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This page shows the health report of website Greater health percentage means that your website is stable, reputed and more authorative. Health % with green strip signifies that your website is trust worthy and people feel safe and more comfortable on your website. The % is calculated based on logarithmgic algorithm which measures and compares more than 290 signals in different areas. The analysis is done in realtime which means that after each index refresh, health % will fluctuate. If it increases you are doing most of the things right, if it decreases you definetely need to rethink your strategy.


Health Result Overview snapshot
Site Health
pagerank Failed to generate a valid hash for PR check.  
Site Age
1 year, 45 days old
Alexa Rank
Top n.a. sites on web
First checked
Sun, 26 Mar 2017 03:53:51 
Last checked
Mon, 13 Oct 2014 07:27:54 

Onpage Analysis

  • Domain Age

    Oops! Your website is only 1 year, 45 days old. Consider your website of level 0. Its quite new and so you have to do lots of hard work to make it authorative and search engine friendly. You really need to think out of box for getting a better result.

  • XML Sitemap

    Your website does not have robots.txt files but does not have sitemap.xml file which ensures that your website follows search engines guidelines.

  • Page Size

    Cogratulations! Your Page size is perfect. Less page size means that your website gets loaded fast on the clients computer, thus enhancing user experience. That is why, It is always advised to keep your page size as low as possible.

  • Page Contents

    Excellent Work! Your website has enough contents on the page to be crawled by search engines. Remember, Content is the king and your site has enough content to be a king. Next step for you is optimizing your content wich can increase your conversion rates.

  • Code Analysis

    Nice work! Our code analysis of your website shows that the status of your webpage code is good. We found that you are using right tags on your website but you aren't using it properly which if done correctly will increase your search engine rankings.

  • Website Speed

    Warning! Your website is loading No data available.. It is very slow and you should consider optimizing your website immediately to improve your website loading speed.

  • Bounce Rate

    Opps Sorry! Our Analysis shows that your website bounce rate is approx No Data available. which is Excellent. We also found that your bounce rate has inccreased in last 3 months which means that users are becoming more uncomfortable browsing your website. So, please take steps to decrease your website's bounce rate as soon as possible.

  • Visitors Time

    Opps Sorry! Our Analysis shows that approximate time people spend on your website is approx No Data available. which is Excellent. We also found that vistors time on your website has decresed in last 3 months which means that users are less likely to spend time on your website, which might be harmful for your website. So, please take steps to increase users time on your website as soon as possible.

  • Page Links

    Links on your page as per recommendation provided by search engines. You website should be performing fine in search engines.

  • Onpage Conclusion

    Do you know that onpage is one of the most important factor in getting your website ranked in search engines. Major portions of rankings signals are associated with onpage factors. .

Website Freshness

  • Website Size

    oops! Your website is quite small.Total number of pages indexed in google is 0, n.a.. It is always advised to increase the number of pages.

  • Website Updates

    Oops! looks like you always forget to update your website. Please update your webiste on continous basis.

  • Site Pageviews

    Opps Sorry! Our Analysis shows that your website pageviews has started decreasing compared with the last threee months page views. Pageviews are dcreasing means that your website performance has also started decreasing so please find out the cause for page views decrease and rectify it.

  • Freshness Conclusion

    Our algorithmic analysis shows that total number of indexed pages on your site is Poor which means you have a small website. Although number of pages on the website does not matter much in increasing your websit'e rankings but it is indeed helpful in bringing huge number of visitors through individual pages.But Always keep in mind that quality of pages is what matter, flooding thousands of junk pages will not do any benefit to your website. BEWARE! We further examined that update status on your website is Poor which means your website gets updated rarely, which is very bad. .

Offpage Recommendations

  • Inbound Links

    Sorry! It looks that your site does not have enough inbound links towards your website. You still haven't started link building for your website. Sorry if that hurts you, Do Something right away. Remember, Links are the only ways to attract traffic from search engines.

  • Website Authority

    Sorry! Your website is as weak as a child. You should really focus to work on your website and promote it nicely. WHat to the use of having a website which cannot generate a revenue for you. Do Something right away.

  • Offpage Conclusion

    Our algorithmic analysis shows that your number of inbound links is Poor. Overall domain and webpage authority of your website Poor. Remember that links are one of the most improtant sources of improving your search engines and also remember that links are one of the most improtant source damanging your website also. That statement means that links towards your website should be genuine, just building link sthrough useless directory submissions and article submissions will do more ham than benefit. BEWARE!

Social Media Activities

  • Facebook Activity

    Sorry! Its unfortunate that your facebook activity is so poor. You still haven't started using the power of facebook for your website. You seem to be totally uneducated. Do Something right away.

  • Twitter Activity

    Sorry! Its sad that even your tweeter activity is so poor. You still haven't started using the power of twitter for your website. You seem to be totally unfriendly and unpopular. Sorry if that hurts you, Do Something right away.

  • Google +1 Activity

    Sorry! Its tragic that your Google +1 activity is so poor. You still haven't started using the power of Google +1 for your website. You seem to be totally unsocial. Do Something right away.

  • Social Media Conclusion

    Our algorithmic analysis shows that your website traffic and popularity is Poor. Your website has Poor authority on the web and Google love for your website is calculated as Poor. When compared with rest of the popular websites on web, your facebook activity of your website is Poor and twitter activity is Poor while your google +1 activity is Poor. You should always take advantage of social media to increase traffic and branding of your website.But the problem is most people don't understand how to use social media correctly. Social media is much more than creating a fan page and liking it or spamming the web with tweets. Its a strategy which should be nicely realized and planned and done correctly.

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