Needs of Responsive Design and Mobile SEO


The broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom (UK) announced that about 58 % population of the UK has a Smartphone and about 19% people have a tablet in 2012. However, according to a research done in June, 2013, Smartphone owners has reached 75% cent in the UK, growing by 15% in the last 10 months.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) announced, over 2. 1 billion people in the world access the website by their mobile broadband. It means that if you are a business owner, the best way to take benefits of local search is make a responsive website to achieve your business goals.

Today, people are using their mobile phones for many things such as information, shopping, news, entertainment, finding local areas of interest, research and many more other things. The responsive webs are growing extremely fast, “8 times faster than the first wave of online Internet adoption”, according to the Further, Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Needs of Responsive Website:

Today, businesses, particularly online not only have to design a website for stationary devices, but also for mobile phones and tablets, and responsive web design is the best solution for them. In this design, the complete layout of the site responds based on the user’s screen resolution. For example, you are reading a website on your laptop, and then switch to your Smartphone due to lack of battery in the laptop. The browser is now re-sized when opening on smart phone.

Customers normally got frustrated when a website takes more time to load on mobile phones. Particularly, when someone needs to do something urgent like ticket booking, want to buy a gift. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make a site that takes very less time to load.

Benefit of Responsive Website

Today, consumers are looking for businesses on their Smartphone’s, it is not because they want to buy something or searching, but looking for a particular product as they have a pressing requirement to locate that product or service. Therefore, if you have a responsive website and any consumer opens your business site on his or her mobile, then you let the user know that you are open and prepared for business at the moment they need you. Some of the major benefits of a responsive web are:



  • Portability and Connectivity

If you have a business responsive web, then consumers can access it from everyplace there is coverage at anytime. This is a constant connectivity gives outstanding opportunities for connecting both you and your business with your targeted audience.

  • Competitive Advantage

Do you know that about 70% Smartphone users, who see a TV or online ad, do a mobile search for getting more information, but over 75% of big online advertisers do not have a responsive website. Therefore, a responsive site can put your business in a place to stand out among your competitors.

  • Leverage mobile Internet traffic

There are lots of consumers who make some quick arrangement such as travel booking, movie ticket booking, and hotel booking by mobile phones. So having a responsive web makes your business with no trouble accessible to an increasing mobile consumer.

Some other major benefits are Mobile Users Can Read Your Content Easily, Both Flexible And Cost-Effective In Compared To App Development, Higher Search Rankings, Quick Access, Immediacy, etc. Look here for responsive design services

What webmaster Need to do in Mobile SEO:

Mobile SEO has gained a huge popularity in recent few years because mobile phones have become the basic needs for everyone. Hence, your SEO marketing plan of 2014 does not included with mobile search or mobile SEO, then you need to think again new SEO check list of 2014 that we shared in our recent post. Remember, some extremely significant points while doing Mobile SEO that are listed below:

  • When you are embedding images and videos that are related to your products and services, you have to make sure that they are playing correct without any error on mobile phones.
  • Read an updated Mobile Marketing Book that contains best practice case studies to motivate your own mobile marketing efforts.
  • You must verify with Google Webmaster Tools as well as Run Mobile Crawl Errors Report, whether your mobile site is a responsive, dedicated URL or adaptive site and also add mobile URL information to a Sitemap.
  • Always make the content of your mobile site according to mobile users or searcher’s requirements.
  • You don’t have any type of mobile 404 content.
  • Provide scannable and proximity coupons for any type of new promotion, discount and offers, which gives consumers reasons to take out their Smartphone’s and visit your website
  • Always think about different tactics for Voice Searches because people use diverse search queries on their handset, as well as use various search tactics or methods
  • Test your website speed at various tools like Google page load speed lab and pingdom and improve website speed
The mobile website, responsive website and SEO is not just an excellent idea for businesses, but it also compelling businesses reality set to have an effect or impact on any business that aim to communicate wonderfully online. There are many businesses not yet giving a great mobile experience, so you still have a big opportunity or chance to lead the competition.

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