How to boost Your business Appearance in LinkedIn, Facebook and Pintrest?


Today advertising and marketing highly lies within Social Media. Since social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn connect millions of people every day. Therefore, what could be the best place to advertise your business than social media sites? This is a great opportunity for companies, specifically those want to get their business in front of millions, and one of the best ways to get your business in front of people is to boost your site appearances in social sites.

There are a number of companies that have brilliant business sites, but not acquiring the right productive results from their sites due to lack of web appearance. However, a number of ways available to improve web appearance, and improving it through social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc is really the best idea. Below, we have explained in detail how you can boost your businesses site appearance in LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.


Do you know, 1 in every 13 people in the world is registered on Facebook and over .5 million websites have integrated with the social site? Whether you are a National, International or local business owner, FB can help you immensely to boost both your business website appearance and sales of your product and services. Therefore, establishing a business website page on Facebook can help increase your business as it can make your business site discoverable, when people search about you or your business on Facebook. You can also share your thoughts, views or everything what you’re excited about and people will be excited as well. Some key points on how to use FB better ways are given below:

    • Fill out all the required information after creating a Facebook page and make sure that all the information’s in real about your or your business. Add images of your company, and make the page inviting other users. Explain clearly what kind of business you have, how people can contact with you, and most important put your website on the Facebook profile. Add physical address, map, mission, long description of your company.


  • Inviting all your friends, business partners, your customers & clients and other users to like FB page can really boost your web appearance greatly. The more and more people like your page the more exposure your business will get.
  • By sharing interesting news, picture, and information about products and services on your service page with company‘s website link is the easiest way to build loyalty and engagement as well as to improve web presence. There we have another blog that list seven ways to optimize business pages on Facebook.
  • Promote a URL in posts or Page post ads by using relevant web pages, which mainly optimize for conversion. For instance, to promote a new product, and then link people to that particular product’s page directly rather than the home page because it will make it easy for people to see and purchase that product, and will surely boost your Facebook business page.
  • Don’t always use it for promotions the sole purpose of social media website are to improve communication. Your audience would love if you be more societal with them so don’t hesitate to fun sharing, commenting on others posts, recommendation, voting, celebrating occasions etc


Pinterest is a social network that means connect people in the world through the things they like or find interesting. First thing that businesses need to do is add their business website to their Pinterest profile, and to do this just go to “Settings” and click on “Edit Profile.” You can add your site at the bottom, if one has more questions here then visit pintrest help page .  Companies that want a high volume  website traffic to boost sale, must consider to boost web presence in this social site is very easy because some research specifies Pinterest is more successful at driving traffic compare to other social sites like Facebook.


  • It is the second largest social site for online publishers, and the best way to increase the traffic to your website is to have the website link in your alt tags because “Pin It” buttons  of Pinterest’s will scrape all the alt tags for their descriptions.
  • If you want to drive more traffic to your business site, then put your site url, or a specific url you want people to visit in your created pin’s description.
  • Putting a website link inside your pins is an excellent way to put a website in front of millions people because most of the users see your site from your pins.
  • You can also boost your website presence on Pinterest by adding your website url or any product page url in the comments section, but used or add with the extreme care and caution. This is because Pinterest will mark your hard work as spam and you will not able to comment on pin at least for one day or 24 hours, if you place your website in comments randomly.


Launched on May 5, 2003, 4500 users after one month and total number of users on linkedln 259 million (84 million users are in the US alone).  LinkedIn is also the largest online professional social network with more than 100 million professional users at present. If you are a business owner, then you cannot miss out this huge opportunity to make strong relationships with customers, clients and other users with LinkedIn products and services.  Boosting your website appearance in this social site is easy if you know the proper way. Some of the key points that every business owner keep in mind are:


  • Upload company’s images such as logo image or any other brand image. It is extremely important in making your web appearance as well as important for attracting connections. Remember, no image no credibility.
  • You need to get involved in discussions or group discussions if want to keep your web profile high. It means you can ask questions, give answers or link up any news and other relevant information. Always keep a strong balance between online web presences and doing your work.
  • Write a short description about your company at the top of the LinkedIn profile because it will help users in understanding who are you, what you serve or whom you serve, etc. Make your profile headline text compelling and use only those words that related with your market audience.
  • Update your status frequently, Join LinkedIn groups, create your own group and Update your status regularly.

Why Should Your Business  shout in Social Networking Sites?

Today, a company not only design and develop website just for telling consumers or customers about the company and its products /services, but it is one of the prime points of contact between companies and customers. However, social media is line that helps in connecting businesses, customers and the business website together. Today, making an attractive or eye catching website and launch it is extremely easy for organizations, but it is incredibly difficult to enhance its Appearance. The web presence is extremely important for both individuals and businesses today. Hence, if you want to keep their business alive, then take advantages of major social networking sites.

Now, we want to hear from you, what are some fantastic ways to boost web presence in social sites? Leave a comment on the post in the comment section.

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