SEO and Usability – Two Important Pillars of A Successful Web Design


SEO and Usability:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Usability are two distinct terms as SEO is all about attracting online users to your website by putting the site in the first page of the search engines or queries. However, usability is all about user’s behavior or reactions after they arrive on the site. The prime aim of it is to increase the conversion rate.

In simple words, we can say, Search Engine Optimization take places earlier than the first click on the site, while the usability starts after that. SEO and Usability are the important components for a website’s success. Great SEO means your site will get more traffic, but fed-up usability means online visitors to your site won’t converts into your potential customers.  On the contrary, a site with excellent usability but dreadful SEO will not get visitors, which means it does not matter how well and friendly your site is. The value of web site design is not only about content, links, anchors text, but also about creating authentic call and uses satisfactions.

Why Usability Is Very Important:

Website owners have only five to ten seconds to apprehend the attention of the visitor. Therefore, you have to provide all the information, which the visitors are looking for within this period of time. Remember, give the site users a better site experience and they will give you their money by making your customers. Do you know why usability extremely significant?  Because its impact on your business, and to know just look at some facts on poor usability websites that are given below:

  • Between 80 to 85 % users or visitors ditch a website site just because of poor design, colors, etc.
  • Between 81 to 84 % visitors just leave the site as it is taking long time to open
  • Approximately 40 to 45% users come back to your site because the content is too hard to understand or use
  • Businesses, particular online lost over35 percent sales just due to visitors are not able to find the content.



There several things that people must keep in their mind when they actually want to improve the usability of their site. Make websites for online users, and there is a better way to catch online users than this. However, a poor or difficult to navigate website can scare off a potential customer. Therefore, always design your website for simple and easy usability with how colors work together, ease of navigation to increase user experience. Remember, if your site is not converting visitors into customers, then it is not doing its job, and you need to modify it. Look at infographic to understand How To Build Your Online Brand Presence.

Some of the Important Factors That Must Be Considered During Web Site Designing:

Layout of Your site:

The excessive amount of information on a single web page can make a site look messed. However, if the site design as well as layout appears inviting, then the site owner is providing visitors the positive impressions. Hence, when it comes to designing a website, give top most priority to layout since it makes your site look attractive by this means snatching users to the website. Besides, colors theme synchronizes with the layout otherwise it is not going to look attractive.

Images and colors:

A website page that is full of great and unique content will look boring without images and colors. There, always add pictures, images related to your business products, brand, etc in your pages. Remember, pictures speak more than content, thus add images of products so that visitors are able to get the idea about what you are offering. In addition, using only a single color all over the site is also not a good idea, use various colors related to branding that make sure online users will be attracted to your sites sue to its amazing attractive looks.

Navigation and Speed:

The major characteristic after hosting a site, which binds users, is the speed of the website page loading. Remember, if the site is not loading within seconds than visitors will move quickly to a competitor’s site. If users are facing difficulty in finding information or product, they are looking for, and then they will simply move elsewhere. Hence, carefully think about your site navigation, when planning site layout. Thus, carefully think about your site navigation, when planning site layout. Keep in mind, sketching out a site is an excellent process to plan out navigation. You have also to make sure that the hosting company using a high-speed connection that will allow your site load quickly. Also keep analysis website on various website speed testing tools like health meter, Google page load speed lab, Pingdom and ensure to keep your website away from flashes and heavy images.

Full Security:

It may be your site loaded in quick time, but if it is not providing complete security to users, then it is useless. A good design site can attract lots of online users, but due to lack of security most of them will move from the site. Therefore, really it is important to provide high security for financial, private and personal data, which is transferred during accessing the site by using secure servers such as various genuine SSL certificates .

Right Page URL’s and Domain Name:

Both are extremely important in web designing. Page URL’s, particularly home page, which is the most vital page of any website, as well as the home page is also most linked-to page. However, domain name of a website provides the identity to that website, and choosing a right domain name is not an easy task. Remember, a relevant domain name helps in search engine ranking and having good keywords in URL’s play a key role in getting high rankings.

Visitors come to a site to acquire something – information, products and services – so usability is the most important consideration in good site design. How easy it is to navigate your site and find the desired content can mean the difference between your website’s success and failure. SEO helps in making your sites more visible on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more others by making sure that the content as well as the code use both keywords and search terms popular with your target audience. Remember, finding the right keywords will catch the targeted visitors to your site. The main of SEO is to drive more traffic to your site and high ranking on search engines.