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marketing tips during holiday

Holiday Marketing Strategy Revisited

Festivals are just upon us, and as they are heading, shoppers are trying their luck fused with full potential to give a boost to their business and earn huge profits. The holidays are perfect times when people can share and feel the gratitude, togetherness, and camaraderie. The businesses thus stand a chance of leveraging such times and do their best to get the most out of them. So in just a few days, when everybody would be celebrating, there is something we can do to strategize and implement our campaigns of marketing. A significant percentage of customers are likely to spend more during the vacation time. Here are the top ways you can follow to develop a seamless strategy of marketing during the festival time.

Try to leverage from the Ad Extensions

There are times when you make a mistake by not checking that your ads are using the ad extensions or not. It happens when you have introduced and managed a campaign during holidays. What are the aspects that will add quality to your ad? These are review extensions, call extensions, and site links. In case you have already added the extensions in your ad, you can revisit them and double check for any format that can help you get the most out of the ads.

Ad automation is preferable

During holidays, you can leverage their real power. You will get plenty of tools that help you automating the campaigns. You can do these according to your preference –

Commence the campaign
Pause the campaign
Resume campaign

But these three entirely depend on the time and your preference of schedule. For example, you can create a campaign for Diwali that will itself start in the fourth week of October. And when the festival is over it stops or pauses by itself. The most important thing to keep in the mind is that you can stop or start a campaign. You should know what period it is relevant to run the campaign and when should it be displayed again.

Shopping campaigns are beneficial

Sellers will try their level best to sell their products during holidays and to boost sales they can consider launching a campaign. From the standpoint of users, shopping ads are great, and they help them take the instant decisions of buying without actually clicking on the ads without any necessity. The most significant features of an ad are its picture and its price. If both are visible, then the user finds no need to click on them. It is very much crucial to include the product’s unique images.

festival marketing tips

Are you checking your ad copy?

You are most likely to lie in the category of shoppers who would do anything to tempt the customers with their time-sensitive offer or any sale. They feel nothing else is more necessary than these campaigns. It is true that these campaigns are important but it is equally true that you need to write a new and unique copy of the ad, you are increasing the possibilities of getting ahead of many more advertisers. It doesn’t mean that you need not focus on discount and sales. It is the time of holidays only that will help you get the customers into buying your item, and if you are offering the other incentives, then it is an added advantage.

Show your customers the urgency on landing pages

You can launch time-sensitive offers. Say like an offer of apparel available up to 50% discount lasting an entire week. So your landing page can have an offer like that to give a boost to sale. The landing page will have a clock timer showing the time in which the sale or offer will end. Customers are attracted to such offers as they find a great opportunity to buy quality stuff at lowest prices. You can also introduce additional offers such as the free shipping or some other discount offer.

 Right keywords required

It might seem obvious to you. But it is essential to set the right keywords in your campaigns and ads. You can effectively increase your sales by using the right keyword in your content. Timely trends are often very fruitful if they are taken care of. One more thing to be considered and ensured that you and your team does not follow it is – do not target the irrelevant traffic because it won’t be beneficial for you.

It is important to organize your campaigns correctly

It is important that you organize and manage the campaigns. You can make the use of keywords that have a close knit. All the aspects should be considered when it comes to managing the campaigns and for their success.

Trust the paid social

It is the right time to start running your ads on the Facebook. People simply avoid to visit stores as they are horribly rushed and to get out of any hassle; it is wise just not to enter it. So retailers or the companies can invest in social media such as the Facebook, twitter, pinterest and Linkedin . And Facebook is one of the best ways to vent all the frustration and offer people with some relief from the stress of generating sales.


It is important, critical. You have invested your money in marketing. But if you think that marketing only once can convert an individual into the customer, then you wasted your time and money at the same time. So have trust on the “Remarketing” technique. You can take an example of your life. Do any of us buy the very first product we see? The answer would be ‘no.’ All of us look for the most attractive deals to buy products at the affordable prices. It helps in presenting an opportunity for the marketers to make the use of remarketing. This strategy is perfect for getting the lost traffic back to the site.

If you are wondering about how to boost your sales through this strategy, you can connect with us and we will devise a marketing plan that will boost your sales in just a couple of months.


Is Google Possum Update Promising for Online Businesses?

What is Google Possum?
First, of very all, this name “Possum” is not the actual name of the update. It is just the term given due to the functionality it does. This update is named after an Australian Marsupial with a prehensile tail.

The update is done to filter out the listings (spams) from the results of the local search, particularly from Google Maps. This update will only improve the quality of the local listings obtained by entering a search query in the search engine. Furthermore, as this is merely an update, you will not have anything to worry about any penalties. The update will only work to remove the spam listings from the results and to make the search engine result pages more relevant to what the user wants to see.

How does Google Possum work?

Some businesses have been negatively affected due to this organic rank tracking feature. They are now not able to find their business getting listed in SERP. And then there are some companies who ranked in the thirties and now ranked in top ten just with the same keyword tracking. So you can see that those companies who are not lying in the physical limits of the city will experience a vast improvement in their SERP. Update works on affiliation and address. Now the searcher entering any search query will get the results based on his physical location. The update will produce very different results even if there is a slight change in the keyword. The local filter works as if it is not dependent on the organic filter.


Then and Now-

  • Then – some businesses faced a serious issue of visibility when not being physically present in the city when considering a particular location. The business then faced a difficulty in listing their keywords in the search engine including the name of that town. And if we rely on Google Maps then technically speaking, business will not even lie within the limits of the city.
  • Now – With the Google Possum, now the businesses can achieve a good ranking in the search engine. A significant increase noticed in the results of local ranking.
  • Then – There are profiles having the similar address, phone number or domain. Then the search engine algorithm worked to filter those profiles out with the same location or phone number or area.
  • Now – The Possum algorithm works to filter the results out displaying one or two of the profiles pointing to the same address or owner. It maintains the uniqueness. Furthermore, you will be able to see the fluctuations in the results obtained. Because of this, there are lot many businesses that are filtered out of the search engine. The Google is sophisticated and determined to remove the duplicity of the information that it can even get to the depths of checking the minutest information.
  • Then – The slight variations in the keyword didn’t affect the results.
  • Now – And now a little change in the keyword can lead to significant differences in the search results. If you are varying your keyword slightly by changing or eliminating or adding a word, it will filter your profile and can even put it in the local listing.
  • Then – Google filtered the website out with the organic method and that always affected the site’s ranking negatively.
  • Now – Organic filter and the local filter seems not to be dependent on each other. The reason is that many websites rank very high when the competitive terms are taken. But these are the same sites that Google search engine filters out organically. So local filtering method and the organic filtering method somewhere seem to be less connected.
  • Then – Local listing was not so local location specific. Not much quality results have been noted to be produced by Google search engine.
  • Now – Searcher searching for a particular thing will have his location detected to yield better results.

With this update, there might be thousands of businesses who will start to rank in the search engine. And for some, things might have gone ugly. But there is still one assurance that this update is not going to penalize the site. So we can say that somewhere the businesses will benefit with the update installation.

hotel booking features

Reduce the Hassle of Managing the World Class Hotels with Hotel Booking Portal

The hotel management business has really boosted since the last few decades. The inception of the other businesses has tremendously enhanced the performance and turnover of these hotels as more and more travellers and visitors show up every single day. These are the times when everything is expected to be automated for a convenience of both the customers and the hotel management. So there is an intense need for a hotel software that can control and tackle the increasingly rising issues in managing the hotel.

A need for hotel management system finds its basis from these requirements –

  • The process of easy booking – Your hotel will have the provision of booking a room without much hassle involved. A few clicks of booking help customers put fewer efforts and this is necessary for increasing the revenue of the hotel. An easy booking leads to fast and higher number of bookings.
  • Multiple room bookings – Your system will allow your customers to book more than one room. This will, of course, help you in increasing the revenue of the hotel.
  • Book according to the budget – The software blends with the functionality of your hotel’s website and the software will offer you the chance to customise everything according to your own convenience.
  • Ease the process of payments – With the multiple and direct payment options involved in the payment process, you are making the process of booking much easier. Understanding this, there is an option of ease the process of payments being introduced in the software.
  • Compatibility with the smartphones – The smartphones are compatible with the software. This is essential as not all the customers can have laptops on the go. So it is essential to make your software mobile friendly. This lets the customers book their place in the hotel on their way to the hotel. This also helps in making the management of time and visits easier. All such provisions let your customers rely on you more.
  • The ready to use widgets of plug and play – these are the widgets that will make your website even more impressive and that is when are ready to make the first and the last impression.
  • Trust on Promotions and Packages – The customers will always be going to appreciate if you introduce any new offers or packages that are better deals. They help your customers to rely upon and avail your services more and increase your turnover. The customers can turn into potential bookers due to interesting and intriguing packages and promotional offers.
  • Discounts – Your regular clients would appreciate a token of love, respect and thankfulness for availing your services. So you can express this feeling by offering them the discount offers on booking. You can also offer the discount to your corporate clients as the events, meetings, and stays would be possible a number of times in a month or even more frequently.
  • Deals for guests – If the new guests are arriving at your hotels, you can offer them the secret deals. This is necessary for making them your regular clients and increase your profit.
  • Affiliates management – This helps you deal with everything related to affiliates. Affiliates can be maintained easily as you keep the record of them bringing the clients in and increasing the sales. Affiliate management helps in easily tracking the sales managed by affiliates and providing them with the perks and financial benefits.
  • Language and currencies – Multiple languages and currencies is one option that helps you maintain the hotel management system in multiple languages. This is necessary for attracting the foreign clients. Never miss a chance to attract more clients from abroad as they can help significantly in increasing your revenue.
  • Tracking your emails – Track all your emails with email tracking system. This is essential for tracking what bookings were in line and all of them that have failed. This helps you track your system’s performance and eliminate flaws if any.
  • Maintain your Facebook page – You can get many many visitors from your Facebook page. So the hotel management system also helps you to manage your Facebook page. It helps people see and know more about your hotel. And when they see, they take your services.
  • Booking through SMS – Make your customers book their rooms and receive an instant notification of booking via SMS.
  • Review the increase in sales – This software will also help you to review the past sales records and introduce new strategies to increase sales and work on areas that need to be reworked.
  • Let your guest customise their requirements with pre-arrival – The pre-arrival option helps your customers to decide about the services they need. This helps them to estimate the cost of stay and it also helps you to plan the services accordingly.

There is a lot of many options any Hotel Booking Portal would incorporate to ease the management process. But what needs to be understood is that your hotel should have its visibility on the internet as well. This is essential as people are actively looking out for the best prices and the top notch services in the accommodation field.


Best Practice To Run Multilingual Websites & Multiregional SEO Tips

Multilingual SEO is in demand and people do not want to limit their business in boundaries. So here is a complete tutorial with FAQs for all such businessmen and avid readers to know more about multilingual SEO.

What is a multilingual website?

Any website that provides content in two or more languages is a multilingual website. For better understanding, this can be well explained by exemplification. The French business having a French version in addition to the English version of the website is a multilingual website. Also if you have the blog in Chinese that also has a Spanish version is the multilingual website. Multilingual SEO is popularly known as International Search Engine Optimisation. It is considered as the lifeline of the search marketing campaign that is run globally.

The process of SEO revolves around the “organic” or “natural” searches. It helps in the improvement of the ranking of any website in SERPS i.e. Search Engine Results Pages. These processes are being used for causing the search engines to crawl and for website understanding.

Benefits of running a multilingual website?

With Multilingual or International SEO, the websites become highly visible in the results of the search engines used all across the world. This also ensures that the website is highly relevant and just appropriate if we are putting our efforts to target the specific markets.

What is a multi-regional website?

Any website that is explicitly targeting users in a number of countries is known as the multi-regional website. There are some sites that are not only multilingual, but they are multi-regional as well. For better understanding, there might be a website that has its number of versions both for the UK and France. There is also the possibility of getting versions in English and French for the UK content.

What is the Best URL structure for Multinational/Multilingual websites?

This question can be best answered in three ways to match various business level needs. If it is done accurately then there is chance that you get better visibility in different countries so carefully consider your choice of URL–

  • Country-specific TLDs:

These URLs give clear geo-targeting approach as it is very easy to assume that these country specific URLs are created to target in the particular country i.e.  .in, .uk, .cn etc. However, it can be more expensive and require more infrastructure to manage workflow of these websites.

  • Subdomains with gTLDS:

These URLs are easy to setup and can allow different server locations and also they are less expensive in comparison to country-specific URLs. The URL structure of subdomain can be like

  • Subdirectories with gTLDs:

Another recommended option is to create sub directory. It is another easy way to setup and geo-targeting can be managed from search console easily. URL structure can become –

Applying Seamless SEO to Multilingual Sites?

Here are a few facts to brush up your information for helping you get a good grip on Multilingual sites SEO –

The search engine Google will need to understand your site’s structure and what it is all about.
The search engine might also need to know what the page is in regards with or in the other words, what is its purpose.
Every page of your website has a language. Google needs to understand the language of every single page of your website.
The search engine wants to know the translation of every single page of your website.

Content Duplicity and international sites

There are websites that offer content in a number of languages and for a number of regions. They produce content which is almost similar, but on the different URL. The content duplicity of this kind does not generally pose an issue, but that is true for as long as it is for different users living in different countries. It might not always be possible that the website owner provides what is generally recommended – UNIQUE CONTENT. So if you are failing to provide the unique content, then it is better not to disallow the crawling of the robot.txt file and hiding the duplicates. In fact, you can also select a version of your own choice and redirect it. Ensure the correct regional URL or language is presented to the users.

Two possible solutions to this problem are bulleted as follows –

But before going at two option we want you should watch this awsome video by Maile Ohye

  • Use of hreflang for regional URLs and language –

When you are serving the same page in the different language from different URLs then it is recommended to use HTML link element rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” attribute tags to serve correct language in the search result. In case you manage the page written in English at with a Hindi alternative at, you will have to use the following code to indicate the alternate version of the page in the different language –

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-ie" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-ca" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-au" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en" />

  • Use of sitemap in order to indicate the pages of alternate language –

Creating custom Sitemap can be an alternate option in order to indicate the pages of alternate language. If your site target users in many languages and, optionally, countries, you can use Sitemaps to provide Google with rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”. These attributes help Google serve the correct language or regional URL to searchers.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns=""

Do NOT use machine translation to translate your content

Most of us know and understand the potential of free machine translation as it shows the translated texts and helps us understand what’s written in the other language. But in spite of its flawless translation services, it is advised that you do not use this Google translator to translate the content of your website.

The reason for not doing so is explained as follows –And when you employ the machine translation, then you would COLLAPSE this entire system. But Google does not allow you to use the machine translation. And when you try to do so, then the machine translated pages are dropped out from the index and if all the pages are machine translated then the search engine drops the entire site out. And after you have been dropped, you can try your luck and hard work to get into index again.

One SOLUTION to this problem is that you can employ Google translation widget and show that it is not your translation. This is something which Google holds as legitimate and thus it encourages users to do so. If you are lacking enough resources to build your multilingual website, then you can also go for machine translations that are free of cost and they are done by Google. All you have to do is not storing the translated content in your database and post it as your own.

What are the features of seamless multilingual SEO or Multiregional SEO?

  • Website needs to produce a focused quality content
  • The website should be able to explain the search engine that why the pages are made. This can be explained well by making good titles, headings and meta descriptions.
  • Pages should be translated accurately by employing the real translators.
  • Never forget the attributes of SEO

Any website, in an initiative to target other countries, requires strategizing a seamless approach that involves the “out-of-the-box” thinking. If you are planning to make yourself seen on the global level, the best you can do is make your website in accordance with International SEO.

5 Mistakes While Writing Engaging Content

Engaging content is equal to interesting content. A content that can keep the user engaged till he finish reading the last line is engaging. But even for a second if the content looses its attention, then it is not less than a blunder a writer makes. When a writer writes an article or a blog, the purpose is to attract the users. But the expected results are not met. Why? Here are the 5 mistakes a writer makes while writing engaging content –

  • Know who to target – Well, if you gave forgotten whom you want to target, then this point is only for you. First and foremost point a writer might want to take care of is this one. A writer is always the person who writes keeping a certain group of people in mind. He writes what they want to read, what interests them. He also writes the content that addresses the issues of the readers so that the uses always know where to find the information.
  • Apply Creativity – It is up to the writer to apply creativity in his content. If he develops the content with his heart’s satisfaction and brews in it the mix of creativity, the content developed is always the most creative and hence interesting.
  • Make even the difficult topic interesting – well, it all depends on the way you present the information of even the most boring topics. There are some concepts which are not even liked by the people to whom they are targeted. But put the information in the most interesting way so that the readers loves reading it. What you need to know is that nothing is better than being simple, precise and yet understandable. For this you can make use of images, videos, and bullet points for better results.
  • Forgot to proofread? – One of the most important steps while blogging or article writing is proofreading. One other thing to do is, proofread only after a few hours so you start reading all over again with a fresh mind you are able to point the errors out. Few tools can work great like Grammarly
  • Put references? – Never forget to add the references. It makes your content more valuable and informative. Better choose site references that have enough relevant information. This will be extremely helpful in writing the engaging content and referencing it. According to a survey producing content is most challenging task for small online business –

With all these factors in mind, you get the best quality content that is both engaging and valuable piece of information. You can also include some practical records in order to prove your point while you are writing some information that involves evaluation and estimation.

Every writer has his own style of writing. Do not adopt anyone’s writing style and be always consistent in your writing methods. Make sure when you write, you have your essence in it so that reading your content, readers always knows its you  who can write such a badly informative and engaging content. You would love to take our content writer services where we give professional Content Writing service that sells like CRAZY!

Online Recharge Portal

Online Recharges PortalOutshine Solutions being one of the top organizations providing seamless website development services and portals, has set another milestone – Online Recharge Portal. Outshine Solutions has employed all its expertise in delivering a project with no flaws. This portal is providing solution for Recharge Portal Development, Recharge API, Mobile Recharge Software, Mobile DTH Data-Card Recharges, Master API Development, and One Sim Recharge.



Outshine Solutions has extended its services to numerous clients for years, both nationally and globally. This is yet another vital step that we have just taken for the benefit of the recharge industry having Recharge API and Mobile Recharge Portal. This portal is a kind of architecture that would require no more modifications and is perfect to be used directly. This portal provides you Mobile Recharge API and Automatic Mobile Recharge Software any more facilities. There are a number of advanced and unique facilities and features such as

  1. Unlimited support of long code
  2. Support of multiple mobile recharge API
  3. Number of routes for sending alerts of SMS

This portal also offers top notch data card and mobile/DTH services. This portal provides reliable recharge software services and solutions. The basic aim behind these is to provide solutions that open the gates of flexibility, effectiveness, potentiality, and creativity to all the customers, making this software extremely reliable and diverse.

Our recharge portal development services include:

  1. PHP Custom made Application
  2. Working on Web 3.0, HTML 5.0
  3. Web Logic, XML, and JavaScript Etc.
  4. Integration of API in the system
  5. 100+ Recharge options available
  6. Portal content management’s CMS
  7. Reporting system of MIS
  8. Add Funds and Wallets payment
  9. Ticket Support

The instant recharge of Data card/ DTH/ Mobiles is possible with Online Recharge API, Mobile Recharge website. There are recharging services that include single sim recharge software in order to reduce the cost of operations and eradicating the hassle of purchase and maintenance of a number of mobile phones and checking balance from multiple operators. The recharge facility will be available to all the customers, be it any service provider.

Benefits –

  • Extremely easy recharge
  • All the service providers covered for recharging DTH Data Card Payment, Bill Payment, and Mobile Payment.
  • Offers strong support for both the Database and back-end
  • Promising results in Telecom industry
  • Adding a great value to existing business or website
  • No requirement of maintaining stock for every unique mobile operator
  • No need for storing paper coupons for recharging
  • No such requirement of maintaining minimum deposits or balance
  • Unlimited retailers, distributors, master distributors and so many more.
  • Make good commission and profits through recharges

PPC Packages India


Our PPC service packages !!

Our PPC packages are planned to meet the expectation of small, medium and large business. Our PPC experts team make sure to provide you an optimal return on investment by creating outstanding paid campaigns in different ad networks, including Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc..

What is PPC Services?

PPC is a model of business marketing and it stands for pay-per-click. In this marketing model, advertisers have to pay a fee when every time a viewer clicks on one of their ads. This is done to get more number of visitors to the site rather than opting the organic methods of earning visits. The most preferred PPC form is search engine advertising that allows its advertisers to bid on the sponsored links on search engines for ad placement.

  • Features

  • Value

  • Standard

  • Premium

  • Minimum Period 3 Months
  • Networks: (Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Facebook)
  • Any 1 Network
  • Any 2 Network
  • Any 3 Network
  • No. of Keywords
  • 100
  • 200
  • 350
  • Text Ads
  • Banner Ads**
  • 1 Set
  • 3 Set
  • Geo Targeting Setup
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Ad Copy Optimization
  • Keyword Bid Optimization
  • ROI Analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Reports
  • Advanced Reports
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Support

SMO Packages India


Our SMO service packages !!

Need higher visibility and brand awareness on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media platform? Outshine Solutions is a professional SMO company providing a wide range of social media marketing plans to match social media marketing goals for every business.

What is SMO Services?

SMO is defined as a process which we performed to properly ensure that your website attains vast visibility in social media and get free traffic. Social Media Optimization is a most popular medium used by almost all organizations to increase brand products & services awareness. It is also a finest platform where we help you to meet your targeted customers and to attain your social media marketing goals.

  • Features

  • Any 2 platforms

  • Any 3 platforms

  • Any 4 platforms

  • FacebookActivites

  • Page Setup

  • Cover Photo Creation

  • Tabs Creation

  • Content Optimization

  • Posting/Updates (8-10 Per week)

  • Polls

  • Promoting brand in Target audience specific groups

  • Page Traffic Analysis

  • Creation of Hashtags

  • Tracking important influencers of the industry

  • Tracking trending hashtags relating to the industry

  • Ads Management *

  • Infographics Creation

  • Creating Rating & Review System

  • TwitterActivites

  • Page Setup

  • Background Photo Creation

  • Cover Photo Creation

  • Tweets (8-10 per week)

  • Creation of Hashtags

  • Participation in trending hashtags

  • Participation in conversations of active groups

  • Promoting brand in Target audience specific groups

  • Tracking people from the Target audience searching for our products/services

  • Promoting brand in Target audience specific groups

  • Running Promoted Hastags *

  • Infographics Creation

  • Google+ Activites

  • Page Setup

  • Background Photo Creation

  • Posting/updates (8-10 Per week)

  • Creation of Hashtags

  • Participation in conversations of active groups

  • Posting website keywords on page to boost SEO ranking

  • Ads Management *

  • Infographics Creation

  • Linkedin Activities

  • Page Setup

  • Background Photo Creation

  • Posting/updates (8-10 Per week)

  • Participation in target audience specific groups/communities/forums

  • Influncer Targeting

  • Ads Management *

  • Infographics Creation

  • Blog Activities

  • Blog Setup

  • Blogs creation – 4 blogs per month

  • Content Optimization

  • Blog promotion on social platforms

  • Ads Management *

  • Infographics Creation

  • Youtube Activities

  • Channel Setup

  • Appropriate Tagging

  • Participation in conversations of active groups

  • Promotion of videos on social platforms

  • Channel Subscribers Tracking

  • Video Editing (If required)

  • Ads Management *

  • All

  • Social Sentiment Monitoring

  • Target Audience Behaviour Analysis

  • Monthly/Weekly Reports

  • Back link creation for social pages

  • Setting up social plugins on websites/web pages (If required)

  • Integrating embedded tweets/posts on blogs (If required)

Tips to Find a Good eCommerce Development Company

It has been a few years since the onset of the Internet and every last person on earth is now very well aware of the drastic changes it has brought in our everyday lives. Accessing the Internet has become an everyday activity that is unavoidable and most of the part of our professional tasks requires the use of the Internet. Any eCommerce company solely counts on the Internet, as all the services they provide make the use of this essential part of communication.

For making any eCommerce business prosper one must need to understand the power and potential of the Internet and for that we are glad to suggest some tips that are just right to make your eCommerce portal grow every single day:

  • Development team can present their most convincing portfolio that narrates their success story With this the company can present its portfolio that act as its milestones in the future. The list of previous and the most successful projects it has deployed so far are sufficient in itself for narrating the company’s story of success. With this, the client gets a clear picture if the company would be able to cater to his needs and how well they would do in this path of development.
  • Interaction between the developer and the client is equally vital It definitely is! The only person who can best describe about the requirements of the eCommerce project is the client. Using any mode of communication such as hangout, skype, email, and facebook is essential for the successful development of your yet-to-develop or under-development project.
  • Technology works well, just an understanding is necessary One of the essential features of the development process is the technology of which the understanding is the lifeforce of the project’s success. This lets the client or the website owner know well about the expertise they hold in technology as well as the technology platforms they have employed in their development process.
  • Quote and initial evaluation is free of cost A good eCommerce company has good professionals that apart of making money has other goals too – developing and deploying eCommerce projects effectively so that it is evergrowing.
  • Developers must know the goals of the website set by the client Any eCommerce must understand the customers they are targeting. And that includes a clear understanding of age group, purpose, and hence the product prices would then be set.
  • Implementation of Strategies is crucial for the flawless eCommerce – Here comes the role of Development team. It has to work in accordance with the client’s expectations and strategies developed by the team. This needs to be very accurate and crystal clear. This is the time when the developers might need to coordinate with their client as they move on every single step of the development process. While the client must ensure that the development process is in progress and whether it will complete as per the defined dates.
  • Bring uniqueness to your eCommerce design as it is always appreciated This feature is always awaited by audience and offers its customers something that they are always desperate to try. Employing a unique feature to your eCommerce will always escalate the number of site visitors.
  • Meeting the deadlines will always please you and your clients too That is necessary so that you finish the project in the defined deadlines. Well, that gives you enough time to make any required modifications, plus the website is something for which people would never want to wait for like eternity, so completion of any eCommerce projects in time is thus essential.
  • Estimating the cost of the project becomes important as no client would want to ruin both your financial health as well as the service quality Right? You definitely, as a client, would not try to end up spending a lot and still getting poor services. What can you do? Well, that is important if you discuss the budget with the organisation handling your project in advance. And in the selected budget will they be able to provide you the desired level of services and full utilization of their expertise as well.
  • Find someone that can make your website look visible to people That is how website’s products are sold. Isn’t it? Understanding, developing and launching a website isn’t just enough, its popularity is necessary too. Of course, no one would know that a website like yours even exists if it is hidden from its potential audience. It should be developed in such a way that maximum people can access and use it.

Both client and eCommerce development company are responsible for the success of the developed eCommerce project. Client needs to narrate the requirements on time and company must develop the strategized plan to give it a shape, in the form of an eCommerce website with no flaws. A successful eCommerce idea offers a lot of opportunities and opens the doors of prosperity and success. Select your company wisely!

SMS Services

Today, SMS (Short Messaging Service) is used as a great marketing tool. It has gained huge popularity due to the multiple possibilities it provides for enhancing the company’s brand value and expanding customer base in the best possible manner. Not only India but also in other countries SMS marketing playing a major role for any marketing campaign. Outshine Solutions, a fast-growing bulk SMS solution provider of India offers complete Bulk SMS solutions for your business. You don’t need to connect a mobile phone to your computer, but an Internet connection with the Internet browser is sufficient to send SMS in bulk.


FREE DEMO - of  Sms Gateway India

We, at outshine solutions have successfully planned, designed and delivered plenty of bulk SMS service campaigns for our customers & clients, and are dying to share it with all those businesses and individuals who are looking for an effective medium to reach out to their targeted audience within seconds at cost-effective prices. But, if you wish to create a customized  SMS campaign based on your business requirements, then we will facilitate that for you as well.  Whether you are launching a new product, new scheme promotions, advertising campaigns in your area, or want to make an announcement nationally,  we will manage all aspects of your needs right from start to finish.

SMS messages are delivered within 5 seconds. In addition, SMS has a greater delivery rate  and can make its way into a mobile phone even in the regions with very weak network connection.

Some of the leading SMS Gateway features are as follows:

Admin Interface:

  • Full featured Control Panel
  • Lowest Bulk SMS Pricing
  • Unlimited Sender IDs
  • No hidden costs
  • Outstanding 24/7 Customer Support
  • Easy Payment Options
  • and lots more….

SMS Marketing Popular Among:

  • Financial, Consumer and Real Estate Services
  • Small and Medium Scale Industries
  • Human Resource Services
  • Schools and colleges
  • Social and Business Networking Groups
  • Information Technology (IT) Companies
  • Wholesale and Retail Stores
  • Hotels, Transport and Logistics
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Online Businesses And Marketing Agencies

Extra features :

  • Capable of sending thousands of SMS’s within Seconds
  • Send SMS one-by-one or by Groups
  • Scheduled Messaging (automated)
  • Send SMS to GSM And CDMA Network


Advance Features:

  • Use database as per city, state, target industry etc.
  • Muli launage support
  • Massage delivery reports
  • Send upto 700 characters in a single SMS


Our API (Application Programming Interface) is the flexible and easy alternative to integrate the Bulk SMS Features with your applications or business site. Moreover, sample code to go through the API is available for all programming languages, including PHP, .Net and ASP. Send SMS from your Brand Name or Company Name using the unique Sender ID.

Our SMS gateway India help you send messages to multiple users with user-friendly interface. So, click below and create your account to use our SMS gateway, if you have any doubt you can write mail to

Why A Recruitment Portal Important And How Outshine Can Help

Job Portal Development CompanyIndia, the second largest populated country after China, and about 60 to 65 percent of the country’s population is in the age group of 20- 30 years, clearly stating the high demand of new jobs and providing rise to the significance of various job portals. Job Portals are the meeting points for the recruiters and the job seekers where each goals at meeting their respective requirements. Recruiters  fill their job openings with the right candidate who has the right qualification and ability to handle the responsibilities efficiently. On the one hand, the job seekers try to find a job where they can apply their knowledge and grow as a professional.

If you are planning to open your own job recruitment firm, then this blog can help you on finding your each requirement. In early days to manage recruitment process we had to manage a long data base into doc or excel files which was very time consuming work for anyone but now a software or job portal have taken place in market. Although, the cost of job portal software was very expensive but now the technology made it affordable for small or start ups too. As being in Job portal development solutions for long years, Outshine Solutions continue to add latest and advance features in its job portal and provide smart ways to operate a business smartly. Lets have a look upon latest features that is high demand for any job portal –

Features Of Job Portal:

  • Recruitment portal should give you a solution to get your process automated.
  • The portal should give power to store unlimited databases of Job seekers and employers.
  • The recruitment process should be easy for both job seekers and employer.
  • Automatic scheduling should be done through the cron job facility for system reminders, updates, matching jobs, Bulk mailing.
  • Online application submission, tracking of application, manager your methods powerfully without any delay.
  • Tracking, Filtering, short-listing the best candidates for your company.
  • Management of job seekers, employers, statistics of your data, report generation, CMS management are the best part of a recruitment solution

Find full specification of job portal at this PDF file

Job portals make the recruitment process, simple and speedy with above features. Online job portals have a huge database of active job seekers, and often provide free resume or CV submission services, which encourages job seekers to resist with them. As an employer, you can filter with the help of data base and select to those CV’s that meets the job profile criteria. You just need to enter the candidates you are looking for, and get a lot of resumes that match your needs in a snap. You can easily and quickly screen out job seekers with specific qualification and experience, contact them, interview them and if fount suitable, close the vacancy with the right candidate.

We believe that the job portals play a major part in finding the right job for the job seekers in today’s world. The online job search portals are one of the cheapest sources of communication for the job seekers and the applicants. Both, the recruiter and the job seekers can register at the portal free of cost as well as specify their requirements. In addition,  they get an alert from the job portal whenever a candidate comes up or a suitable job. Employers who are looking for the right  candidate for their company can find at job portal. They don’t have to take an interview of many job seekers to find one from the best and employers can send application using job portal so the procedure of appointment becomes faster.

With the help of recruitment software/application, you can do major business automation very effectively and in short time.

We, at Outshine Solutions  provide ease to use as well as completely flexible, high class quality and rich features job portal. Also, we have developed a number of job portal on the basis of custom needs of our clients. Check our affordable job portal package and take a first step to be a successful business.

Get 15% Off on Hosting and SEO Plans – Independence Day Offer

independence day offer
Outshine Solutions is offering 15% discounts on all its web hosting packages and SEO plans as a part of the celebrations for India’s Independence Day. This huge discount offer has been started by 8th of August and is valid for 15th of August, 2015. If you are looking for a reliable and dedicated web hosting and SEO services, look no further. Hurry up and buy your package or plan now.

The prime goal of Outshine Solutions is to consistently put advanced and easy-to-use web hosting solutions in the hands of their customers & clients at an affordable price. 15% discount on all our web hosting and SEO plans are the best example of this. We provide rich features and outstanding Linux hosting solutions at reasonable prices. So, the already affordable rates have turned out to be cheaper after offering 15% discount. We are devoted to providing businesses and personal with great yet affordable shared hosting, dedicated server and VPS hosting services. Our unbeatable SEO plans, include Starter, Standard, Expert, Advanced and Corporate. To enjoy this offer, browse our SEO plans and web hosting plans .

To help resellers run business with the a few issues, our technicians are standing by 24 hours to offer help via live chat and email. So, no matter when you have any technical issues, we are able to get instant answers with useful methods to deal with your problems or concerns efficiently.

Just like many other reseller web hosting providers, we accept credit cards, debit card and PayPal to make sure you can enjoy a secure and easy payment.

E Commerce Opportunities For New And Mid Level Business

help on  setting up ecommerce store
In India, ecommerce market is growing like never before and this situation birth to big competition in search engine marketing.  Although Google and other search engines offer equal opportunity for every business to get better placement. Basically, search engine work with a mathematical algorithm which includes various ranking factors, and it works to automate to produce organic search results. This process creates new doors for mid level business or startup to grow their business and scope to meet with new customers. According to a recent article by times of India E-commerce market to touch $16 billion in India this year.

Match goals with Visitors goals

Most of the eCommerce store target wrong keywords or focus on keywords which could not make conversion rate. if you want SEO to work for your business site, you need to make sure your goals match the goals of your visitors. Remember, it’s not about traffic, but about understanding what you want and then optimizing your site for keywords that bring visitors, particularly who want the same things.

All the keywords which are generating traffic does not mean that can increase in sales. People tend to be very specific when they are doing a keyword search in search engines, so ensure that the keywords you  have choose aren’t too general, otherwise, visitors  not going to find you

Educate Your visitors

You have to create an great experience online that makes the shopper feel as educated and comfortable with making a purchase. Provide your visitors with good information about your product. This might include studies that have been done on your product, testaments from other customers who have purchased your product or general, rich information about your product and not another sales pitch. Basically, there are few thing influence users purchase decisions, which include:

  • Need Recognition
  • Products quality
  • Customer reviews
  • Competitive pricing
  • Checkout ease process

Always remember it that making a connection with your website visitors is more important than anything in online marketing. As a businessman, you have to put yourself in the mind of your clients & customers whenever selling products or services. For example, what are they are looking to bring out of this purchase and how will this make their life easy? Etc.

Enthusiasm + Passion = Success

Online marketing is not one time execution process else you will continue to lose your online market if you would not maintain it regularly. A real enthusiasm is needed here to grab the market and need lots of passion to win in this competitive eCommerce world.

Seriously, if you are thinking its part time activity and its very easy for you so you are very far from the reality and we don’t recommend you to waste your money or time. In the other hand, if you really want to have a taste of success with eCommerce opportunities, then first you must have a product to sell, must have good market who will buy your products, online eCommerce store if you are new and looking to build new store check our affordable eCommerce store plans, last a great online marketing plan with the help of some case studies.

Be responsive

It is not wrong to say that number of smartphone users has been increased and now people love to search and buy through their smartphones. Even a number of shopping apps taking a place against of website, but at the initial level a custom app can be quite costly, but making your website responsive for smart phones and tablets isn’t a very far from your budget.

Strategy Beyond Money

If you have already spent lots of money on developing, designing and running your online store, but not attaining a good result then of-course you are missing a good marketing strategy. Most of all eCommerce portal wants to defeat their competitors at any cost and want to get first position in Google. But fortunately, no big business can buy organic ranking.

Facebook ads Marketing Guide for Online Stores & Startups

facebook ads

Facebook is the leading social media network with over 1.23 billion active users across the world. Another stat says that 90% businesses and over 80% ads agencies using Facebook ads as a one of important marketing tactic. About 80% of customers prefer to connect themselves to products or brands through Facebook. This means Facebook is one of the best platforms for any online business to increase its products & services sales and generate new customers. If you are also running an online business or looking to create brand images by advertising, Facebook is the right place to do so.

In this post, we provide basic stuff you must know about Facebook ads and targeting options to take your online store or business a higher level.

A Variety Of Facebook Ads You Can Create


How will you know which type of Facebook ad will best suit your particular needs? Don’t know here are some Facebook ads that can benefit your website significantly.

  • Boost your posts
  • Promote your Page
  • Send people to your website
  • Increase conversions on your website
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase engagement in your app
  • Raise attendance at your event
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Get video views

Increasing conversion rate, Brand building and driving huge traffic to your website are few common aims of Facebook Advertising. This can be either to boost overall reach of your site or to send online users to a landing page and have them purchase your product or increase number of subscribers for your services.


  • Promoted Posts

Not every page post shows up in the News Feeds of all of your Fans. So, if want your Posts to be seen by your Fans, and friends of those Fans, then Promoted Posts can be the solution for you.  They start as a regular post that you’ve made on your business Page. In addition, you choose a Post, set a budget, after that share the post to a set number of Facebook members, and the post can be seen by your Fans, or even friends of your Fans.

“For example, promote a post to announce a new product or service or group discount, and driving users to your site’s landing page to complete a purchase.”

  • Remarketing

Remarketing can be completed through Website Custom Audiences (a new way to reach your potential customers on Facebook). It enables you to show your ads on Facebook pages, and targeting those who already visited your site or who know your brand already or have previously brought something from your online store.

Facebook Ad Targeting Options

You can spend huge money and time in creating a wonderful Facebook ad with a wonderfully designed image, but if your targeted audience is not able to see this ad, then what is the point? Choosing the right Facebook parameters is the difference between a failed ad and a successful ad that adds purchases for you.  Some of the key parameters include.

  • Target By Location

Facebook provides advertisers / marketers the power to target ads down to the city, state or country level, which is really a powerful way for both local small businesses and national brands to ensure their ads are reaching audiences in their target markets.

“For example, if you want to provide shipping of your products only in Delhi, then why waste your money on advertising your products in Mumbai.  Targeting audience by location will truly boost ROI on advertising.”

  • Target By Demographic

You can reach users based on demographics such as age, gender, education, relationship status and more. It is a very great way for advertisers to ensure that they’re reaching their target audience.

“For example, there is no point in advertising shaving kits to women or costume jewelry items to men. So, choose the right age and gender that your ad be supposed to target.”

  • Target By Interests

Interest targeting allows you to identify your ideal audience by their hobbies, interests and Pages they like on Facebook.

“For example, if you are selling a show about a popular football club, then you must target those people who have liked that clubs page on Facebook.”  

  • Target By Custom Audiences

You can use it to create fan base, drive website traffic, grow email list or sell. It lets you target your ads at your existing customers or client from your own list, or take out them from a specific campaign. If you want to provide special discounts, offers or promotions to your existing customer base, this is really beneficial.

  • Target By Connections

Connection targeting is the most robust of Facebook’s newly released targeting features. Advertisers can target their ad to reach users who are users of any of your applications, members of any of your groups, fans of any of your pages, etc.

When it comes to the types of ads with the targeting options, Facebook provides plenty of options to choose from!!!!!

Google AdWords Management

Google Adwords ServicesIf you are trying to target online customers for your products or services, then Google AdWords must be a part of your online marketing plan to reach your targeted customer and drive relevant traffic to your site to increase online business sales.

Google Adwords

ecommerce packages Google AdWords is online advertising program that helps you to reach at targeted customers and drive online traffic to your business website. Adwords allow you create a custom ads with lots of customize options like custom budget, custom audience etc.  It is knows as great lead generation tool and a practical way for every kind of businesses to build awareness of their business brands. Ads are shown based on what each person is searching for, which means you reach people, specifically searches for your products or services.

Why Google AdWords?

When an online user enters a search query on Google, then the user will see the natural search results for that query along with AdWords ads, which are highly targeted to the search topic. Therefore, Google AdWords ads are as useful and relevant as Google’s search results. AdWords are revenue generators as they are designed to capture people and land them to a page where they can buy your product or service.  Google AdWords provides you loads of mobile optimization options and you can target both text ads and image ads.

For Example:
Suppose, if you market for a local fast-food shop in Delhi India, then mobile ads are a perfect fit. Your customer may be looking for Hardee’s, while they are walking through your area, then they often search for places close by. Your mobile optimized ad shows up first and you get a new customer.

Google AdWords is flexible as it has customizable options for your campaign to go with your specific needs –

  • They can be used to specific keyword match types that allow you to display your ad for exact keyword searches.
  • Ad extensions provide you the ability to display everything from contact information, product images to a set of links to your site.
  • You can narrow your audience by their language, their location, or even by their device they’re using.
  • You can control how much to invest in AdWords and set daily limits for your campaign.

Let’s say you run a car repair shop In Delhi India, you can set your ad to appear to customers in just Delhi location. So, when anyone living or visiting there searches Google for “Car Repair In Delhi” they will see your ad and click it to contact with you.

Why Choose Us

Google AdWords campaign management becomes more time consuming and complex, so more businesses are looking to expert pay-per-click (PPC) management companies for help. Outshine Solution, a Google certified Adword Management Company can manage all aspects of your PPC campaign, improve your PPC results and lets you to focus on your core business. We have worked with many industries including real estate, technology, tourism, software, hotels, design, and more. We begin by identifying the purpose of your PPC campaign, and from there do comprehensive keywords research, match options, bids, budgets, ads and tracking on a continuing basis.

Benefits of our Google AdWords Management Service

  • Your account managed by a team of experienced and qualified professionals
  • Just set-it and forget it as everything will be handled by our team
  • Improve your ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Get monthly reports detailing all aspects of any alterations, changes and results.

The costs of Google AdWords depends on  many factors, including how much you want to spend, how much competition there is for the keywords you want to buy, how many keywords you buy, etc. But, we can tell you that AdWords is very accountable.

Facebook Ads Marketing

Facebook ads

Power Of Facebook Advertising

Facebook (FB) has more than 1.35 billion members (approximately a 5th of the world’s population) in which more than 850 million people log onto Facebook daily, and performs various activities. According to an online survey in 2014 there were 108.9 million active Facebook users from India. Such records indicate that whether you’re a small, medium-sized or a large organization, Facebook is finest platform where you can connect with your target audience, so giving out informative and innovative content that really engages Facebook users.

ecommerce packages In addition, Facebook is becoming more and more important to every business marketing plan, but you might be asking that “Why should I include Facebook advertising to my business marketing plan?” the answer isn’t difficult because it provides a social voice to your businesses, appeal users to like your pages, increase shares and engagement which is a easiest source to get connect with your audience and its great technique of marketing and promoting any company’s brand, products and services as well as helps in making strong relationship with the target audience.

Why You Need To Advertise On Facebook (FB)

Custom targeting is one of the logical functions inbuilt on Facebook ads that attract marketers a lot towards Facebook ads marketing. Same like email or direct-mail marketing advertiser can store emails to customize audience in ads from specific location to specific person and also a lot more controls. You can make a fast growing list of potential customers that will be with you for many years to come with Facebook ads. This freedom isn’t available with other channels like radio, print, TV or yellow page ads, you get the ad but not get the list.

You can reach your target demographic in your comfort zone that is one of the biggest advantages for Facebook advertising. When any users see your business ads on their FB timelines, a certain amount of trust is inherent that you cannot achieve when considering a random link on a Google search. Some of your targeting options with FB advertising, including Age, Gender, Workplace, Interests, Categories and Education level. You can use one, a mixture or all.

With these targeting options, we create an FB advertising campaign that is relevant to your target market or audience, and focusing on the observations using the FB advertising platform will definitely reap great advantages for your business, which is our prime aim of promoting your business, products and service.

Why choose Us

Our Facebook Ads services is fully-comprehensive and includes everything required to get a Facebook PPC campaign off the ground and running successfully. We have already said that FB has more than 1.35 billion members so just think that how efficient placing your business products and service’s advertising will be in FB pages we make sure you get more leads at a lower cost-per-lead.

Why we’re the best at what we do:

  • Experience in Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Dedicated to Lead Generation
  • Believe to achieve marketing goals faster
  • 100% results Oriented
  • Help to increase customer loyalty
  • Always Be Testing (ABT)

Facebook is a dominant advertising tool, and your business /company will only benefit from using it. Facebook Advertising can be a steep mountain to climb, thus if you are lost on where to start and how to start, Contact us now.

PPC Campaign Management

Pay Per Click or PPC is an online advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the website owners when the ad is clicked. Sponsored ads you see at the top of Google’s search results page that is PPC advertising. When an online user clicks on the ad, the person lands on your site and you only pay the search engine a little fee.

PPC Campaign Management

PPC package In PPC Campaign you are allow to use different kinds of platforms to show your ads on Smartphone’s, tablets, and other devices or Besides, you can also specify certain settings within your PPC campaign, like the times or day you want your ad displayed, locations that you want to target and how much money you want to spend per day. With PPC campaigns, you can put your Ads directly in front of people who are searching queries on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any social media network such as Facebook, twitter.

For example: Suppose a person living in India, wants to make sure that only people in his city that is Delhi can actually see his ad instead of advertising for users in other different cities. Then, PPC campaign can help that person in putting his ad in front of people who are living in Delhi only.

If you are struggling to increase online sales through PPC services, then we, at Outshine Solutions offering professional PPC services from India which can help you to get more online sales with brand awareness and attract more and more customers to your business. We know that the success of PPC is not measured by the technology and tools, but by the best strategy.

ppc services steps
This advertising also includes mobile ads and remarketing options. As Being a PPC advertising company we provide a great range of PPC advertising services, including:

  • PPC Landing Page Creation
  • Creating Ad Copyright And Ad Campaign Set Up
  • Paid Search Strategy Implementation
  • Increased Paid Traffic
  • Better Leads And Sales
  • Improved ROI And Reduced CPC
  • Bid Management And Re-Targeting

Successful PPC campaign management needs a greater level of understanding that doesn’t come from just reading blogs or books, but comes from many years experience in managing Pay Per Click campaigns for companies and that the level of experience you get with Outshine solutions. We are dedicated to providing the utmost level of PPC campaign management at cost-effective prices and make sure that your PPC campaign is a success, from keyword research and campaign set-up, monitoring and management to measurement and reporting. We do broad keyword analysis for your business, and name those keywords that will provide you a great number of enquiries.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced And Dedicated Professionals To Manage PPC Accounts
  • Quality PPC Management At Affordable Prices
  • Transparent Business Policy
  • Reliable And Effective Services
  • Effective And ROI On Your Ad Spend
  • 100% Satisfactory Outcomes
  • 24 /7 Hour Communication Support

If you’re wondering that why your PPC is not paying off for you, contact with us to learn why.  We are a renowned PPC advertising agency and can boost your lead generation and profit.

School Management System

SchoolManagementSystemSchool management software (SMS) helps to manage a school management system as well as provides a better interaction between teachers, students and parents. On the whole, a good school management tool provides users access to relevant school information, and it permits users to access the information within few mouse clicks rather than investing entire day in searching for a record in the bunch of paper files. School management software is a large database system that is used for managing and stores your day to day school business.

We, at Outshine Solutions have been providing quality school management solutions to our customers for years. We believe that the school teachers, students, parents should and managements get relevant and vital information on a single screen.  Additionally, we provide our clients with the best feature oriented solutions completely customized to their needs.

Key Features of Our School Management Software:

  • Manage Student Information And Profile

With Our Student Management software, student functions like parent’s information, admission, attendance, grading and discipline efficiently managed.  Remember, data is entered only once and immediately available in customizable reports. Additionally, teachers can effortlessly view all accessible Student Records such as Parental Information, Emergency Contacts, and View Disciplinary Records and can update profile settings. Besides, educators can have access to View Timetable, View Exams Details, View Teacher Profile, Check Latest News and many more.



  • Send SMS or Email to Parents

Using our software, School admin can send Email’s or SMS’s on the daily or scheduled basis through registered Sender ID. Besides, SMS’s can be sent through generating reports such as pending fee alerts, Student Attendance, stock availability, salary collection etc., as well. However, parents can View student profile, attendance records, exam details, School Calendar and events, etc.

  • Records And Maintains For Students, Parents Or Staff Members

School admin can maintain the records for Students, Parents, and Teachers, Staff members, etc, with the school management system. Also, this menu will help to maintain the admissions as well as enquiries at the school front desk, so management has real time information about the admissions or enquiries. Installing our school software brings better communication as well as removes the gap held among teachers, students, parents, staff, administration, etc.

  • Attendance Management For Student/ Teachers /Staff

With school management software, school administrators can maintain all the records related to students, teachers and Staff attendance. It will provide the complete attendance report for a given period of time that will calculate all the off-days, holidays and presents or absents, etc. In addition, school administrators can View students List, List/Manage student guardians, List Courses and Batches, Manage Departments, View Exam Assessments, Set Class timings and many other time consuming activities. Some of our major College/School ERP System include:

  • Student Management
  • Employee Management
  • Courses Management
  • Examination Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Fees/Online Payment
  • Hostel Management
  • Library Management

Today, computer technology has engaged more than 90% of human life, and the future generation such as students has to use technology in their every aspect of their life. However, introducing technology in their everyday life boosts their interest and activeness, so that they can easily learn, grow or be competent enough. Outshine Solution provides access to all information associated with academics and administration at one place. In addition, communication or sharing knowledge with teachers, staff and peers can happen with no trouble. Some of our major college portal services include:

There are many feature of our School/College management system like:

Student Management System

  • MessageBox
  • Check news
  • Check events
  • View calender
  • Download syllabus, course material etc
  • Update student profile settings
  • View attendance
  • View timetable
  • view Fees details
  • View Exams details
  • View library logs(Books issues, books returned etc.)
  • View Hostel Information
  • View hostel fee/mess fees/dues information

Teacher Portal Management

  • Mailbox
  • Check latest news
  • Check events
  • Check school calender
  • Download/upload documents
  • Manage uploads
  • View teacher profile
  • View Attendance
  • View timetable
  • View exams details
  • Update profile settings

Employee Management:

  • Create/Add New employee
  • List Employees
  • Create and manage Employee PaySlip
  • Employee Leave management
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Manage employee association with departments
  • Manage Employee categories
  • Manage Departments
  • Manage employee positions
  • Manage employee grades

Student Management

  • Create/Add New student
  • Create/manage student category
  • View students List
  • List/Manage student guardians
  • ID card automation
  • Courses Management
  • Create Courses
  • Create Batches
  • List Courses and Batches
  • Manage Course Settings

Web based school management system from Outshine Solutions help companies, organization and educational institutions train their employees and students to work smarter as well as more efficient than ever before.

e-Learning Portal Development

elearning portal

eLearning is very important to the success of organizations, educational institutions, communities and individuals. If you are a small or mid size company that never ventured into online training before, then you can start with eLearning portals. Outshine Solutions helps you build customized e learning application that make extremely engaging or interactive experiences, easy to implement as well as flexible to increase to your unique needs.



Our Custom E-Learning Application & Web Portal Development Services Include:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) Software Services

LMS helps make easy training for educational institution, organization, and enables the management and delivery of learning content with resources to employees / students and allows for anytime, anywhere access. Additionally, LMSs can be used to manage educational records, training or to distribute courses on the Internet.

  • We can integrate custom courses with LMS to help you get the reporting and results you want.
  • We can Custom code courses in SCORM, SCORM and AICC so that you can track the progress of your learners without difficulty.
  • We put together interactive platforms for video conferencing, threaded discussions, screen sharing, instant messaging, message boards and e-mailing.
  • Corporate training departments often buy our LMSs to automate recordkeeping and for the registration of employees / workers for online courses.
  • Plug-ins developed for delivering, documenting, tracking, reporting and administering learning processes.
  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS) Software Services

LCMS is a platform for managing content creation is mainly designed to hold libraries of content, enables organizations and educational institutions to create courses from it. Content might be images, documents, video or even audio files. We have experienced programmers, graphic designers and content creators with the precise expertise to help you define your objectives for an effective LCMS solution.

  • “Uncooked” presentations converted into developed courses with voice over’s and responsive design.
  • “Flash Content” converted to HTML5 and custom learning platforms developed by using tools such as Storyline, Lectora, Articulate, Blackboard or Captivate.
  • Gamification of e-learning content along with stunning 2D and 3D graphics is created for interactive learning.
  • Web-based Training (WBT)

How Challenging It Can Be To Conduct Employee Training? HR professionals know this across all the industries. At Outshine Solutions, we can create web-based employee training software that particularly meets the requirements of your organization. Our web-based training software enables you to

  • Reach Employees In Several Locations
  • 2D & 3D Simulations
  • Create Engaging As Well As Interactive Training Programs
  • Implement User-Tracking Through AICC / SCORM Compliancy
  • Make Use Of Streaming Video And Audio.
  • Enable Questions And Answers With Employee Feedback.
  • Save Money On Expenses.
  • Student On-boarding and Management Solutions:

We develop student educational services platforms for enrollment processes, fee statements, transcripts, or schedules. In addition, we create platforms for digital handbooks, video orientation and automated welcome emails.

With a single solution, Outshine Solutions software makes it easy to:

  • Run several mentoring, coaching or on boarding programs
  • Customized each program to your unique institution’s needs
  • Provide anytime and anywhere access to your program

E-Learning solutions from Outshine Solutions help companies, organization and educational institutions train their employees and students to work smarter as well as more efficient than ever before.

Auction Website Development

Today, online bidding websites have achieved huge popularity. Buyers and seller can buy or sell products and services through bidding sites as per their industry. Do you know that you have only 3 seconds to attract attention visitors before they click to another website? This is a true fact, and that is why outshine solutions specializes in making custom designed websites for the Auction business.

Our highly dedicated team has created a broad range of auction portal development services as well as has built lots of custom and unique features, which allow our clients to be noticeable in the competition.



Our Auction Portal Development services:  We are a professional auction portal development company and providing outstanding services for online auction & bidding website development. Some of our key services include:

Auction Portal Solutions

  • Auction Portal Design & Development
  • Bidding Portal Development
  • Custom Action Portal Development
  • Penny Auction Portal Development
  • General Auction Portal Development
  • Auction and Bidding Website Development
  • Auction Management System
  • Existing Auction Portal Enhancement
  • Live / Virtual Auction Portal Development
  • Auction Portal Maintenance

We are just matchless, particularly when it comes to the technical features of an auction website. Our team consists of experienced, skilled and talented web developers who are very much aware of the latest technology and portal trends, and working with technologies like JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Cakephp, Python, Word Press and lots more.

We are able to provide you a unique selling community for your sector, where buyers and sellers have a single marketplace to do transactions. Besides, we can help you to increase your ROI (return on investment) as have developed numerous successful auction websites.

Online Auction Software Features: We enable our clients to keep track of many auction parameters, including how many bids have been gotten for a product or who offered the highest bid. Remember, you can end bidding for an item and start again that as well.

Some of the leading auction software features are as follows:

Auction Interface:

  • Listing Items (set or percentage based)
  • Highlighted Auctions
  • Bold Auctions
  • Home Page Featured Auctions
  • Category Featured Auctions
  • Reserve Auction fee
  • Buy it now fee
  • Second Category fee
  • Make an offer fee

Advanced search facility enables for items by:

  • Keywords (item title and description)
  • Items with reserve price
  • Items listed with buy it now
  • Items with swap enabled
  • By country/zip code
  • By seller
  • By buyer
  • By store

Extra features of our Auction website portal :

  • Users can leave feedback for each other with Facebook account
  • User help and F-A-Q text already built into the system
  • Sellers can accept Buy It Now offers.
  • Buyers can now make offers on listed items.
  • Users can select if they want to receive your web-sites newsletter.
  • Potential bidders can ask the seller a question directly.

Listing features:

  • Easy category selection
  • Users with a store can select whether to list their new item in their store, auction only or both (available if seller has an active store)
  • Sellers can enter their own item title
  • Sellers can enter their selection for any custom fields.
  • Users can open their own eBay type stores, upload their company logo and display all their open auctions

Start your online auction business with our exceptional online auction portal designing services, which are available at cost effective prices.

Online Deals Portal development

The entire world has become an E-commerce market commerce that is an easy way to make money. In fact, web designing is a combination of different skills and arts that are used in making, designing, modification or upgrading of complete websites or web pages. Business owners must have a few specialized platforms where they can directly deal with their potential customers & clients. For this, we at outshine solutions provide the best online deals portal development services. Our online deals website design is helpful and suitable style to create the web pages as well as can manage on a daily basis.

Daily deal is win-win situation for both buyers and businesses as buyers get great value whenever the product they need is featured in a daily deal while businesses can make some additional profit through the sale of the products. Online deals portal websites created by us provide flexibility to users and can make profitable deals though your daily portal.



Our daily deal portal development services are customized to every customer demand and needs. Our professional web development team of expert will help you in making a strong foundation for your business growth, starting from the initial web designing to the development of core technology. Some of the benefits of Daily Deal websites developed by us are included:

    online deals website

  • Build trust
  • Increased Exposure and More Reviews
  • Repeat Customers
  • Create loyalty
  • Making Money with Daily Deal Sites
  • Cost-effective

Companies, both small and large who want to expand their business by getting involved into property listing business can take advantages our services. However, real Estate agents and brokers who want to make their own property-listing website can also opt. We have a team of professional website creators and designers who will provide you best results according to your business requirement.

There are various features built-in our online deal’s portal development services, including:

Special features includes:

  • Create Deals
  • Invite friend for deal
  • Gift cards to gift any of our friends
  • Friend’s referral system
  • Post a deal
  • Posting sub deal

Special Features for daily deals website:

  • Email templates design
  • Coupon Generation System
  • Referral system
  • Fast buy without registration
  • Google map support
  • Deal without time limitation
  • Free Deal
  • One day deal
  • Deal Scheduler System

Extra features of our Daily deals portal :

  • CMS pages facility
  • Unlimited Deal
  • Mega Deal
  • Multi-Redeem Location deals
  • Manual Coupon

Admin area:

  • Revenue estimator
  • Deals Report
  • Multiple deal status
  • Featured Deals
  • Merchant Area

Generally, local businesses or store owners use online deals websites to make moneymaking deals for the online buyer’s customers. We not only help you in the design and development of your online deals website, but also hold discussions with you to note all your requirements carefully.

Real Estate Portal Development

Real Estate industry has turned into one of the fastest developing industries worldwide, and people across the world are using the Internet to find anything they want, for instance, via seeking a website, gateway, store, products and so on. It is also same in case of real estate industry as people searches real estate agent, builders, agencies, brokers and property like homes and condos, and many other things that are related to this industry as per their needs.



Therefore, if you are in real estate business and want to design a web portal, Outshine Solution will help you to design and develop a great real estate portal to suit your business requirements. Our development team has years of experienced in creating real estate portals, and will work with clients closely as well as provide them successful strategies to create user-friendly websites. Out team understand and know technical challenges prevailed in this industry as well as device solutions to defeat these challenges with an absolute automated system. Whatever are your needs, we are a capable to give you outstanding real estate solutions. Some of our major real estate portal services include:


  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • B2b Real Estate Portal Development
  • B2c Real Estate Portal Development
  • Property Portal Development
  • Existing portal development
  • Custom Real Estate Portal Development
  • Real Estate portal maintenance and help

Companies, both small and large who want to expand their business by getting involved into property listing business can take advantages our services. However, real Estate agents and brokers who want to make their own property-listing website can also opt. We have a team of professional website creators and designers who will provide you best results according to your business requirement.

There are many feature of our real estate portal like:

Special features includes:

  • Cost effective way to advertise and list your property
  • People can search property by types, size, price and locations from the comfort of their home
  • Just one-stop-solution for all your property buying and selling requirements
  • People can do listing, buying and selling of property (new or old) within few clicks

Special Features for property listing:

  • Insert Property Listing
  • Import and Export Data from CSV
  • Support for sale, rent, Buy, and vacation rental properties
  • Shared property notes
  • Shared property tasks
  • Send properties via email
  • Upload multiple photos at once
  • Automatic resizing of photos

Extra features of our real estate portals :

  • Automatic creation of thumbnails
  • YouTube videos
  • Google Maps
  • Featured Listing of property
  • Instant Listing Of property
  • Boolean Search
  • Advanced search

Admin area:

  • Featured Real Estate
  • Advertisement Management
  • Comments and Rating
  • Social Sharing
  • Publish properties in any country or city
  • Assign users to properties
  • Automatic conversion from metric to imperial units and vice versa

We offer the most effective features that make easy for our clients to sell their properties online and well as buyers can search or browse the commercial and residential properties. Our clients are growing their business online by taking our best solution for their real estate website, so why not you.

Sales Executive/International Business Trainee

We are having opening for Sales Executive/Trainee at Outshine Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Total Vacancy – 3)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Will seriously involve in lead generation process from global/overseas market.
  • Will be calling to the new prospects and leads
  • New client acquisition
  • Develop and execute sales/marketing proposals and sales presentations.
  • Interacting with clients over the phone.
  • Giving them a brief about the services offered by Outshine Solutions
  • Giving clarifications about our services and offerings.
  • Will be doing data mining.

Job Qualifications:

  • Should have good analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Candidates from MBA in marketing will be preferred.
  • We need Fresher or maximum 1 year experience.
  • Must be having good communications skills.
  • We need only smart guys who can deal professionally to global prospects and customers.

Why To Join Us:

  • Outshine Solutions will provide you proper training session to deal in real time environment and get professional exposures to grow in coming future.
  • Employee will get opportunity to work under experienced sales and marketing professionals which will generate good confidence, convincing power, negotiation skills, methods and process to work in IT company.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please e-mail your CV (in Word format,),with salary expectations to Outshine Solutions, at Or contact on 0120-4217202.

What Are The Differences Among Marketing, Branding and Advertising?


Businesses usually use marketing, advertising or branding to encourage and convince people for buying their products and services. However, many businesses even individuals use wrongly the three terminologies since their meanings are so confusing because of their close connections with each other. Knowing the distinctions among them can help any business to grow considerably as marketing, advertising and branding help to raise the reputation of the company’s brand, product and services by keeping the buyer aware.

Occasionally, these three terms bring confusion about the best word to use among the three words due to their inter-connectivity and the final outcome. For instance, advertising of a product may increase potential buyers’ awareness of the specific brand whereas the trustworthiness of a brand or product justifies the total cost of advertising spent on it. All three elements work as an interconnected component toward increasing sales and boost the reputation of the company.


Marketing is a regular planning, implementation and control of a combine business activities and tasks aimed to bring both buyers and sellers together for the mutually beneficial exchange of products and services. It includes complete conceptualization of a brand or product right from research to designing to promoting to sale. You can promote your brand, products and services by using various advanced marketing tools such as digital marketing, through business events, SEO, Social Media, etc, Besides, you can also use traditional marketing tools like print media, television, door to door marketing to promote your company and its products. Generally, companies are carrying out various marketing tasks by adjusting 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion). They also keep their eyes and ears open regarding the activities happenings in the wide or external environment, in order to compete in the market successfully.


Advertising is a component of the marketing process which is conveying the message through assortment of mediums to promote the product and services to its existing and potential customers. It is expensive as you have to just spend money just for telling people about your company name, what type of products and services you sell or any major information about your company. The prime goal of doing advertising is to convince both existing and new customers to buy your company’s products and services. For example, businesses buy ad spaces in blogs, magazines or on billboards and then set their ads into the spaces they paid for. In online advertising, you use banner ads, Google ads, yahoo ads, banner and poster ads or many other ads networks. These online tools are essential because they help in generating targeted web traffic as a result improved sales. Advertising typically indirectly and forcefully involves placing the word out regarding a product through media, including newspapers, television, radio, posters and banners.


Anything such as name, tag line, logo, symbol, design, brand message, etc, that helps get existing buyers to stay faithful to your company, product and services is a brand. For example, Chevrolet is a brand, Kodak is a brand, Ford is a brand, etc.  A brand helps in encouraging people to buy products, but does not say “Buy Me” directly. However, a brand says “This is what I am” For This Reason I Exist” if you like me, buy me and recommend me to your friends and family.


Easiest way to differentiate marketing, advertising and branding is suppose marketing is a cake and if you cut the cake, then advertising and branding are the pieces of that cake. Other pieces of the cake are product designing, Public Relation, media planning, market research of the product, product pricing, etc.

Top 3 Tips Strategies For Building Strong Brand Online

    • Always Stay In Tune With Your Company’s Brand:

Popular companies like Pepsi, Honda and Nokia have done a great job with their business marketing, advertising and branding. These companies are not only worldwide popular names, but are brand consistent through all media as well. If any company has an advertisement in one media that is different from an advertisement on another media, then the company is just confusing people or buyers because people will believe that the two ads belong to a different company. Therefore, it is extremely important to stay in tune with your brand.

    • Online Media Mix Must Be In Balanced

If you want to make your business brand through many channels, use content and display networks, and get your advertisements out facing the targeted audience by using the site specific targeting, re-messaging targeting or behavioral. You need to make sure that your message and brand name is reliable and matched with your brand voice all over your different channels. You can enable people often to identify and remember your brand simply by making steady messaging all over the shopping cycle.

  • Social Media Integration

What kind of integration or mixing do you want your buyers to have with your company? Is Twitter right for you or is Facebook good for you? May be you don’t have any answer right now, but by doing a little research will surely help you in where are your customers and how to talk with them.  You can begin just by listening people, particularly who are talking about your products brand and services. If no one is talking, then start conversation, but leading to interaction.  You brand will be gaining popularity with a short period of time.

We all wish you great business success in building your brand online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

business mistake

Five Common Mistakes by Small Businesses

Running a business, whether it is small or big is really tough, and most of the business owners are busy with day to day activities and forget about some important and long-term works they must do. Therefore, we are providing five common Mistakes by Business in 2013, and must be avoided in 2014.

  • Too Much Worry About The Competition

There is no doubt about that knowing competition is extremely imperative for company owners. What are your competitor’s products, services? What their charges for them? Knowing such information will surely help you in taking decisions as well as decide on the factors of your own business. In today’s business market, business owners usually complaining or talking negatively about other companies who are in the similar business field with more orders, which is just waste of time.

So, spend this time on marketing their products and services, developing new products, etc. and on numerous others necessary activities in 2014. Always keen eyes on your competitors like what they are doing, what they have changed or are changing. Do not copy your competitors blindly, but don not neglect them also.

  • Customers Ignores

If your products and services do not fulfill your customer’s expectations, then they are not going to buy any single product of yours even your products are good quality. Therefore, always take feedback from customers before creating any new product. Thus, always listen your customers carefully, and ask them what they want in order to disclose new ways for improving your business.

  • Give Networking Low Priority

There are lots of businesses who did not give much priority to networking have lost countless opportunities in 2013.  Therefore, keep networking on top of your to do list in 2014. Excellent customer service is the most important elements in every successful business. If customers or clients are experiencing any kind of problem with products and services, and you are ignoring their disappointment as a result negative reviews on products and publicity. That’s why; try to resolved problems as soon as possible.


  • No Perfect Business Plan

There are many companies that get failed due to lack of a business plan, and planning is extremely imperative in not only the business field, but in every field of life. “If you do not know where are you going, you cannot reach there” In  the business, an important tool that can help you what you are looking for and how you can get that, and this tool is “Business Plan”. Hence, it is really significant to develop a business plan and follow it.

To write your business plan, you keep some major points in top of your mind:

  1. Put Your customers First
  2. Keep Your Business Plan Brief
  3. Sell products, But Don’t Oversell
  4. Plan always For the Short-Term
  • Not Updated 

Web sites do not get better with age like wine. Technologies become outdated; designs trend changes and information also become stale. So, update your business site time to time (Quarterly Basis) to make sure that all the major elements of a website like design, information, etc, are still up-to-date. If we believe on recent study we will find that popularity of smartphones and tablets combined with advertisers’ increased investment in these devices will give rise to mobile as the primary channel for search. So it’s really important to provide responsive web experience to your website visitors.

Every business needs to have a strong web presence because if any pone researches a business on search engines, then your business site will be the first impression he or she has. Remember, attractive design, easy navigation, and quality content, desktop and mobile friendly can make a world of difference. Look at our recent blogs to understand why need to build trust on websites.

Do not forget these five vital points because they can kill your online business if avoided. They are neglected by many company’s owners in the previous year as a result business almost collapsed. If you do not want this, then change your advertising, marketing as well as promotion strategies in 2014 by keeping these points in your mind.


Why Need To Build Trust On Websites

Trust is a long term plan that difficult to build and easy to lose.

Why Trust?

I often hesitate about buying from many online websites, but never feel any kind of doubt, nervousness or insecurity, when purchase from Amazon, eBay and iTunes. Not only me, nut nobody hesitates about making buying from these sites in the world because we can trust on these big brands. Hence, trust is extremely important for every business, and website is a small window for to convince visitors that your site is that they can fully trust buying a product or service.

The online world is completely different from real world, or we can say buying a product from a real physical store is quite different from buying it from an online store. It is not only how people or buyers operate there, but how they perceive that as well. For example, you can touch, smell and feel a product if you are buying it from a physical store, but it is not possible to touch, feel and smell when buying online, and your buying decision will be taken based on information you read on the site that may not be 100% true. Hence, the most significant things that a buyer needs to feel before making any purchasing decision is whether the buyer trusts the website or not.

How to Build Trust?

One of the major parts in the success of any online website or e-commerce site is trust. With keeping this in mind, it is extremely important that you must have a business website that turns visitors into potential customers. How you website can do this? The answer is with trust. You have to do everything so that people can trust on your brand, otherwise visitors will simply move to another website. However, visitors trust in a website by looking various trusting elements on the website like web design, page loading times, graphics, content, images or pictures, navigation, SSL security features, etc. If any factor did not feel right, visitors may simply go elsewhere. Show you’re a great place to shop and get listed on Google trusted store.

Website design is not only about making it attractive or cool, but also about storytelling, readability, usability and standing out from the competition. Remember, if 100 people visit your site, then half of them (50) assessed the trustworthiness or credibility of that site based on the appeal of the complete visual design of the website, including typography, font size, color schemes or combination and layout. Therefore, building trust among people, you need to make the visual design of your site user friendly. Click here to see features and packages of professional website design for different business.

How Building Trust With Site Design

Suppose, you are looking to buy a laptop online, and for that you visit a few websites and find all websites have not attractive design at the same time you may move from such websites without wasting seconds. In other hand a well designed website may attract you for minutes and may appeal to browse products and services. We personally believe that the incorrect tone of voice can flip people’s interest into irritations, frustration into anger or expectation into disappointment. However, a good tone of voice can turn people’s confusion or doubt into trust. Therefore, trust is extremely vital, and we are telling you some extra features of trustworthy websites.

  • Website design is clean, attractive and modern
  • Add real testimonials
  • Provide easy navigation
  • Fast page loading times
  • Professional looking graphics
  • a good choice of colors
  • Well structured (site layout)
  • Grammar, spelling and sentences all are correct in content that is posted on the web
  • Domain and brand name is short, easy to read and pronounceable
  • Unique, informative and high quality original content and written in simple language
  • Pictures or images and videos are high quality
  • Citation to other reliable sources
  • High quality graphics and screenshots
  • Company’s professional logo
  • Content updated frequently
  • Signals of social sharing and adoption like tweets, likes shared, etc

SEO and Trust in Website

One of the major reasons why some webmasters do better than other webmasters is a trust that plays an important role in the Google ranking algorithm.  Google wants to surf more trusted website for every search query and websites get ranking in Google by passing search engine ranking factors and Google work to measure those factors and extract ranking. Google does not like list spam websites in the search results so that it is incredibly significant for you to tell Google that your website is real or authentic, and you are not a spammer and planning to stay for long term in business.

Remember, this big search engine has made it its prime mission to fight against techniques or methods that disobey its declared guidelines by making particular pinches to its algorithm. However, Google believes that the best way to stop shady techniques is to penalize their sites. If it found that your site is violating its slated guidelines, then it can remove your site from its Google’s index. Look here for SEO check list of 2014 and create advance promotion strategy for your business website.

Quality links are a great way to making a trustful image for your website, but getting high quality links always is not easy for webmasters. One way to get the quality links is ask other webmasters in your niche market to send a similar kind of links to you. Another way to get quality links is always trying to find high quality blogs that accept articles. Remember, you have to write unique valuable content as well as your site has to include high quality content as well because high quality blogs will not accept you if your site has site has poor quality content.

Remember spamming low quality links cannot help your site’s rankings for a long time. The time has gone when posting even low quality links affected ranking positively. But if you do that today, your site can be penalized. Focus on the following point while doing SEO:

  • Diversify Link Sources exponentially
  • Frequently update fresh content
  • Social annotations with Google+
  • Do Smartphone SEO
  • Video optimization
  • Continue improve user satisfaction
  • Unique and original Content Carries more Trust in compare duplicate Content with Similar Anchor Text.
  • Authority and Trust are More Important than Page Rank
  • Get a Link from an Authority Site with Low PR than an Un-trusted Site with High PR

If you have any success using a trust factor on a site, then you can tell us about that simply by remarking on the comment


Top Five Elements in Optimizing Landing Pages To Boost Conversion

A landing Page is generally defined as “It is a web page particularly designed to promote or sell a product and service where you send visitors after they’ve clicked”. Usually, a landing page is a link the user can click from an immediate marketing like e-mail campaign, ads and organic result for getting relevant, useful and original information with transparency and trustworthiness. It is the extension of online and offline direct response advertising of a business, and the sole purpose is to get outlooks to take a specific action like request additional information, make a purchase. Usability is all about user’s behavior or reactions after they arrive on the site. The prime aim of it is to increase the conversion rate with effective design. Our recent blog cover tip for successful Web Design for improving visitors’ usability of the website In this post, we have mentioned top five rules that can strengthen your landing pages.

Function Elements

You need to make your landing pages functional, clean and well-dressed. Updated with the latest design is extremely important so make sure that you are not behind the times. Remember, visitors is not going to trust if your site does not stand on their vision, first you need to be profitable for them by providing great user experience. Remember, no matter how quality products you offer, if you don’t make it simple and easy for buyers to navigate. Some other important points that you must remember are:

  • Visitors do not like all the content on a landing page. They scan the text and take away only a few elements that they use for making a purchasing decision, if the landing page is related to their aim or not. So, clean use of space enables them to scan and take away key messages.
  • If the landing page includes your site’s navigation bar, users are likely to begin browsing the website. When it occurred, they lose interest in the offer so do not use website navigation.
  • Add an email at the bottom of your first page use an email capture field with an excellent incentive to sign up. If visitors don’t want to buy your products, this will allow you to continue advertising and marketing to them.
  • If any visitor does not want to sign up on your landing page, give them an alternative option. Remember, Remember, the sign up form should be shorter and better.

landing page

 Benefits Elements

  • One of the quick and the best way to directly influence your research projects, future sales, business campaigns and customer service is “Logging user information”.
  • By filling out quick info forms, you can analyze the data to find factors about your targeted audience like social and demographics.
  • Another benefit is expectation for new products as well as startups can be promoted with a “Coming Soon Page” style landing page.
  • You can also measure advertising efforts efficiently with watchfully planned landing pages.
  • By using various tools such as Google Analytics, built-in Word Press plugins, or Adsense, you can track the potency of your campaigns.
  • We can create several landing pages with the help of A/B testing and track which landing page performing the best. The prime objective of the A/B testing is to experiment with unique content to increase conversions. A few of the examples are different copywriting styles, switching buttons, increasing call to action and varied actions.

 Security Elements

Most of the buyers are careful regarding purchasing things online, especially when you are not a well known brand. But, you can reassure visitors that you are providing world class products by adding trust or security elements to your landing page. It will boost your site’s conversion rates. Security elements include validation indicators, SSL certified transaction pages, secure check out notifies, etc. You must have a professional looking appearance; however the design of a page or site is a vital trust factor. Remember, a simple rounded button isn’t necessarily the best CTA (call to action). Include an image or photo of your business logo or product within your CTA can increase your conversions considerably.

Case Study or Testimonial

You need to provide some kind of proof so as to back up your claims so case studies and testimonials are the excellent ways to tell visitors that your statements are 100% true. Use testimonial from satisfied customers because they build visitor confidence in your products and services. Do not forget to include your customer’s full name with a photo in testimonials. A video testimonial is more helpful to convert visitors into your customers higher than a plain text. Reviews or Case studies really work, but do not use false ones. If you create up over enthusiastic or excited statements, maybe your business or products will look unauthentic or unreliable. There is a blog that proves how 79% of consumers trust on online reviews. Therefore, wait for great testimonials that can help you in making people trust. A high volume of customers can provide prospects believe or confidence in a product or service.

Social Elements

Social shares are more valuable than ever due to Google’s hummingbird update earlier. Google+1 is now ranked as the most important as link building. Businesses that are basing their landing page around a resource, for example, a white paper and eBook, that content is highly shareable. You can support social engagement just by promoting or advertising your landing page on social sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You need to throw up some social share buttons at the top or along the side of your landing page because they will enable your outlooks to evangelize your offers and content. Besides, don’t forget to add an email forwarding option as well as because some of the visitors have different sharing preferences.


Landing pages influence conversion and lead generation greatly. If you’re trying to improve the landing page experience, try the general guidelines above to help you think of ways to improve the landing page experience and better performance.


How Web Conversion can improve with Successful Internet Marketing?

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on making business websites and millions on marketing to attract customers to their sites, yet over 82% of potential customers leave for the first visit and never visit again. However, about 12% may revisit, but goes without leaving any kind of information while 5% drop some information and only 1% actually purchase products or do a transaction. It is really very bad for businesses.

Now, businesses, particularly e-commerce have to be extremely serious about online marketing as well as have to understand the importance of the conversion rate to their businesses.

What is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate is defined as it is the proportion of the number of potential customer’s visits to a site who takes action to buy rather than just a content view or site visit”.

Why is conversion so important?

Most of the people say that high amount of traffic means on any business’s site is extremely significant factor for its success. It is a true fact, but high traffic does not mean high conversion rate, unless the traffic is the only desired action for the site. When businesses convert their site visitors into customers, then they increase their probability of getting several important success factors such as higher amounts of sales, higher return on investments (ROI), higher margins, saving on customer’s supports, etc.

Without conversion, Businesses might have many difficulties meeting their own objectives or goals. However, without sales, there is no income, and without money, there is no business. Implement the following successful Internet Marketing techniques to increase your Web Conversion Graph.

Conversion Rates Optimization with Google Analytics

Today, most of the businesses have Google Analytics statistics tracker installed, but most of them are not using consistently to make better marketing decisions and improve results. Some of the common mistakes that businesses made with Google Analytics include:

  • They only looking at the number of site visitors
  • They are looking at the statistics, but not understanding them
  • Not using the information to make and take marketing decisions

In Google Analytics, there are some ways that you can use to increase your website conversion rates. A few of the major are:

  • You can set up different types of “Conversion” or ‘Goal’. For example, if anyone making a purchase, signing up to your newsletter, filling out a contact form, watching a video or just spending a certain amount of time on your website.
  • Content Experiments somewhat different approach than standard A/B and multivariate testing. It is helpful when you create two separate versions of a page, and swap them to look which version works is the best. For instance, you can create two separate versions of a single product page and test two unlike prices. Click here to know Elements of an Experiment
  • You can also use Google Analytics to separate mobile visitors from computer, laptops or desktop visitors, and can measure various factors like bounce rate and traffic source, page analytics and more.
  • Creating your own analytic dashboard or setting custom reports is great option offered by Google analytics that not only save huge time but also visualize important facts altogether. Let’s take an example of our customized Content Efficiency Report. After click on link you will be redirected to your Google analytic accounts and have to select your account to browse customized report.


Increase Conversion Rates with Social Media Marketing

According to a survey,” Approx 80% of online buyers or consumers love to connect with products, brands and services on social networking sites like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Therefore, businesses must social media accounts. About 85% percent of online buyers are already using Facebook and Twitter anyway.

Online shoppers who have liked a company on face book pay attention to company’s updates. However, it is extremely vital for businesses to find out the best times to Post Updates on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook users tend to be extremely influenced by friends, which mean they often like a brand or product that a friend likes. You can use Facebook insight to find out Who likes you? Who shares your post?, Measure and boost your impact on Twitter using twitter analytic and use Pinterest web analytics tool to See how your website’s doing on Pinterest. If you are new in social media, we refer you to see our recent post on How to boost your business Appearance in LinkedIn, Facebook and Pintrest?

Pinterest is now the third most popular social network or media site in the world. Ecommerce store owners can leverage its popularity to considerably boost both traffic and sales.

Increase Conversion Rates with Search Engine Optimization:

Today, the conversion rate is the most significant web metric in an eCommerce website. Conversion leads to higher sales and sales leads to profits, which mean a high conversion rate is extremely vital for long term business success. Most of the business ignores SEO or give less importance to it, which is really not good sign for their business. Simply we can understand that higher ranking in search engine will convert in higher conversion rate. A Well SEO company not only focuses on how increase traffic, but also pay attention to the conversion rate on their package. Look at an ideal package  to understand latest SEO before choosing an SEO firm.

If your website has low bounce rate as well as a high correlation with the target audience you have identified for that page, and you will get a good conversion rate for the page. Remember, the primary goal of the page is grabbing the customer’s attention and SEO cover both first they make your website more useful for your audience next they promote website to attain business goals by improving search engine ranking for your products and services. Great things about organic search result that all search engines provide equal opportunity for all business to build their reputation even though other companies may have larger advertising budgets.

Needs of Responsive Design and Mobile SEO


The broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom (UK) announced that about 58 % population of the UK has a Smartphone and about 19% people have a tablet in 2012. However, according to a research done in June, 2013, Smartphone owners has reached 75% cent in the UK, growing by 15% in the last 10 months.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) announced, over 2. 1 billion people in the world access the website by their mobile broadband. It means that if you are a business owner, the best way to take benefits of local search is make a responsive website to achieve your business goals.

Today, people are using their mobile phones for many things such as information, shopping, news, entertainment, finding local areas of interest, research and many more other things. The responsive webs are growing extremely fast, “8 times faster than the first wave of online Internet adoption”, according to the Further, Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Needs of Responsive Website:

Today, businesses, particularly online not only have to design a website for stationary devices, but also for mobile phones and tablets, and responsive web design is the best solution for them. In this design, the complete layout of the site responds based on the user’s screen resolution. For example, you are reading a website on your laptop, and then switch to your Smartphone due to lack of battery in the laptop. The browser is now re-sized when opening on smart phone.

Customers normally got frustrated when a website takes more time to load on mobile phones. Particularly, when someone needs to do something urgent like ticket booking, want to buy a gift. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make a site that takes very less time to load.

Benefit of Responsive Website

Today, consumers are looking for businesses on their Smartphone’s, it is not because they want to buy something or searching, but looking for a particular product as they have a pressing requirement to locate that product or service. Therefore, if you have a responsive website and any consumer opens your business site on his or her mobile, then you let the user know that you are open and prepared for business at the moment they need you. Some of the major benefits of a responsive web are:



  • Portability and Connectivity

If you have a business responsive web, then consumers can access it from everyplace there is coverage at anytime. This is a constant connectivity gives outstanding opportunities for connecting both you and your business with your targeted audience.

  • Competitive Advantage

Do you know that about 70% Smartphone users, who see a TV or online ad, do a mobile search for getting more information, but over 75% of big online advertisers do not have a responsive website. Therefore, a responsive site can put your business in a place to stand out among your competitors.

  • Leverage mobile Internet traffic

There are lots of consumers who make some quick arrangement such as travel booking, movie ticket booking, and hotel booking by mobile phones. So having a responsive web makes your business with no trouble accessible to an increasing mobile consumer.

Some other major benefits are Mobile Users Can Read Your Content Easily, Both Flexible And Cost-Effective In Compared To App Development, Higher Search Rankings, Quick Access, Immediacy, etc. Look here for responsive design services

What webmaster Need to do in Mobile SEO:

Mobile SEO has gained a huge popularity in recent few years because mobile phones have become the basic needs for everyone. Hence, your SEO marketing plan of 2014 does not included with mobile search or mobile SEO, then you need to think again new SEO check list of 2014 that we shared in our recent post. Remember, some extremely significant points while doing Mobile SEO that are listed below:

  • When you are embedding images and videos that are related to your products and services, you have to make sure that they are playing correct without any error on mobile phones.
  • Read an updated Mobile Marketing Book that contains best practice case studies to motivate your own mobile marketing efforts.
  • You must verify with Google Webmaster Tools as well as Run Mobile Crawl Errors Report, whether your mobile site is a responsive, dedicated URL or adaptive site and also add mobile URL information to a Sitemap.
  • Always make the content of your mobile site according to mobile users or searcher’s requirements.
  • You don’t have any type of mobile 404 content.
  • Provide scannable and proximity coupons for any type of new promotion, discount and offers, which gives consumers reasons to take out their Smartphone’s and visit your website
  • Always think about different tactics for Voice Searches because people use diverse search queries on their handset, as well as use various search tactics or methods
  • Test your website speed at various tools like Google page load speed lab and pingdom and improve website speed
The mobile website, responsive website and SEO is not just an excellent idea for businesses, but it also compelling businesses reality set to have an effect or impact on any business that aim to communicate wonderfully online. There are many businesses not yet giving a great mobile experience, so you still have a big opportunity or chance to lead the competition.

SEO Checklist of 2014 – Formula of Winning Ranking in Google

SEO-checklist-2014Every Year, the leading search engine “Google” changes its search algorithm about 300 to 400 times, while some of the major algorithmic updates like Google Panda and Google Penguin can affect your online business deeply. For example, Google released an updated algorithm known as Panda on February 24, 2011 that wiped out spammer and affect thousands of businesses. Google also released penguin and hummingbird in 2013 that was major update by Google.

In 2013, Google has made lots of algorithmic changes, and the results of these changes are several old tactics for link acquisition are not going to be useful in 2014. Therefore, small business needs to review as well as adjust their online SEO marketing strategy. Some of the key points and checklist of 2014 that small businesses must remember, when making online SEO marketing strategy are.

  • Don’t Do Crappy SEO

I will explain it with an example, a client who had been paying for low quality back links for getting highest position in his niche. But, Google noticed that and slap him with a big penalty that through the client’s site from first page position to directly page 20…and made him almost invisible to search engine. The client had to face 80% dropped in organic traffic with a big business loss. Remember, removing low quality links from hundreds of websites is a long time consuming process.

Therefore, the most significant concept must be obvious, but is certainly value exploring is “Don’t Do Icky or Crappy SEO”. Link building, keyword stuffing, creating crappy content, over-optimizing back link text, article submission on various article directory none of such techniques will work for your business in 2014 .

What is the solution? With growing Smartphone usage, making a website that is friendly to Smartphone users has now become a critical part of website management. Recently, Google update new algorithm to crawl Smartphone’s content that indicate there will be more value of responsive web in compare of 2013.  other factory like quick page load times, build relationship not just links, create easy website navigation, unique meta tags and content and sure social media which has big role in search engine ranking including Google plus, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn etc.

  • Great Content Is The Best Sales Tool Ever:

The next big thing for small business is to create high quality original content, and must be written by professional writers or authors. According to Google’s Hummingbird recent changes, “Always produce content that answers questions authentically as helps people.” However, if you are producing pages materials with keywords only for attracting people or customers into visiting your business site, then ready to get a slap of Google update. Google only like actual humans behind the blogs, articles, or pages content, but does not like faceless. Therefore, always hire professional writers for making content. However, attributing authorship always makes content more shareable on social networks.Creating good content strategy is not easy as one need to have good information on niche so he can create eBooks, whitepaper, info graphics and research based blogs etc

  • Guest Blogging will Again the Most helpful Tactic

Guest blogging has blown up in 2013, and is going again to explode to year since it is one of the most powerful ways of building quality inbound links and traffic in 2014. It is extremely significant for you to create high quality original content as well as use strict criteria when choosing your targeted websites. However, if you are going to dip your toes into spammy waters, then be ready for taking a slap from the future Penguin update of Google. But be aware from spam guest bloggers it has been noticed by Google recently Matt Cuts has explained in his blog that why people now need to avoid guest blogging if the purpose is gaining links. It’s our recommendation to take advantage of guest blogging to get exposure, branding, increased reach, community, etc

  • Social Media Keeps on Rising:

Are we taking our social media seriously? In experts SEO advices 2014, social media and sharing will have a big impact on search engine optimization (SEO), it is also clear it will affect on small business. Google also updating its algorithm to catch social media updates in real time, the relationship between search and social media is going to be more significant than ever in 2014, and will be continued in the upcoming years. In social media, small business can compete with large businesses on the same level so that social media is going to become one of the best techniques or strategies in small business marketing.

The mission of this giant search engine is to provide its searchers with the most valuable as well as helpful content. Remember, sharing and posting unattractive content that does not promote engagement will have no use on promotion for your business. Therefore, think about producing unique, valuable and useful content for your website visitors. There is a free beginner’s social media practice guide by Moz seems to be nice tutorial for new business or we have blog step by step social media boost your business Appearance in LinkedIn, Facebook and Pintrest?

  • Claim on Google Places business profile on Google+

Social networks are extremely important for Google rankings, and Google+ is the most imperative. Today, most businesses are not using Google+ yet, so you go ahead of them just by creating a Google+ profile. After, verified your Google plus account, and once it’s verified, communicate with your business fans or customers through emailing, and ask them to leave reviews on your Google+ profile because peoples’ reviews are a vital factor in rankings with Hummingbird, so immediately take benefit of this attribute.

  • Conclusion:

Google algorithms such as Panda, Google Penguin or Hummingbird etc all has aim to provide better search result for their users. These algorithms penalize a shady SEO practice that has aim to manipulated search engine ranking by producing unnatural links. Therefore, follow best SEO strategies and create good quality website for gaining higher organic rankings as well as driving more traffic to your site.

How to boost Your business Appearance in LinkedIn, Facebook and Pintrest?


Today advertising and marketing highly lies within Social Media. Since social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn connect millions of people every day. Therefore, what could be the best place to advertise your business than social media sites? This is a great opportunity for companies, specifically those want to get their business in front of millions, and one of the best ways to get your business in front of people is to boost your site appearances in social sites.

There are a number of companies that have brilliant business sites, but not acquiring the right productive results from their sites due to lack of web appearance. However, a number of ways available to improve web appearance, and improving it through social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc is really the best idea. Below, we have explained in detail how you can boost your businesses site appearance in LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.


Do you know, 1 in every 13 people in the world is registered on Facebook and over .5 million websites have integrated with the social site? Whether you are a National, International or local business owner, FB can help you immensely to boost both your business website appearance and sales of your product and services. Therefore, establishing a business website page on Facebook can help increase your business as it can make your business site discoverable, when people search about you or your business on Facebook. You can also share your thoughts, views or everything what you’re excited about and people will be excited as well. Some key points on how to use FB better ways are given below:

    • Fill out all the required information after creating a Facebook page and make sure that all the information’s in real about your or your business. Add images of your company, and make the page inviting other users. Explain clearly what kind of business you have, how people can contact with you, and most important put your website on the Facebook profile. Add physical address, map, mission, long description of your company.


  • Inviting all your friends, business partners, your customers & clients and other users to like FB page can really boost your web appearance greatly. The more and more people like your page the more exposure your business will get.
  • By sharing interesting news, picture, and information about products and services on your service page with company‘s website link is the easiest way to build loyalty and engagement as well as to improve web presence. There we have another blog that list seven ways to optimize business pages on Facebook.
  • Promote a URL in posts or Page post ads by using relevant web pages, which mainly optimize for conversion. For instance, to promote a new product, and then link people to that particular product’s page directly rather than the home page because it will make it easy for people to see and purchase that product, and will surely boost your Facebook business page.
  • Don’t always use it for promotions the sole purpose of social media website are to improve communication. Your audience would love if you be more societal with them so don’t hesitate to fun sharing, commenting on others posts, recommendation, voting, celebrating occasions etc


Pinterest is a social network that means connect people in the world through the things they like or find interesting. First thing that businesses need to do is add their business website to their Pinterest profile, and to do this just go to “Settings” and click on “Edit Profile.” You can add your site at the bottom, if one has more questions here then visit pintrest help page .  Companies that want a high volume  website traffic to boost sale, must consider to boost web presence in this social site is very easy because some research specifies Pinterest is more successful at driving traffic compare to other social sites like Facebook.


  • It is the second largest social site for online publishers, and the best way to increase the traffic to your website is to have the website link in your alt tags because “Pin It” buttons  of Pinterest’s will scrape all the alt tags for their descriptions.
  • If you want to drive more traffic to your business site, then put your site url, or a specific url you want people to visit in your created pin’s description.
  • Putting a website link inside your pins is an excellent way to put a website in front of millions people because most of the users see your site from your pins.
  • You can also boost your website presence on Pinterest by adding your website url or any product page url in the comments section, but used or add with the extreme care and caution. This is because Pinterest will mark your hard work as spam and you will not able to comment on pin at least for one day or 24 hours, if you place your website in comments randomly.


Launched on May 5, 2003, 4500 users after one month and total number of users on linkedln 259 million (84 million users are in the US alone).  LinkedIn is also the largest online professional social network with more than 100 million professional users at present. If you are a business owner, then you cannot miss out this huge opportunity to make strong relationships with customers, clients and other users with LinkedIn products and services.  Boosting your website appearance in this social site is easy if you know the proper way. Some of the key points that every business owner keep in mind are:


  • Upload company’s images such as logo image or any other brand image. It is extremely important in making your web appearance as well as important for attracting connections. Remember, no image no credibility.
  • You need to get involved in discussions or group discussions if want to keep your web profile high. It means you can ask questions, give answers or link up any news and other relevant information. Always keep a strong balance between online web presences and doing your work.
  • Write a short description about your company at the top of the LinkedIn profile because it will help users in understanding who are you, what you serve or whom you serve, etc. Make your profile headline text compelling and use only those words that related with your market audience.
  • Update your status frequently, Join LinkedIn groups, create your own group and Update your status regularly.

Why Should Your Business  shout in Social Networking Sites?

Today, a company not only design and develop website just for telling consumers or customers about the company and its products /services, but it is one of the prime points of contact between companies and customers. However, social media is line that helps in connecting businesses, customers and the business website together. Today, making an attractive or eye catching website and launch it is extremely easy for organizations, but it is incredibly difficult to enhance its Appearance. The web presence is extremely important for both individuals and businesses today. Hence, if you want to keep their business alive, then take advantages of major social networking sites.

Now, we want to hear from you, what are some fantastic ways to boost web presence in social sites? Leave a comment on the post in the comment section.

How Google Map Listing Is Going To More Profitable In 2014?


Why my business should be listed on Google maps? It is because more than 90% online searches will be looking for a local business in 2014. Therefore, if your business is not in the top 10 searches, then more than 75% searchers won’t see it, and over 95% Google users never go over the first page. Google Places also called “Google Maps” is really a great way to find your local business or company to get new local customers and local business since more and more Google users are searching for businesses Google Maps every day.

Why Google Places?

It is a service that allows businesses to be listed on Google maps so that their clients, customers or even new local business can easily find them. However, businesses or companies that are listed in Google maps can manage and change their information regarding the physical location of their company. Therefore, when a customer looks for the product or service, they offer than their businesses will not only be listed under the organic web listings, but in places as well.

The process of Google Local Business Map Listing:

It is an easy and simple process that can be completed in just following steps.


First Step: You have to set up an account first, and then submit all the relevant and accurate information’s on your business or company, including company address, phone number, payment method, email, mode of service, images, videos and hours of operation to Google.

Second Step: Once you have submitted all the important information, then Google will verify your listing through phone or mail. You will receive a PIN number from Google, which allows you to claim the particular listing.

Third Step: Once you have claimed for Google listing, your business listing will be accepted by Google and can be seen on the site.

Increase Value Your Local listing: The prime and the most important way to increase the value of your local business listing is ask your customers to leave a comment on your business, and when any customer gives a good review ask them to split their reviews on the local review website. Remember, the more positive reviews you will have for your business, the stronger your brand reputation is.

However, if any customer gives you bad reviews, then there is no need to afraid. You just need to leave a comment and invite the unsatisfied customer to contact with you so that you can make him or her satisfied. Google users and potential customers were using local reviews to find businesses already so take advantage of them. Read your competitor profiles as well as and try to make out the differences.

Make sure that you have provided accurate information about your business. Adding images, videos and company logos can boost your listing so choose them carefully by taking sufficient time. The best advantage of using Google Places is the relevant information about business or company is available as well as can be accessed by potential customers through the Internet, even can customize map on website. Therefore, small business owners who do not have a website or cannot meet the expense of maintaining a website than Google Places is the feasible solution for them.

Your business or company will be found through two methods by the local listings.

1. The first is information that you submitted during the process of local listings. If the importation is well prepared, then it will be available in the search results on the search engines.

2. Google local listings are shown on mobile phones, so that local customers can find your business, product or service according to their existing location. Remember, mobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Advanced mobiles devices are providing users the facility to find a company or business any time. Therefore, your business is not listed in Google maps, and then you are missing out on potential profits as well as leaving a great amount of cash on the table.

Why small local business should add their business to Google Maps?

There are three main reasons that local businesses must be listed their business on Google maps.

  • They will get exclusive online presence displaying where their businesses or companies are situated just by listing business on Google Maps.
  • You may be listed your business on Google places for getting listed on Google maps. Places for Businesses and organizations are an outstanding resource for small size businesses to get listed on Google maps.
  • With Google listing, you can provide Google map directions to people and Google users, particularly who want to visit your company’s office, but do not know how to reach there.

Benefits of Google Local Listings:

  • Customers and clients can find out more about your business instantly because Google Maps is one of the newest and easiest ways to find local businesses currently.
  • Google provides you better search engine ranking for your specific keywords because Google knows your site is authentic and you do a real business.
  • You have better control over your key information such as company name, contact number, address, etc. By adding images, you will make it simpler and easier for your potential customers to find you.
  • Google Places can beat any offline advertising and marketing technique for your business in terms ROI.

Conclusion: Hence no matter what business you are running, if it is not listed in the local search of Google maps, you are going to lose a large piece of business to your competitors.

SEO Outsourcing – An Absolute Guide for Outsourcers

seo outsourcing

What is SEO out sourcing?

Outsource means “Going “OUT” to get the “SOURCE”. In business language, it is defined as one company contracting with another company or a person to provide services to serve their customers, both internal and external. Internal customers are the buyers, which purchases a company’s product or services while external customers are employees or shareholders of the company. Companies can get both products such as merchandises, machine parts, and services like SEO, through outsourcing.

Reasons to outsource SEO Services:

There are a number of reasons that companies outsource SEO services, but some of the most distinguished advantages are as follows:

  • SEO Needs Expertise with deep knowledge
  • Allows companies to focuses on its own expertise
  • Fight competitors with SEO
  • It saves both many and time
  • Be More Efficient


Do not just outsource Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from anyone & anywhere, but get a technically skilled and experienced company that delivers excellent SEO services and may communicate with your client as company must be able to handle your job professionally at cost effective rates.

Why outsourcing SEO is a Great Idea for Your Business:

When you create a new website for your company, you always consider a combination that gives your site an attractive and unique look. For this, you constantly look for the Best Web Development Company. In the same manner, if you are running an online business, then good ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing is extremely important for increasing business sale. Therefore, you need to take SEO services to boost the site visibility across search engines. Here, you require to hire an SEO outsourcing company that fulfills all your online business requirements.

You know your business better than anyone else, but there are sometimes, when you do not have adequate time to get everything done, particularly when it comes to SEO for your business. Therefore, it is a great idea to leave this matter to a professional SEO company that has full knowledge with the extensive range of services.

Today, companies do not have the sufficient internal resources for promotion activities or to make a website more search engine friendly that include number of activities like site navigation, Blog optimization,  Social Networking, Link building, SEO copy-writing, relevant keyword research, competitive analytic, content writing, manual directory submission and many more SEO related work.

Benefits of SEO outsourcing Services:

Performing and managing the SEO by yourself for your business can be really a daunting as well as a challenging task. It will not only take you lots of time, but engages resources as well. Doing SEO by yourself also provides you a good deal of worry as well as a regular work to do. Therefore, outsourcing SEO can relieves you from all kinds of SEO worries. We know how important SEO is today for companies as well as online business success as it provides lots of benefits to them.

  • It decreased the load of different task or activities, which permits companies to focus on varied core functions to increase the productivity.
  • A core SEO company can do a better job than you as they have complete knowledge, greater SEO tools and stay with the latest SEO updates.
  • It saves lots of time and money that can be used in other activities.
  • It will provide company owners the confidence that the best work is being done because they cannot be completely satisfied that you or your SEO employees are doing the right things.
  • SEO is the core function of SEO service provider companies so that they are more well-organized, efficient and resourceful to carry out your SEO campaigns

There are many other benefits of SEO outsourcing. Therefore, always select or hire an SEO company that is knowledgeable as well as experienced in search engine optimization. The company is able to provide you some sample of SEO projects that they have managed or handled effectively. The company provides you all the information’s, which you need as well as discuss with you about your project in detail along with the strategies that the company implementing or using in running SEO campaign.

Top Five Online Reputation Management Tips In 2014


It could take years to build a business reputation, but a few minutes to wreck it”. If you know and understand this fact, you will do things in a different way for your online business brand reputation. Do you know, according to a study from the London School of Economics, a 2% decrease in the negative word of mouth increases sales growth by 1%? Therefore, online reputation management requires being a central focus in 2014 for marketers. Managing online brand reputation in not optional but mandatory for all types of businesses (small to large), and required perfect strategies and techniques, which combine monitoring and responding appropriately to make sure your reputation that can be easily affected by negative comments by online users.

For making positive your online reputation, marketers must have a perfect plan in put to respond to negative reviews. They ought to know what their customers, competitors, and critics are saying about their band and products online. Below, we’re giving top five tips that can help you in making your online reputation stronger.

  • Reviews And Feedback

One of the best things about the Internet is that it provides an opportunity to its users to express their thoughts, opinions and experience on almost everything whether it’s about products and services of companies or any political issue. It is an easy and simple way for customers to comment on products and services, which are posted on social network sites and websites like Cnet Reviews. They help other buyers in buying anything. Besides, they also provide an opportunity for businesses to turn unsatisfied customers or buyers into frenzied fans. As business owner, we cannot ignore or stop what is being posted by people on your company’s brand online. Reviews can be both positive and negative, will be posted whether we want them or not. Remember, we can use positive reviews for making online brand reputation by posting them in our sites, blogs, videos etc. However, we ought to respond to negative or bad reviews and try to resolve them quickly as they can badly impact online brand of any business.

Bad reviews can turn into good, if you respond quickly on them and make it right for your customer. Remember, quality products and services reflect a positive image on your online reputation, strongly add on the people by leading discussions about challenges trends and solutions.Hence, showing your company’s brand provides excellent customer services. For increasing positive reviews, you can ask satisfied customers to post reviews.


  • Online Customer Satisfaction

Do you know, each year a company loses 10% to 25% of its existing business because of poor customer services?  According to study, an unhappy customer tells approx 11 people, and they tell approx other five as a result about 55 people are not satisfied about that services.  Happy customers buy products and services regularly from you and also spread the word by recommending about your business to friends, family and relatives as a casual referral process.  Remember, bad production or delivery of goods lead to distressed customers, and high customer happiness deliver lots of benefits, including Loyalty, Repeat purchase, Retention, Reduced costs, and Premium prices.

Business can achieve customer satisfaction simply by listening customers, offering then high quality and reliability in products and services. When anyone is not happy, then do everything in to resolve his or her complaint. There is nothing more important in business than customer satisfaction.

  • Social Media Engagement

Word of mouth sometime can not generate new customers or business sale. But with help of social media, you can produce a buzz around your brand.  Almost all the online marketing companies agree on social media marketing or engagement is usually based upon the interaction between the business customers. The relationship between business and social media has shifted further than infancy, and companies cannot measure their customer engagement percentage by counting likes, tweets or share.

Social sites such as Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Typad etc are some of the major valuable sites for interaction or engagement, but not fully utilized by business. Today, they are playing an important role in making online reputation strong. You have to more beyond sending a posting or tweet on your face book or twitter page to completely engaging with online users or customers. Remember, what you share in your social media page must be unique, original and attractive.

  • Respond Quickly and Properly

The technology has forced businesses to develop stronger relationship with customers online and online users are turning to social media sites to interact or communicate with other customers and businesses about products and services, which they love. Remember, responding quickly is important same as listening your customer. Social sites such as Twitter and Facebook have given companies to lead that conversation as well as take charge of their brand’s business image.

We know that it is impossible to make everyone happy in businesses, and social sites are the prime points where unsatisfied customers complaint first. It is believe that more than 35% customers expect response within 30 minutes. We are not saying if you could not reply within this time, then  all the hope is lost. People who post negative reviews and received a quick reply with solution generally went on to become reliable customers  or deleted the negative post and post a positive one.

Therefore, always address and resolve a customer complaint quickly and increase the chances of converting that into passionate fan. On the other hand, if you take more time to reply, then the greater of the chance it will attract worse reviews or complaint.

  • Monitor Your Online Brand:

What exactly people talking about you in real time? Monitoring a brand shows businesses lots of things, including where they require improving, where they are doing an excellent job, what their customers’ needs and many more. Monitoring is like responding, whether it is a direct question, praise, or complaint, a response is really required every extra social media accounts like FB, Twitter and anywhere. Discussions happen all the time in such social sites so presence on these sites is really increasing your online brand reputation.

The main focus must be on reputation management and knowing when customers are saying badly about your brand. It is really vital, it is not only about responding to the negatives. You must hear the good things as well, which people are saying or posting about your business. Google alert is really nice tool by Google that allow to monitor interesting notification about brands or products.

Remember, online brand reputation management has been a very old and important feature of staying in touch with the customers. We hope that these top five tips will be helpful for you. Let us know if you have any query related to online reputation management .

Online Training Courses Website Design

Courses and materials all stuff are online now and to teach and present your courses you can have your website through which you can teach your students online. This is the world of E-learning or Virtual Classes in which Materials, PPT, Video presentation all you can have and ask your experts directly through website conferencing. We have done many Knowledge sharing portal with Online Courses and Training website

Mobile Repair Website Design

We have delivered more than 200+ Mobile Repair, Phone Unlocking, Laptop Repair Website successfully, all we know about quality work and high quality graphics and professional look and feel we always try to follow in all our design and put unique elements in our design work which will increase your website conversion and sales quotient platform. Our Major Portfolios are Mobile Repair Website Design, Phone Unlocking Company website Design, Laptop Repair company web development



Rechage Mobile Website Design

Online Recharge Mobile System Development, CMS development for Mobile Recharge, Data Card Recharge Website design, Recharge Mobile API integration is our main work portfolio and did many website for these organization, API integration with CMS integration is our expertise, Fully automated solution for your Mobile DTH Recharge Engine, Flight API integration, Bus Booking API integration, Hotel Booking API integration also includes with our services

Outshine Solutions Launched Exclusive New Website with Enhanced Interactive User Experience


Today (27-Nov-13), Outshine Solutions has announced the release of its new website look, and inviting user’s to explore the new professional look as well as various new features of the site. The company has designed the site to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience, streamlined navigation and functionality with a more interactive experience that allows visitors to access detailed services. The company has kept their site simple as they never let visitors get lost because the prime aim of the company to offer a high level of service for their client and customers. Outshine Solutions has been designed it using the latest technology so that the website is well-suited with all the mobile devices and all latest browser supported and Responsive Interface.

Mr. Manish (CEO of the company) said on this event,”As technology is changing every day; we realized that it is the right time for our site to grow up a little more, not only esthetically, but also in functionality. Through our updated version of the site, we want to tell people what we do and how they can take benefits from us.”

We provide complete web solutions, including web design, web development, web hosting and Internet marketing services. The enhancements and improvement of web site make sure a greater as well as informative user experience for our site visitor. As we also give high priority to our User Experiences and we embed this everywhere whether it’s our website or Client website, we focus the best CRO techniques in all our project so that user can get all the information in one look what they want to have.Checkout Outshine new look here

About Outshine Solutions Pvt Ltd:

A multi-talented Internet Marketing and Web Application Services Company, which also provide unique search engine optimization services, and has over 27,00 satisfied customers worldwide, which is continue going up.   It offers everything to companies; businesses or even individuals need to have a flourishing online presence. Our Core Experienced Web Architect ensure the quality and blueprint for great optimized web solution which will not only have a great look and feel but will be have good sales Quotient website interface which can turn your website visitors into buyers and as we always tell to have a good sales a strategic website Development is a key pillar and a good branded website can give your website a new level to reach a new level. Your valuable feedback are welcome!!!

Responsive web development

Responsive Mobile Website Design

Today, more and more people are using mobile phones, laptops and tablets to access websites for a variety of reasons such as shopping, playing games and for socializing. Most of the website owners ask that “Why I should design for mobile first” Because more than 70% online buyers used their mobile phone for online shopping, and it is expected that more Smartphone’s will be sold than computer or desktop PC’s this year.  With the advancements in the technology, Internet users have high demands so that it is extremely significant for web owners to meet their demands.

Why The Demands Of Responsive Website Design Increasing?

A Responsive or mobile website design can enable to visit and browse your websites from their smartphone, and you need to arrange design of the responsive website in such as a manner that the readers and users can find and understand the content on their mobile easily. Over 60% people won’t recommend a website that is not responsive, and there will be one mobile for every person in the world by 2015, which is a fact.  This is why the demand of mobile website designing has been increased, predominantly in online business.

Businesses that do not have mobile version for their sites are turning away a large percent of their customers or visitors. There are more than 1.2 billion (It is forecasted that there will be more than 1.7 by 2013) billion mobile web users across the world, and between 22-26% mobile users is only the United States that never used or touched their desktop or computer in this year. The overall percentage of people in United State, which access websites from their mobile device, is 63%. Therefore, with these kinds of figures, it is really very imperative for business owners, online stores or individual that design or develop a mobile responsive website.

Why Choose Outshine Solutions:

For bringing online business across billions of mobile users, you require a response or mobile version website, then we, outshine solutions, a website designing, including responsive design company can help you immensely. Mobile websites are our passion and we have a team of experts, which can design unique, beautiful and appealing mobile friendly website design that will meet your business prerequisites.

HTML 5.0 Website Designing:

We use HTML 5 that is the latest version of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) and is featured differently and accepts particular tags as well as needs strict coding. HTML 5 is already coming in various gadgets or devices, including iPod, Mac and Apple iPhone, then why not a website. It has several unique elements that make a website wonderful and mobile user friendly. With HTML 5, a website does not have to an extra plug-in to operate adequately. We use several languages such as ASP.NET, PHP, XHTML, etc. that acts as a backbone for designing a mobile version website. Some of the major unique elements of HTML 5 are:

  • Complete CSS3 Support
  • Video and Audio
  • Local Storage
  • Local SQL Database
  • Web Applications
  • New Attributes
  • 2D and 3D Graphics

Our expert team makes the best use of these elements of HTML5 in making responsive website.

The power of HTML 5 in making responsive website:

With the huge number of HTML5 design tools, we can create attractive mobile responsive website. We can also improve your websites SEO by using HTML 5 because in order to get rankings in search engines, your site must be optimized. Remember, 50% of web sales will be generated from mobile by 2015. However, a responsive layout will also help in maintaining brand recognition. By using many elements of HTML5, our development team can make website content easy to search as well as the link. Besides, they can also create web apps that work through the mobile browser that means any web our team make will work on every mobile device. All browsers do not support all web pages, but implementation of HTML5 helps our designers to make a compatible website within all browsers.

Our Responsive Web Designing Services:

The popularity of mobile phones such as Smartphone’s, tablets and others have facilitated the access of web, and it’s expected that billions of people will use their device to access the World Wide Web rather than PC’s or computer. Therefore, we want to provide your business a much required edge. Over 70% of mobile device users expect sites to load as quickly on their cell phone as their computer or desktops. Therefore, we are providing amazing Responsive Web Designing Services through our dedicated designers and developers that can create a responsive web design for your business.

Our services make you sure that your site looks clean and first class on every mobile device with any screen size, and provides the outstanding possible chances of retaining your online customers and visitors.  With a responsive web site, you can make your business accessible to people all the time. Our services mainly focused on these aspects:

  • Touch-friendly navigation options
  • Simplified design layouts as well as text to provide users a pleasant mobile browsing experience
  • Wide range of compatibility of all mobile web browsers such as iPhone, Android, iPad and windows Phone
  • Optimization of graphic images that make sure the fast and quick your site web pages loading that will not turn your potential customers away.
  • Fluid Design which will auto adjusted with any kind of screen resolution

We offer a number of web design services to grow your online presence as well as target mobile audience. If you want to learn or know more about designing a mobile-friendly website for your business, contact us, we will be happy to help you.


Ecommerce SEO Services

Why SEO Needed for Ecommerce Sites:

It does not matter how a great website you have for your online business, but if people know your site exist matter a lot. In today’s highly competitive world, selling products and services through online commerce is quite challenging, and every store owner must be aware of the reality that having a great website is not enough for online users or customers to find it. Do you know over 70% of all the website visits come from various search engines, predominantly from the organic listing results? However, quality SEO activities may put your site on the first page of the search engines or organic search results. It increases the visibility of ecommerce website in the search result.

Top Three Major Reasons For Ecommerce Optimization:

  • It increases on-page conversions in the course of ongoing conversion rate optimization
  • It brings new online users who are searching for your products and services to your site
  • Its maintains ongoing ranking in the search engine results

Why Outshine Solutions:

Outshine solutions provides efficient eCommerce SEO services, which are highly sophisticated, which not only drive great traffic and conversions to your site, but provide the best chances to turn traffic into business sale as well. The major reason behind why ecommerce website owners hire our services because we provide real and measurable results within promised time frames. Besides, clients get SEO reports such as site metrics, conversions, keyword positions and complete work done report on the weekly or monthly basis.

Our SEO report will also include which web pages are having a negative effect on ranking as well as what we are doing to fix them. We also advise keywords or other new ideas to get better web pages ranking on search engines. For your ecommerce online success, we focuses on some key elements, including site architecture, user friendly design, link popularity, landing page optimization, dynamic templates and of courses make your website worth to your visitors. SEO is passion for us, and have several years experience designing and developing websites that work with all major search engines.

SEO outshine India

SEO Outsourcing India

Why Companies Or Online Businesses Outsource SEO Services:

Today, over 30% “Vertical Measure Businesses” or “Internet Marketing Companies” are Outsourcing there work to reputed professionals who are expertise to do this and have certified professional teams, As SEO Outsourcing Services been always win-win situation for any corporate because they save lot of extra liabilities and wages to maintain office infrastructure and resources and this is the main thing that they create virtual office and outsource all task to reputed companies with full white level solution. White Level services ensure that we will not be the direct medium of your client and always maintain the privacy with our Well structured NDA policy.

SEO Outsourcing India

SEO Outsourcing India Info graphics

Why to Choose Outsourcing of your SEO projects:-

  • Professional and Certified team at affordable cost
  • 100% saving in office infrastructure setup and Team handling and management.
  • 100% White Level Solution with NDA Agreement
  • Timely Reporting and Website marketing Growth matrix access.
  • Dedicated Account Manager for any concerns or queries regarding any project
  • Project planning, controlling and management by professional team.

Why to Outsource with Outshine Solutions  :-

Cost Effectiveness: SEO outsourcing or employing virtual staff is a highly cost effective business solution because you don’t need special setup to start operations. No office paraphernalia is required on your part. You don’t have to pay for leave vacations, medical bills, commuting and traveling expense etc.

Certified Professional Team:- We have well structured team and team is having team leaders as per allocated project who ensure the best quality deliverable, project flow, timely responses and a great co-operations between client and the team.

Experience : Experiences in own filed is a key of success and if you hire a team it doesn’t mean that you can empower them as well, empowerment and hiring is two different sides of a coin and as a company we empower our team for preparing a best strategy as per client requirement and expectations, doing SEO is not a solution but doing SEO in right way will deliver results which general SEO company don’t follow and always follow the same technique what others are following, We analyze the business first, competitors and plan the strategy accordingly because we know every business has different goals and objective. We are leading SEO company from India and having total 7+ Year of experience in this industry and we are continuously delivering results to our client and that is why our 75% client are retained and associated with us since more than 4 years and keep growing business to a next level.


Small Business SEO

Today, every business whether it is a successful big company or a small business turning to the Internet for publicity and exposure so that the term SEO is being heard and used more and more. SEO is crucial for websites, mainly for small ecommerce business that depend on new visitors for profits and our goal is to get your small business site on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Generally, small companies do not have the big marketing budget, but it does not mean that they cannot start SEO services. We provide affordable small business SEO solutions or complete packages to small business owners with a powerful SEO foundation to get them started. Our SEO service prices vary and based on the competitiveness in your trading sector, keyword popularity and the number of keywords you want to optimize.

A large number of visitors to any website, particularly those sites that sell products and services online get there through search engines. So, if you have a small business and sell things through your website, then it is extremely important that your company’s site must show up on the top page of search engines when online users or buyers search for your key keywords. Our SEO plans are proposed to keep all customers in mind whether they are SME’s or a big corporate. We believe in providing quality services to small customers and help them to get their business to a new level so that they can also compete with the market and can show some innovative and powerful solution.

Our affordable SEO Plans include:

  • Detailed research and analysis of your industry
  • Tailored internet marketing strategy
  • New keyword phrases to target
  • Blog  and content creation strategy
  • Increase your web presence by targeting the right audience
  • Link building
  • Content strategy to increase online market share
  • Analyze Internet marketing campaigns

We plan online promotion strategy to make your website worth to your visitors and keep website fresh with useful content and our complete SEO operation will be sent to our client on weekly or monthly basis.


Guaranteed SEO

The fortune of all online businesses depends on its visibility in major search engines. However, high visibility in search results can get through only website optimization and for this, every business needs search engine optimization services. It is a true fact that over 70% online users do not click on the other pages except 1 or 2. Therefore, if your site is not in 1 or 2 pages of search engines, then you are losing big number Internet users as a result the number of business opportunities decreases. We understand this fact that’s why we guarantee top rankings through our SEO services. Nevertheless, if we fail to get top rankings for your site, we will refund 100% of the payment. But, our guarantee depends on the competitiveness of the keywords, website current positioning, optimization, number of keywords and competitiveness of your market. Our prime goal is to increase the traffic as well as potential customers by putting your website on the first page of search results for most of the keywords. We drive a large number of visitors to your site so that they can all together raise your business profit.

Major outstanding traits of our Guaranteed SEO services include:

  • 100% Security on your Investment because we work for ROI
  • 70% Keywords Ranking Guaranteed in Given Time frame
  • We do FREE SEO work afterwards if given target is not achieved till date.
  • No Hidden Charges will be applicable in our Guaranteed SEO service
  • Fund Security and ROI both covered in our SEO plans
  • You will get deliverable what we mention in our Contract

The comprehensive SEO approach, work ethics, client centric approach, highly professional & experienced SEO team and professionalism enables us to provide Guaranteed SEO services.

SEO and Usability – Two Important Pillars of A Successful Web Design


SEO and Usability:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Usability are two distinct terms as SEO is all about attracting online users to your website by putting the site in the first page of the search engines or queries. However, usability is all about user’s behavior or reactions after they arrive on the site. The prime aim of it is to increase the conversion rate.

In simple words, we can say, Search Engine Optimization take places earlier than the first click on the site, while the usability starts after that. SEO and Usability are the important components for a website’s success. Great SEO means your site will get more traffic, but fed-up usability means online visitors to your site won’t converts into your potential customers.  On the contrary, a site with excellent usability but dreadful SEO will not get visitors, which means it does not matter how well and friendly your site is. The value of web site design is not only about content, links, anchors text, but also about creating authentic call and uses satisfactions.

Why Usability Is Very Important:

Website owners have only five to ten seconds to apprehend the attention of the visitor. Therefore, you have to provide all the information, which the visitors are looking for within this period of time. Remember, give the site users a better site experience and they will give you their money by making your customers. Do you know why usability extremely significant?  Because its impact on your business, and to know just look at some facts on poor usability websites that are given below:

  • Between 80 to 85 % users or visitors ditch a website site just because of poor design, colors, etc.
  • Between 81 to 84 % visitors just leave the site as it is taking long time to open
  • Approximately 40 to 45% users come back to your site because the content is too hard to understand or use
  • Businesses, particular online lost over35 percent sales just due to visitors are not able to find the content.



There several things that people must keep in their mind when they actually want to improve the usability of their site. Make websites for online users, and there is a better way to catch online users than this. However, a poor or difficult to navigate website can scare off a potential customer. Therefore, always design your website for simple and easy usability with how colors work together, ease of navigation to increase user experience. Remember, if your site is not converting visitors into customers, then it is not doing its job, and you need to modify it. Look at infographic to understand How To Build Your Online Brand Presence.

Some of the Important Factors That Must Be Considered During Web Site Designing:

Layout of Your site:

The excessive amount of information on a single web page can make a site look messed. However, if the site design as well as layout appears inviting, then the site owner is providing visitors the positive impressions. Hence, when it comes to designing a website, give top most priority to layout since it makes your site look attractive by this means snatching users to the website. Besides, colors theme synchronizes with the layout otherwise it is not going to look attractive.

Images and colors:

A website page that is full of great and unique content will look boring without images and colors. There, always add pictures, images related to your business products, brand, etc in your pages. Remember, pictures speak more than content, thus add images of products so that visitors are able to get the idea about what you are offering. In addition, using only a single color all over the site is also not a good idea, use various colors related to branding that make sure online users will be attracted to your sites sue to its amazing attractive looks.

Navigation and Speed:

The major characteristic after hosting a site, which binds users, is the speed of the website page loading. Remember, if the site is not loading within seconds than visitors will move quickly to a competitor’s site. If users are facing difficulty in finding information or product, they are looking for, and then they will simply move elsewhere. Hence, carefully think about your site navigation, when planning site layout. Thus, carefully think about your site navigation, when planning site layout. Keep in mind, sketching out a site is an excellent process to plan out navigation. You have also to make sure that the hosting company using a high-speed connection that will allow your site load quickly. Also keep analysis website on various website speed testing tools like health meter, Google page load speed lab, Pingdom and ensure to keep your website away from flashes and heavy images.

Full Security:

It may be your site loaded in quick time, but if it is not providing complete security to users, then it is useless. A good design site can attract lots of online users, but due to lack of security most of them will move from the site. Therefore, really it is important to provide high security for financial, private and personal data, which is transferred during accessing the site by using secure servers such as various genuine SSL certificates .

Right Page URL’s and Domain Name:

Both are extremely important in web designing. Page URL’s, particularly home page, which is the most vital page of any website, as well as the home page is also most linked-to page. However, domain name of a website provides the identity to that website, and choosing a right domain name is not an easy task. Remember, a relevant domain name helps in search engine ranking and having good keywords in URL’s play a key role in getting high rankings.

Visitors come to a site to acquire something – information, products and services – so usability is the most important consideration in good site design. How easy it is to navigate your site and find the desired content can mean the difference between your website’s success and failure. SEO helps in making your sites more visible on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more others by making sure that the content as well as the code use both keywords and search terms popular with your target audience. Remember, finding the right keywords will catch the targeted visitors to your site. The main of SEO is to drive more traffic to your site and high ranking on search engines.

Seven Simple Ways For Common Users To Promote Their Business On Twitter


Promoting business from social networking sites has become extremely popular among all sizes of business.  In our last post, we have explained “Ways to Optimize Business Pages on face book” while today we are going to explain “Seven Simple Ways for Common Users to Promote Their Business on Twitter”.  There are uncounted numbers of common users on Twitter, and they use twitter to create and share new ideas with other users every day. Now, common users want to promote their small businesses on Twitter, but not getting proper ways. To help them, we have provided seven simple ways to promote their business on Twitter.  Look at the BBC latest post about Twitter’s influence.

Do you know more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies have twitter accounts? Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites as well as great marketing tools for small to large businesses. How to use twitter to promote your business, products and services depend on the businesses as it can be used in a variety of ways and all the ways help in getting more traffic to business websites for buying products and services of the company.

Usually, this social site used as a very short communication tool, which enables users to send messages or micro blog up to 140 characters. These messages or micro blogs are generally known as tweets. You can embody a link in your message to any website content such as website page, blog post, PDF document or even images and video’s. If people follow your business twitter account, and you follow other people or users will allow you to read, reply and share their tweets with your followers.


# Set Up An Appealing Business Twitter Account:

The first thing common business users have to be to get on twitter with your business name, which must be easy to spell as well as match with your business products and services. It is 90% not possible that the two businesses are using the same name, but if it is, then common users have to get creative with alternative spelling or writing styles. Always select images or pictures that are consistent with your online small business presences and brands.

# Write Your Company’s Or Business Bio Effectively:

Always try to give more information about your business in a few words on Twitter. It is because people can quickly and easily read as well as understand about your business. Your company’s information also tells users or visitors how you can help them. You can also look at the how other company’s profiles on twitter looks to others. Asking people about how our business twitter profiles look? It is also a great idea to know what is not appropriate in your profile.

# Make Lists or Segmentation:

Twitter provides several features, and you can create lists to make sure that your business does not miss out on anything, which other are doing. Therefore, you can make lists of organizations, movers, customers, shakers and others, which is called segmentation. Remember, grouping extremely important people and business (from large to mid to small) along makes common users twitter experience a lot of efficient.

# Begin Following People On Twitter:

You will be able to read whatever a twitter user sharing only when you follow the user, and the more users you will follow the more you will subscribe to read. Therefore, it’s important to be selective about whom you should follow and whom not. To follow a user, you just need to click on the follow button. For promoting your new business, you must start following vital categories such as your business partners, customers, contractors, vendors and your competitors.

# Connect With Your Existing Customers:

It is the prime reason why users should use twitter for promoting their businesses. Common users can easily connect with their existing customers as they are also using it. Today, social sites like Facebook and Twitter have included in daily work routine lists of people that means they logged on twitter every day. You can also help your unsatisfied customers after hearing them on Twitter.

# Start Engaging and Tweet:

Communicating with market professionals on twitter is really simple way to get and expand your business market. This is an excellent way to meet other people or businesses to promote brand, products and services. Remember, talking on this social site is different from other social networking sites like MySpace and Face book. Common Users can promote their businesses by using five types of messages, which are Tweeting, Reply, Mention, re-tweets and direct messages.

# Share Images and Pictures In Your Tweets:

People love seeing images in blogs or tweets so that often add images in your tweets. You must share pictures of your business products, latest events or functions or even business tour. Apart from sharing pictures from your desktop, you can also share through the Twitter app on your twitter account or tweets. A small business must take pictures of their business activities so that they can simply share with their community on twitter. Images and pictures play very significant role in making a small business popular among people.

Note: Promoting a business, whether it is small or large on twitter is time-consuming process, and you have to give some time every single day.  Businesses that cannot give regular time must take SEO packages because you can’t get your business found on social sites without it. You can pick the closest package depending on your business aim and the level of competition in your market.

Seven Simple Ways to Optimize Business Pages On Facebook

faceboo page tips

The demand for search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing techniques & skills and of course social media as a whole has detonated the online business. This because it offers to companies, organizations and all kinds of businesses a low cost marketing platform to distribute and circulate information through different formats such as images, video and text. One such marketing tool that is available for businesses is a “Facebook Fan Page”. It provides business an excellent way to speak to and get direct feedback from your business target audience.

Facebook (FB) is home to millions users, with over 45% businesses having their own business Facebook page on this social network site. Remember, it is not enough to simply create a Facebook page because users do not endure social media to be pitched by businesses or companies, but they want or search for entertainment, information as well as to connect with other people or users who share or post their thoughts, interest and many other things. Therefore, Facebook page optimization is really crucial for businesses that want to generate buzz, share post-event pictures, promote their brand and to connect with their customers and clients because Business Page on this social site can a primary weapon in marketing armory.

Do you know a Facebook pages can drive huge traffic to your business website? No, what, ok no problem.  We are providing some effective Facebook Fan Page optimization tips in our blog, and with these tips, you will surely make changes in your traffic numbers.

Design and Create an Informative Cover with the Perfect Profile Photo:

Use a clear and high quality informative cover photo as well as profile picture would be your business logo. Profile photo should be 200px wide and the height can vary as required, while the cover image should be an 851px wide and 315px height and area of the image depends on your page niche. Using pixel resolution is a great idea for fitting the area of the photo perfectly. You must include tagline on the cover as well as the website title with a few attractive graphics. You can also contact with a designer for designing your FB profile. Besides, choose the best name for your FB Page and do not change it.

Fill Completely Your Company’s Or Business Contact Details:

Don’t avoid or ignore to complete important fields like contact information and about us for your business FB page. There are several positive reasons behind that such as customers who are interested in your business products and services can easily contact with you by obtaining your business address as well as contact details. All these information details will also provide an impression of being “official”. Apart from all these benefits, filling these fields also distinguish you from others, particularly from those who are in the same business field.

Build A Community On Your Business FB Page:

A Facebook page is an excellent medium to gather your customers, clients and target audience together. You can build a strong community by posting interesting, useful and relevant links, by organizing promotions, events and contests or even you can also offer incentives for activity on post or page. Remember, linking to your company’s FB page is a great way to get more clicks as a result additional likes.

Post Perfectly And Frequently:

Post often, if you want to engage and entertain FB users. A business FB page must be updated at once a day, but don’t go to overboard content as readers don’t want to many updates a day, but want few with detailed and concrete information. However, links, latest news, pictures, various quotes, jokes, videos, questions, memos and many other things are the best sources of content. If FB users like your content or post, they will share it and you will get of explorers to your status, which means more visitors. Apart from that, always provide complete information about your business or what your business does because if you want to direct customers, it is very much needed.

Promote Your Business FB Page:

There are several ways to promote your business DB Page like to promote it forums, advertising, Facebook groups, and many other ways to advertise on social networking website. But, don’t forget that spamming must be prevented as people don’t like spam. According to the latest news, FB is going to remove spam from the website as they the full right to block and delete your FB page. Therefore, it is beneficial to aware of the span as it could finish your Facebook journey anytime. Always try to get real likes or fans because and follow guidelines of Facebook for promotion we believe that getting 10 real likes in a day are better than getting 100 fakes likes.

Organize Your Page Tabs And Add Interactive Applications.

It is extremely significant businesses to Organize Page Tabs as well as add some interactive Facebook applications because if users or your targeted audience is not getting what they are looking for, then they are not going to visit your site again. There are more than 5 lacs active applications available on Facebook, lots of them can help in promoting or advertising your website through Face book Business Pages. Application can be installed easily without encountering any problem while installing. Using these applications will surely promote links to your blog, or online advertising. Always remember, tabs should in order as they can boost return traffic for your site as well as make a good impression on visitors.

Always Create Shareable Content And Use Strategic Keywords:

By creating more sharable content or blog, you are making your content more visual in Facebook. You can also share the faces of your fans and friends who share your content or post along with their names. However, a business page is indexed just like on a website so that it is really vital to use some Strategic Keywords in your page “about us” section as well as in the company’s mission and description. Businesses also must provide their full complete address to optimize their business FB page for local users or searchers. Check Outshine Facebook page

Conclusion: So, always remember business Facebook pages should not only sell products and services, but also for compelling FB users and customers to buy your products and services. The selling on Facebook pages can work only if the process of selling is easy and social. With the help of the following most used optimization tips that are listed above, you can also optimize your business FB pages easily.

How To Build Your Online Brand Presence? [Infographic]

This info-graphic representing information, data and knowledge on how build your online brand presence through various points. It presents complex information in a very simple, quick and clear way. If you want to build a strong online brand presence, then this info graphic can give you lots of ideas.


To embed the above image on your site, copy below code.

Small Business Tips – Clever Ways To Advertise Business


Today, one of the biggest challenges for small business and entrepreneurs is how to advertise or market successfully their business. However, there are masses of advertising techniques and methods can be used, although choosing and implementing a few of the best techniques with less cost is not easy. Usually, small business do not have big budget for advertising that makes it even more difficult. Marketing is very essential for all kind and size of business since it’s the main method of growing a business, and can be conducted through uncounted mediums ranging from traditional offline to the modern online.

Many small businesses cut down their marketing budgets due to costly advertising during a tight economy, but it is also noteworthy to keep your business and brand alive in front of people. It is not necessary that expensive advertising techniques such as print ads and banner ads can promote your small business successfully as well. No two businesses can get the benefit from the same marketing techniques so that the best thing that small-business owners or entrepreneur should learn is what will work and what will not for their business.

Apart from understanding a good marketing strategy, people also need to understand their brands, products and services completely in order for their business to be successful. Below we have explained both online and offline techniques to promote as well as advertising your business:

Online Techniques:


Create a Business Website: Create a website with the help of a webmaster, or you can contact with a hosting that provides free support as websites are very important for online marketing success. For example, your business sell products and services 24 hours, and we know today Internet is everywhere and people doing it through their laptops, PC’s and even mobile phone also. Consumers are searching for products and buying them all hours. Therefore, it is vital to have a website if you bring your business online as well as promote it.

Marketing through Social Media: Social media marketing does not mean using Twitter and Facebook, we know using these social sites also key part of marketing a small business, but most of the little businesses are struggling with social marketing since they are not sure of what type of content or message they should be posting or where they should post the content. Remember, some of the major sites like Facebook, Twitter for promotions. are the main where you must have a page on. Consequently, make company’s social pages such as FB page, Google+ page and LinkedIn page.

Marketing with SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is very critical to small businesses. It is an on-going strategy and if done right, then it can be your biggest referrer of traffic. Today, small businesses come up for specific keywords in search engine, and Google is the most used search engines at the moment while it is not only searching engines. SEO has been helping business from small to large, and the foremost benefit is it helps them in getting new customers, which is significant for generating revenue.  For best SEO packages or services, you need to do a deep search over the Internet.

Put Your Business In Google Places: Another key thing for any kinds and sizes of business is Google Places. It is really a good idea to place your business in Google places since whenever online users will search for a particular product or service, and then Google will automatically show your business in the list. There, it is really necessary to list business for getting local customers.

Emailing Marketing: One of the great ways to keep in touch with both interested and existing customers is email marketing. Lots of businesses fail to leverage their website to create their email list. Creating a monthly newsletter or simple email sign up form on your site can do produce outstanding positive results for your business. However, providing online users an incentive that is to sign up to your list can be very beneficial as well. Choose some email marketing tool like etc, you can email anything that is related to your business like new announcement, e-book, white paper, but must be related to your targeted audience.

Offline Techniques:

Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Press Releases, etc are some of the most popular offline marketing ways that have been used by both small to mid to large companies or organizations in the world for decades. On the other hand, they have lost little popularity in the present time due to the innovation of new marketing techniques such as SEO, but still used by a large number of businesses, but traditional media or offline advertising still has a considerable audience as even today television continues to dominate approx 35-40 percent of time spent per day. However radio 20 to 23 percent and another 12 -15 percent of time spent, respectively.

Promotional or Marketing Products: Inexpensive branded company’s products, including the logo of the company can quickly get the image of your business in front of millions customers. Lots of promotional items, for example, mouse pads, cigarette lighters, coffee mugs, pen and pencils, etc. serve to frequently to people for reminding them the business name, brand or products and services. However, people who wear companies T-shirt, caps, jerseys, or other wearing items are like walking advertisement for the business or company.

Business Cards:  Give business cards to people is another good way to promote your business, for instance, you can give a business card whenever people come to your office for queries any product or item so that whenever they will plan to buy that product that time they can call you easily. You can also print all the information about your products on the back side of the cards as it just like a free advertising or promoting tool for your business.

Conclusion: A best marketing, advertising or promoting strategy is very imperative to the success of small businesses, whether you have just started your business or have been in business for years. The given powerful marketing strategies that are incorporated in this article a help you immensely to grow your business and get new customers. Feel free to contact us if still have confusion ?