi is also very easy now. Below are some frequently asked questions about our WordPress India project.

What is WordPress India?

WordPress India is the Hindi equivalent of  WordPress, the most popular blogging software of the world. Most people think that wordpress is a blogging software but we think that wordpress is a full fledged CMS.

Is WordPresss India just a localization version of WordPress?

WordPress India is not just Hindi localization of WordPress. It’s much more than that.  Hindi support has been integrated  in the wordpress India. Writing Hindi in WordPress India is a breeze. More over Hindi urls are translated to its English counterpart automatically so that users can type and reach the post directly. Use the software to know the features and facilities.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a great software. Everybody at Outshine Solutions loves WordPress and that is why we picked this software.  Every The best about wordpress is that the more you know it, the more you love it.  We don’t think anything comes closer to WordPress and that is why we picked WordPress to be made in national language of India. WordPress India is first fully functional Hindi web application for India.

Is WordPress India a Paid Software?

No, WordPress India is a open source application released under GNU/GPL. However beta testing is limited to beta users only. It will be directly downloadable from wordpress repository once the beta test is successful.


WordPress India has been made from WordPress and uses number of services & API’s to function properly.  All the  copyrights and Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

What’s the future?

WordPress India has just been made to make it easy for Indian people to blog or write in Hindi and make interactive applications in Hindi. Opportunities are endless.  We have taken permission for Hindi translation from WordPress and soon we will help them in translating Codex in Hindi.  We are already making plugins for WordPress India.  Already translated more than 50 plugins and soon we will start translating themes also.  It’s because Outshine Solutions loves WordPress, Hindi and above all India.

How to Download it?

Its only a limited beta version. You will need to register in order to download it. For registration you will be needing invitation codes. You can request invitation codes at any forum on the net and somebody can provide you with the codes.

Why is WordPress India Free?

Simple funda- All good things in life is free and so is WordPress India  🙂  We worked really hard for it but we always felt that there should be some good software in Hindi language also so we made it.  This software will help people to write and generate contents in Hindi language also. We hope with the help of this software more Hindi sites will be made and Hindi language will regain its glory.

How to support the movement?

Thanks, if you are interested in supporting the movement.  You can support the movement by using the software, writing about it and telling you friends about it and if you want you can even donate something. You can stumble the project, write about it in forums, help us in testing, tweet about the project and virtually do anything you want. You can even help us in translation. Please contact us and tell us how would you like to help us.

Who is behind WordPress India?

Outshine Solutions is the company who made WordPress India.  If you have questions you can contact us through this form.

Exec-Php Plugin in Hindi

Ever wondered what would you do if you wanted to executed some tiny codes in the post or page body of wordpress blog.  Fortunately there is a solutions for this problem. Solutions is Bluesome Exec-Php plugin for wordpress.

The Exec-PHP plugin executes <?php ?> code in your posts, pages and text widgets and you can download it free from

Outshine Solutions has launched Exec-Php in Hindi which will enable you to use the fantastic plugin in Hindi laguage. You can use this plugin with wordpress India. This page will list all the updates of language files of all the versions of Exec-php.  This version is compatible with WordPress India project.

You can download the Hindi languages files of latest Exec -php plugin here.  Click the link below to download.

EXec Php Hindi Language Files - Version - filesize - Downloaded 348 times
Wordpress Development

WordPress Services

Outshine Solutions is one of the most reputed seo services and software development company providing incredible services since 2004. We have been building wordpress themes & plugins for small to enterprise level segments. We provide a whole bucket of wordpress SEO services along with other services like quality web hosting, premium seo services and design services. This page give a general overview of wordpress work &  services we provide :

[catlist id=22]

Our clients come from different parts of the world generally from USA, Canada, Germany, Europe, France, Australia, Japan, UAE, India and rest of the world. Outshine Solutions provides a whole lot range of quality wordpress web services. Request a quote to know how can Outshine Solutions help your business.

Happy New Year 2010

Dear Valued Customers,

Happy New Year & Thanks for being a part of Outshine Solutions family. New year brings new energies and lot of excitement for outshiners.You would be happy to know that Outshine Solutions  has recorded a growth of 31% in last quarter of 2009. We have now better infrastructure than ever before and our servers up-time was 100% last year.

As a continued effort to give something back to the community, we started to offer many of our services free for the users. Service like onpage SEO, Hosting and domain reseller accounts were given free of cost to many users. Affiliate Programs were launched to reward our loyal customers to make money through Outshine Solutions.

We have been Growing steadily and will grow more aggressively this year. We are quite excited about many things that are under active development in the Outshine Solutions labs. Outshine Solutions will soon launch WordPress for India & many other innovative applications are under active development in the Outshine labs waiting to be released.

We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business so that your business can grow. We have been working very hard to bring best technologies to the users. However, we need your support to improve our services further to the next level. If you have any queries related to your orders or support, please contact us through email, chat or phone, and we will be glad to assist you with the same.

Thank You for being the most important contributor to our success in the year 2009 and we shall strive to server you even better in 2010.

Website Design packages



We create incredible website design for your business

Why make your site look like just another website on the internet? Give a professional look and feel to your website. We do not limit our creativity. Share your expectations, and we will be able to craft a custom design for your business which every one will envy.

Designing a Impressive and effective website is quite different from just designing a general website. We are aware that Website Design should be creative as well as professional, which should achieve business goals. We develop fully customized unique website design for your business. We delivered more than 300 websites for our clients and we feel proud to make them happy without effective website design process, we get always get unique requirement from our customers and we always take their requirement as a challenge and work hard to deliver it 100% perfect.


Have a look at affordable web site design packages. You can also contact us with your custom requirements here.

Features Starter Gold CMS
Web Pages 10-12 18-20 Unlimited
Logo Design X X
Flash Multimedia X
Search Engine Friendly
Dedicated Project Manager X X
BreadCrumbs X X
Banner Creation X
Certified Designers
Royalty Free Images
W3C Valid Code X X
Modules Inetgration X X
Extended Design X X
Turn Around Time (weeks) 1-2 1-3 2-4
Express Delivery(50% extra)
Pricing Starter Gold CMS
24X7 Support
100% Satisfaction
One Time Cost
10 Year Warranty
Pricing Please Contact Sales Please Contact Sales Please Contact Sales
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Our Portfolio

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Web Services

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  • HTML validation
  • website develoment